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North Goa villas (13 elite havens found)

India’s own little slice of Portugal, the sunshine state of Goa is known for its beaches and nightlife. While the southern beaches are quieter, reserved for luxury resorts and yoga retreats, beaches in North Goa offer a hip restaurant and bar scene, some of the state’s most popular beaches, rich village culture, and quirky boutiques and night markets.

Goa is a year-round destination with tropical weather and plenty of sunshine. While summers (March to May) are harsh, winters (November to March) are milder and also the time when a lot of tourists come to experience music festivals such as Sunburn and Sonic. Crowds ebb away in the monsoon months, a pity as the landscape is at its glorious best then, covered vast swathes of green and lush vegetation that afford their own romantic charm.

Well-connected with most international and Indian cities, Goa’s Dabolim Airport is 28km away from the capital Panaji, an inland town, and 35km away from North Goa. For those interested in history and culture, Panaji offers a number of sights. Walk around the Latin Quarter to admire Portuguese architecture and visit the impressive 1619-built Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception as well as the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which houses the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier, Goa’s patron saint. Those interested in art will find the Mario Gallery and Gitanjali Gallery fascinating.

However, North Goa is where the action is, with cultural activities, superlative dining offerings, and laid-back beaches. There are plenty of things to do in North Goa, and you are assured of a vacation that will tick all the boxes, and then some.
Villa Evora in North Goa,Goa

Villa Evora

fromUSD 620Discover more
Villa Branco in North Goa,Goa

Villa Branco

fromUSD 855Discover more
Villa Verde in North Goa,Goa

Villa Verde

fromUSD 739Discover more
Igreha Villas in North Goa,Goa

Igreha Villas

Fonteira - Villa E in North Goa,Goa

Fonteira - Villa E

fromUSD 595Discover more
Rainbowtree House in North Goa,Goa

Rainbowtree House

fromUSD 855Discover more
Fonteira Villas in North Goa,Goa

Fonteira Villas

Villa Vivre in North Goa,Goa

Villa Vivre

fromUSD 620Discover more
Igreha - Villa D in North Goa,Goa

Igreha - Villa D

fromUSD 446Discover more
Fonteira - Villa A in North Goa,Goa

Fonteira - Villa A

fromUSD 446Discover more
Igreha - Villa B in North Goa,Goa

Igreha - Villa B

fromUSD 446Discover more
Fonteira - Villa D in North Goa,Goa

Fonteira - Villa D

fromUSD 446Discover more
Igreha - Villa A in North Goa,Goa

Igreha - Villa A

fromUSD 407Discover more
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