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Christopher M, United Kingdom, 29-Mar-2024 - 02-Apr-2024
2nd April 2024 Chris McDonnell A beautiful & stunning location. We all had the best time. All the staff were SO kind & super-helpful, always smiling. Nothing was too much trouble. 4 days here - wish it could be 4 months! we will miss you and always remember This amazing experience. Anita (Babi) xx Thanks especially to ooy x Sumikkonuroshit We stayed in this And all of them Staff and Vila for were a 4 days. amazing. Friendly sea views, comfortable rooms and super large pool were the best! Svettame
Adam C, Thailand, 13-Mar-2024 - 17-Mar-2024
On behalf of all the guests, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. All key/major areas of considerations exceeded expectations, in particular the tremendous work and service from the villa staff. What Went Well: - Kind, pleasant, friendly service staff. It was consistent and always warm. - Food was tasty and fresh. Bedding. - Cleanness of the grounds.
Jan W, United Kingdom, 09-Feb-2024 - 19-Feb-2024
Thank you so much to the whole team at Villa Saanti for our wonderful family holiday. The villa is beautiful. The food was a highlight; we ate all of our meals in the villa every day, and the chef knew our tastes so well that by the end of the holiday, they knew what food we would like. The pool was great, including the toys. We also used the pool table a lot. We have all had a wonderful time. Thank you for making our holiday so enjoyable.
Guy G, United States, 27-Jan-2024 - 29-Jan-2024
Thank you so much for hosting us in the most beautiful villa in Thailand. We love you and will miss everything.
Guy G, United States, 23-Jan-2024 - 27-Jan-2024
Thank you so much for hosting us in the most beautiful villa in Thailand. We love you and will miss everything.
Mert G, United States, 18-Jan-2024 - 22-Jan-2024
Thank you for everything you did for us. Amazing staff who always smiles, they really take care of us like our family. Thank you for making our trip so easy for us. Loving every minute in this amazing villa. Hope to see you again, "and it's so lovely to bring us food at midnight."
Maria L, Sweden, 24-Nov-2023 - 02-Dec-2023
Thank you for making my birthday week amazing! Pui and staff were so attentive and kind. The food was fantastic!! Really cannot wait to come back. Maria with Family Thank you for the best service and fantastic food. This was one of the best vacations ever. Thank you for making this vacation magical. The best food I've ever tasted and such lovely staff. Thank you so much to the staff, Pui, and the Chef for making this stay incredible. I loved every moment and really can't wait to be back here one day.
Steven B, United Kingdom, 20-Oct-2023 - 29-Oct-2023
Thank you for the most fantastic stay at Villa Saanti!!! We have love every minute of the stay! Thank you for being so amazing with the children! Hopefully see you soon! /Sam ,Rebekah Thank you so much for warm welcome and continuous great service and fabulous food. We will not forget this lovely holiday. / Love Susan & Dian Thank you so much for giving us as amazing holiday. I have love every moment. / Love Debbie
Padma E, United States, 20-Aug-2023 - 26-Aug-2023
Thank you very much villa Saanti, the short family and Muildly family had a wonderful time. Thank you for letting us stay in this villa, lots of things were great here especially the food and the pool. Thank you for the experience here at this villa and letting us try a lot of new things. Thank you villa Saanti and all the entire staff which make our stayed a very pleasant stay here. 20 - 26 Aug 2023
Hendrik G, Germany, 04-Aug-2023 - 15-Aug-2023
15.8.2023 Great vacation and experience at Villa Saanti. Natty and her staff was impeccable lost.The villa itself is beautiful bud need some maintenance. Highest of compliments to our cook - her food was always delicious. All the best ! Thank you
Sukie S, Hong Kong, 27-Jul-2023 - 29-Jul-2023
Natty and the team of staffs This trip celebrates the 12th anniversary of the friendship that has bounded us together. Thanks again to Natty and the team for being so caring and attentive to all of our needs. The stay is truly remarkable, and the experience has added values to our memories. Hope to enjoy another stay with you guys!
Kristy S, South Korea, 16-Jul-2023 - 27-Jul-2023
To the fantastic villa Saanti staff. We're had the most enjoyable 11-night stay for my sister's 40th birthday! Natty and her staff couldn't do enough for us in lead up to the celebration and every day after that they are attentive, efficient and super friendly. Thip is an exceptional chef. There wasn't a meal we didn't enjoy. We absolutely loved our stay and hope to return in the future. Loved every minute. The Stepenson's and Lyn
Ryan F, Australia, 24-Jun-2023 - 30-Jun-2023
To the beautiful staff at villa Saanti, Thank you so much for making the Australian holiday a very special week. Hospitality, service, food was exquisite we will definitely come back. The Fitzgarlalds The Coopers The Quinns Thank you so much staff for all the fun staff
Alisha M, India, 11-May-2023 - 16-May-2023
16/05/2023 Dear Villa Saanti, Thank you for the wonderful stay at the villa our family had the best time! A special thanks to the staffs at the villa, they have been super hospitable. The food at the villa has been outstanding too. We hope to come back to stay with you soon! Love Alish Pooja & Family
Francisco T, Singapore, 18-Mar-2023 - 23-Mar-2023
Thank you very much villa Saanti !!! A wonderful place, amazing villa, landscaping, beautiful beach, and superb warm care of the whole of villa staffs. Always willing to help with a smile in their faces! We had a lovely stay we will for sure come back. Food was amazing all meals were super nice. Thanks to the chef as well. All the best.
GABRIEL SAVIAN B, Romania, 13-Mar-2023 - 17-Mar-2023
Nice services Beautiful staff Beautiful location Tasty food From Romania
Kenneth L, Hong Kong, 09-Mar-2023 - 12-Mar-2023
Beautiful Staff, Beautiful Location,Tasty Food
Victor S, Russia, 01-Mar-2023 - 06-Mar-2023
Thank you for your comfortable vacation and tasty food, you are best. From Russia with Love
Mikhail S, Russia, 19-Feb-2023 - 26-Feb-2023
Thank you for your comfortable vacation and tasty food. You are best! From Russia with Love
Mike W, United States, 06-Jan-2023 - 10-Jan-2023
Beautiful home, lovely stay + great food. Thank you for everything on our holiday. Amazing staff + stay ! Can't best the views either We loved staying here ! Extra love to Netty who went above + beyond for us ! Warren Family
Sarah P, United Kingdom, 30-Dec-2022 - 06-Jan-2023
Great villa in a great location on a great beach but the staff madt it a special vacation. Thank you Shaw. Days by the beach and in the pool followed by some amazing food. Amazing Trip. Thank you so much. Very good Holiday and amazing staff with a great view what a great place. Thank you Parlie An amazing villa , with beautiful views delicious food and such special staff. Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a memorable family holiday. What a holiday, from days by the beach, shopping and we have been spoil by the staff always taking care of us. Many thanks Jayden. Cant thank you all enough Fran food, service to days by pool, beach, massages. One of the best holidays. Thank you so much Teresa.
Nathalie G, France, 23-Oct-2022 - 02-Nov-2022
Thanks a lot for this two weeks i had a wonderful time here. Arrine We had an amazing time in this great villa ! All the family was happy. Special thanks for the staff and the great chef I hope coming back soon. Thanks for this wonderful team Stanisislas We thank you for your kindness, smile and availability. We will remember this stay. Warm hugs from France Nathalie
Lawrence H, Singapore, 18-Oct-2022 - 23-Oct-2022
October 2022 First time in Phuket + Villa Saanti we had a fabulous time. The attention + care of the staff was excellent. Nati was outstanding and always smiling. compliments to the chef with excellent Thai food. A great holiday + the sun came out even-all Hansan family Singapore
Maria R, Germany, 01-Oct-2022 - 14-Oct-2022
We spend wonderful days at Villa Saanti! Together with grandchildren, children and friends from San Francisco and Hong Kong we enjoyed the hospitality of lovely manager and her staff! The cerise and food were first class. Thank you for everything ! We will be happy to come again ! Rudolf and Elisabet Rolu from Germany
Carole C, United Arab Emirates, 01-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022
It was an amazing journey we had here, with a fantastic staff. We lived an outstanding moment. Thanks a lot to the chef as we ate excellent thailand food + the maids were always smiling and good vibes - the hostess always there when needed made our days really great couldn't have been better.
Lyn L, Singapore, 21-Jun-2022 - 26-Jun-2022
26 June 2022 Our first trip since Covid, and our first time to Phuket ! Perfect weather - hot, then cooled by light drizzles which made the waterfalls great Loved Lami Waterfall. Favorite part of Saanti Great body surfing, pool table + chef in Phang Nga! Amazing Staff The Yaps Fam Singapore
Ross F, United Kingdom, 09-Jun-2022 - 20-Jun-2022
20.06.22 Thank you very much for living us We're had all enjoying time here with you. Thank you for all your remind, loved work and everything you're done for us. Food was amazing! special thank you to our chef! Villa was a great energy and we fell in love in Thailand, Phuket We don't want to go... anyway We hope to come back soon. Ron and Goe Team
Holly O, Singapore, 04-May-2022 - 08-May-2022
May 2022 A long time between holidays + Villa Saanti definitely and not disappoint. We stayed for 4 nights of rest + relation. The villa staff were discreet but alternate and we had a wonderful array of curve from the villa chef. We will be back! The O'Neills
Puttaraksa T, Thailand, 12-Apr-2022 - 16-Apr-2022
Songkarn & Family Trip 12 April 2022 - 16 April 2022 Thank you for a good services from staff and chefs. We have a wonderful time. A private villa with space and activities for all generation to enjoy. We love the open beach front with a nice sea breeze. Thank you and best regards. Vataniyobol & Family
Manisa M, Thailand, 14-Mar-2022 - 18-Mar-2022
March 2022 Thank you for an awesome time. The food was amazing. We stayed for 4 nights and there were varies choice of great food! All staff are very nice and helpful. Kids enjoy the villa's facilities especially the pool. It sure be one memorable holiday for us. Thank you ! Lim Family
Sujaree T, Thailand, 10-Apr-2021 - 13-Apr-2021
We, 11 adults and 8 children, had a wonderful holiday here. The kids loved playing in the pool and the sea. The sand is safe and beach is wide. Staff members were very helpful and the food was superb. We had a delicious BBQ dinner. When we had to leave for the airport, the kids cried, not wanting to go home. We, all six families. had a wonderful Songkran holiday here.
Thomas V, United States, 09-Mar-2020 - 12-Mar-2020
Wow! Most incredible Birthday days that felt like a new blessed life! Felt like a dream came true! The food was so delicious. We couldn't have imagined a better experience and look forward to definitely coming back and will definitely stay with Elite Havens again! Thank you so much We love and appreciate you!
Hana C, United States, 24-Nov-2019 - 01-Dec-2019
Thanks for everyone at Villa Saanti. We had a wonderful stay. The food was amazing. The staff were so wonderful. The cook arranged a cooking class for the kids and it was lovely. What a wonderful place for our three families to enjoy the week together.
Michelle S, Singapore, 20-Nov-2019 - 24-Nov-2019
Hey Guys! Thank you for taking such a good care of us! Noom, Kwang! Great service and excellent food! Your professionalism is top notch! And your hardworking team always made sure the Villa was spic and span and keep us feeling relaxed in this beautiful villa! Thank you and here is wishing you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Chantal M, France, 17-Nov-2019 - 20-Nov-2019
The villa is great, magnificent, the space as promise is like paradise. The team is very discreet and pampered us. Thank you to Noam for his availability and his kindness. Thank you very much, wonderful time! Well done guys, we enjoyed everything! Super! We stay here 3 times already. Everything was super, keep it up!
Mandy C, Singapore, 03-Aug-2019 - 10-Aug-2019
We had a great time here, the most impressive part. I need to thank Noom for the perfect assistance for everything, and also the cook for the wonderful meal everyday. Also the rest of the crew kept the place very clean and tidy.
Lilyana L, Malaysia, 26-Jul-2019 - 30-Jul-2019
Thank you Noom and team for having us and for your excellent services. Our families enjoyed it very much. We wish we could stay longer! Beautiful villa, beach and pool. Great food too! Love
Zhao Y, China, 09-Feb-2019 - 15-Feb-2019
Thanks for everything the staff done for us, we had a great stay.
Valentino D, Austria, 22-Dec-2018 - 04-Jan-2019
Thank you for the wonderful stay at Villa Saanti. Everything was perfect - the staff, the food and all the pasties we could enjoy at this place. Hope to see you all again.
Candice C, Singapore, 09-Dec-2018 - 14-Dec-2018
We stayed four days at this awesome villa. All the staff were great and friendly, especially Noom. Super helpful and always try to get done whatever we want. Our last day here, we will definitely miss this place.
Jacky Y, Hong Kong, 06-Dec-2018 - 09-Dec-2018
We stayed 4 days at this awesome villa. All the staff here are great and friendly, especially Noom! Super helpful and always tries to get done whatever we want. Our last day here and definitely miss this place.
Mehnaz M, Bangladesh, 18-Oct-2018 - 21-Oct-2018
It's our 3rd and last day here and sad to see time fly by so quick. We loved the villa and the exceptional staff. Look forward to coming back next year.
Ram K, Malaysia, 08-Sep-2018 - 11-Sep-2018
Thank you for great service and beautiful villa. Great Staff.
Tamim A, United Arab Emirates, 29-Jul-2018 - 09-Aug-2018
We had a wonderful time in Phuket. The hospitality was amazing and our family had a great time. Thank you for opening your lovely house to us.
Sheng C, China, 16-Feb-2018 - 21-Feb-2018
We had a perfectly peaceful Chinese New Year holiday here. The whole family was well taken care of by all staff and truly enjoyed it. Special appreciation to the chef for cooking us some great authentic Thai meals, and to our passionate butler for his excellent service. Hopefully we will be able to return. Thank you very much!
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