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Villa Pangi Gita
Alistair S, Indonesia, 16-Jan-2021 - 20-Jan-2021
My family, friends and I enjoyed our special days here. The villa compound is peaceful, beautifully designed and exceptionally managed. The staff was attentive, well trained, personable, friendly and kind. Chef Agus produced excellent, healthy and delightful food. Overall a great experience, well done.
Mr. E, Indonesia, 16-Dec-2020 - 16-Jan-2021
The experience was nice. They have nice Lemon Tea. The villa is nice and clean, and staff is very kind. Thank for the hospitality.
Jorgen K, Denmark, 07-Mar-2020 - 12-Mar-2020
Thank you for wonderful stay at Villa Pangi Gita. Everything has lived fully up to our expectations. The villa and garden is all beautiful decorated. Everything is spotless and clean and well functioning. The staff is in a class off its own! All were very, very kind and make you feel welcome all the time. The meals are wonderful and also very healthy. Gus is great chef. We have enjoyed every minute in this paradise on earth. All the best to everyone
Aleksandr G, Russia, 25-Dec-2019 - 30-Dec-2019
Thank you for the good time at this villa. Thanks a lot to the staff in particular, we want to mention the cooking. The cook prepares very tasty food in the villa, the manager knows English very well, always with him conformable and reliable. We will recommend to our friends.
Rajeev L, Philippines, 21-Dec-2019 - 25-Dec-2019
Beautiful villa, away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy atmosphere with wonderful people who want you to imbue the atmosphere, their culture and their goodness. Enjoyed the food, the chatting with the wonderful staff and an understanding of Balinese culture. Highly recommend it.
Rikke K, Denmark, 02-Nov-2019 - 11-Nov-2019
Thank you all very much for a lovely retreat here in Pangi Gita. We appreciate very much all your wonderful and kind service and are very grateful everything. Love and blessing. In gratitude.
Phillip C, Singapore, 16-Oct-2019 - 19-Oct-2019
The best experience and amazing prompt and clean service. Chef is great with the variety of food experience. And love every design aspect of the villa. Super Architecture.
Sreeram A, India, 09-Oct-2019 - 14-Oct-2019
The best experience and amazing prompt and clean service. Chef is great with the variety of food experience. And love every design aspect of the villa - super architecture.
Justyna W, Singapore, 30-Sep-2019 - 09-Oct-2019
Thank you very much for a wonderful stay in Villa Pangi Gita. We have enjoyed beautiful surroundings, being relaxed and were very well taken care for by the staff. All our wishes were immediately fulfilled and we are impressed their kindness. Special thanks to Agus who is just super chef, I wish could take him with me.
Dan U, Australia, 16-Sep-2019 - 19-Sep-2019
Such a wonderful villa with lovely staff. We love our stay and hope to be back in the near future. Thanks you for looking after us and giving the family so many lovely memories.
Susan N, Denmark, 26-Aug-2019 - 02-Sep-2019
Thank you very much for an amazing stay. The villa is fantastic and the service is outstanding. The food was extremely lovely and made by the best Chef. This is definitely not the last time for us in Bali and we will surely be back here.
Leonardo D, Malaysia, 25-Jul-2019 - 31-Jul-2019
What an amazing and fabulous stay we've had here at Pangi Gita. It is truly a memorable experience and one made possible by the excellent and first class service delivered by the team. Thanks foremost to Adi and Chef Gus who spared no effort in seeing to our care. The food was incredible - better than the restaurants in town. Thanks also to the lovely housekeepers, gardener and security. We hope to come back again
Joost V, Netherlands, 21-Apr-2019 - 03-May-2019
We thank the whole villa team. The service is very good, friendly and good listening and the food is very good. I need a diet when I am back in Holland. Outstanding!
Philip V, Denmark, 09-Apr-2019 - 14-Apr-2019
It has been an absolutely pleasure to stay at this lovely place. The staff and service are completely extraordinary and they have been taken very good care of us. We will definitely come back another time. Thank you for making this stay amazing.
Julie K, Australia, 28-Mar-2019 - 08-Apr-2019
We cannot express our gratefulness enough to you. From the pancakes every morning to the curry prepared on the first night after 48 hours of traveling, the cooking Gus prepared left us in awe very time. Made and Ayu, you two are the LOVELIEST ladies. We loved every giggle and girl talk. Adi and Dwi thank you so much for your never-ending knowledge and hospitality. You are all the best and you made our stay the BEST. We love with PG and the beautiful people who make it magical every day.
Jeanette Z, Singapore, 21-Mar-2019 - 25-Mar-2019
Thank you Adi for making our stay fabulous. You and your team are gems. You looked after us well, you’re there but unobtrusive. Chef Gus is the best cook we’d ever had in Bali and we’d been going to Bali 3-5 times a year for the last 20 years. Housekeeping is efficient and neat. We really enjoyed our stay with you. We’ll see you soon.
Josephine K, Denmark, 05-Mar-2019 - 14-Mar-2019
Thank you all very much for all your fantastic service. I am on behalf of my whole group very satisfied and we feel so spoiled and you make us feel special. We will come back in November because of you. Thank you again, we are grateful and send you all love and blessings.
Jesper P, Denmark, 25-Dec-2018 - 02-Jan-2019
A huge and warm hearted thank you for an amazing time at Villa Pangi Gita. We have been here a few times during the last 15 years and we always enjoy our stay in the most beautiful surroundings with the most helpful and sweet staff. Everybody wants to give us a great experience. Special thanks for all the lovely food we have enjoyed from day one - always served and prepared with smiles and love.
William K, Canada, 05-Dec-2018 - 08-Dec-2018
What a beautiful property and most helpful staff. My husband fell ill and they were most obliging in arranging a doctor, who was excellent in treating him. The meals were marvelous, especially the roasted suckling pig. We will miss the beauty and luxury of this wonderful villa. Best wishes to all of the staff.
Erling M, Denmark, 17-Nov-2018 - 24-Nov-2018
We have truly enjoyed our time here being 3 generations together. The environment is like paradise, food quality and taste beat top restaurants. We did not want to go out for dinner because every night Agus served great meals. Kindness of the Pangi Gita team at all times ready to help, made our stay enjoyable. Our grandchildren Vanessa and Marvin had a fantastic introduction to Indonesia/ Bali.
Josephine K, Indonesia, 28-Oct-2018 - 10-Nov-2018
Thank you so all for your fantastic service and all your help and love. We wish all the very best and look forward to see you again.
Karsten C, Indonesia, 15-Oct-2018 - 26-Oct-2018
Thank you so much for the very high level of service you have showed us during our stay. Loved the food "Gus", the service and the surroundings. The safety, kindness and also a big thank you to our “Uncle Dwi” for showing us Bali.
Michael M, Denmark, 10-Oct-2018 - 15-Oct-2018
Never have our family experienced such luxury..and we probably never will again. We have lived as kings and queens and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to the staff for making these days an incredible experience and for fulfilling all of our wishes. An even bigger thank you for making the best gin and tonic.
Justyna W, Singapore, 01-Oct-2018 - 10-Oct-2018
We have been to Bali many times but this stay was truly extraordinary. Best vacation by far! Thank you very much for your hospitality and care. Thank you Agus for fantastic food - especially fish in banana leaf. We hope to see you next year.
Elizabeth L, United Kingdom, 08-Sep-2018 - 12-Sep-2018
We all enjoyed our time at Villa Pangi Gita. The lovely setting, the great service, the friendly staff and wonderful food all played their part to give us a vacation to remember. We highly recommend your villa and hope to come back.
Brigette S, New Zealand, 25-Aug-2018 - 01-Sep-2018
Thank you so much for your kindness and amazing hospitality during our stay here. We have absolutely loved every moment. The service is great and the food is fantastic! We would definitely come again. Thank you for making our trip to Bali so amazing!
Deborah M, Hong Kong, 12-Aug-2018 - 19-Aug-2018
Lovely stay in this tranquility setting, well managed too.
Neil M, Singapore, 09-Aug-2018 - 12-Aug-2018
We feel very lucky have ended up here and are so grateful for your hospitality. The villa itself is absolutely beautiful and we love land exploring this amazing island of Bali, such an unforgettable experience. All of the staff have been attentive and welcoming, it has been fascinating beginning to learn about the beautiful attitude. We have also loved the amazing food so thank you.
Christina N, Denmark, 04-Aug-2018 - 08-Aug-2018
What an amazing 4 days we have had on this heaven on earth. The service has been excellent, your food deserves Michelin-stars and the best. You all smile from sunset to dawn and vice versa. The villa is still so beautiful. We all look forward to get back another time.
Jeanette D, Denmark, 28-Jul-2018 - 04-Aug-2018
Thanks so much for unforgettable days at Pangi Gita. We have absolutely had a great time and felt everybody in here make life fantastic for us. We love Bali and all about Pangi Gita. We will be back.
Hayden B, New Zealand, 15-Jul-2018 - 22-Jul-2018
Thank you for a wonderful stay at Villa Pangi Gita. The location is so peaceful we have loved it. A special thanks to the wonderful team who have looked after us so well - provided lots of cold Bintangs. We will be back.
Jens S, Australia, 08-Jul-2018 - 15-Jul-2018
From bottom of our hearts, a big thank you for amazing stay. Mom Pia and Mr Jens second time here and the kids plus Pascals first time here. We will definitely come back because we love it here. Thank you for great service, sweet people, amazing food, kindliness and making our stay in Bali so wonderful. We appreciate you all and are very relaxed now, ready to go back to CPH, and remember this vacation. You are an amazing team. Thank you and see you again.
Alexey K, Russia, 15-Jun-2018 - 05-Jul-2018
We would like to thank the whole villa crew for an amazing vacation. That was truly amazing and we can not express our emotions through the pen. All the dinners we had were 10/10 - especially we would like to thank Gus for being best master chef in Bali.
Gregory D, Australia, 03-Jun-2018 - 05-Jun-2018
What amazing 2 days we have had at Pangi Gita. It was too short, we will be back and stay longer. The service is excellent. All the staff are so nice and kind. They made us feel so welcome. Gus is the best chef we have encountered in our travels in Bali. The villa is so beautiful and peaceful. It was the perfect place to stay for our last 2 days of travel. We will be back. The entire staff made our stay the best.
Mike G, Australia, 24-May-2018 - 28-May-2018
For our first trip to Bali (and South East Asia), we could not have selected a better place to visit. Our special thanks to the entire staff for bringing us an incredible visit. The service and attention has been amazing and we are all most appreciative. It has been a great privilege to share your home country with us and we will cherish our memories here in Bali. We would also like to offer a special note of thanks to Dwi, who took us around your beautiful island and showed us much of what this place has to offer. We hope to come back and see you all again. Thanks so much.
Stijn W, Belgium, 06-May-2018 - 13-May-2018
Thank you very much for your wonderful service. We had a great time. We will definitely come back again. Good food, nice swimming pool, very friendly and helpful staff. We will recommend this villa to our family and friends. Thank you Agus, Made, Ayu and Adi for the wonderful time.
Rikke H, Singapore, 21-Oct-2017 - 07-Nov-2017
You are wonderful people, thank you very much for all your services and help. I am very proud of your good job.
Jo J, United Kingdom, 16-Sep-2017 - 26-Sep-2017
Wow! You have given us one of the best holiday ever. The villa is breathtaking and the service from Agus, Made, Ayu and the team is world class. A perfect combination. Thank you for making us so welcome, we hope to see you again one day.
Benjamin A, Canada, 30-Aug-2017 - 05-Sep-2017
Thank you for a lovely stay at Villa Pangi Gita. Wonderful service and beautiful surrounding, that made the whole family relax and enjoy. We are very impressed with the staff - Gus the chef, Ayu, Made who are very kind and look after us for what we need. The books and movies collection were very good.
Johann K, United Arab Emirates, 10-Aug-2017 - 19-Aug-2017
We would like to thank to the whole villa team for this incredible 10 days of relaxation, luxury, personal service and friendly staff. The villa was spectacular and absolutely comfortable.
Camilla R, Zimbabwe, 15-Jul-2017 - 20-Jul-2017
The Villa was beautiful, pool area was nice and the staff was friendly. Chef cook very good dishes.
Darren Roger W, Australia, 02-Jul-2017 - 08-Jul-2017
It was very nice stay at Pangi Gita. The rooms and the pool area so amazing. Staffs are friendly and helpful, the chef make very delicious food.
Glenn D, Australia, 03-Jun-2017 - 08-Jun-2017
Beautiful Villa, always well maintained and beautiful design. The staff is always smilling and making sure we have everything we need. And Gus is an excellent chef, we stay for dinner more than we had planned. The pool temperature was great always refreshing in this heat.
Mrs. Lisa T, Australia, 20-Apr-2017 - 22-Apr-2017
The Villa was very peaceful, the kids enjoy at the pool. The food was amazing and the staff was very friendly...
Diana S, Indonesia, 19-Apr-2017 - 20-Apr-2017
We came to celebrate my husband birthday with some friends. Everything has been amazing, We got pool side Balinese traditional massages, the breakfasts were delicious. We would return again anytime. Thank you for this amazing villa.
Christina K, China, 29-Mar-2017 - 03-Apr-2017
We love the stay at your wonderful villa and enjoyed the service offered to us. The staff and the chef Gus are amazing. We will be back.
Celine V, Indonesia, 15-Mar-2017 - 26-Mar-2017
The staff were charming and helpful...thank you for Chef Gus.
Rikke H, Switzerland, 02-Mar-2017 - 13-Mar-2017
We want to thank for the fantastic service and significant well arranged meals, cleansing juices, gardens and everything has been outstanding. See you soon again
Jesper K, Denmark, 03-Jan-2017 - 20-Jan-2017
The stay was relaxing, villa well maintained, the staff still as before friendly and charming...
Mr Francisco H, Australia, 26-Dec-2016 - 02-Jan-2017
We have enjoyed the stay...very quiet villa with very nice set up. the food was amazing and the staff were helpful and friendly.
Scott O, United States, 11-Nov-2016 - 23-Nov-2016
We had a great time at Villa Pangi Gita. Thanks so much to Agus for the delicious food and to Pita and Made for making sure we always had cold Bintang. We loved the Gong announcing the meal time, and so sad to say good bye...and we will be back again.
Maciej W, Poland, 21-Sep-2016 - 01-Oct-2016
We had great time, food was stunning, the staff was extremely helpful and nice. We hope we will have a chance to come back soon.
Jennifer G, Australia, 01-Sep-2016 - 15-Sep-2016
The villa is beautiful, spacious, and comfortable and luxurious with all the privacy you could want. We rate the chef and the staff and the Manager 10 out of 10 for their service, hospitality and amazing food cooked up for us fresh every day. We had an emergency, we could not been in better hands - the personal assistance and support we received was world class. Thank you so much for looking after us, we found it really hard to say good bye....
Andrew S, United Arab Emirates, 15-Aug-2016 - 21-Aug-2016
What a wonderful place to be able to spend....We have all enjoyed Villa Pangigita, the villa itself, the garden and of course the fantastic team of staff who really make this villa so special. Thanks to Herry, Gus, and all the team for their suggestions, assistance and advice. These were much appreciated and helped to make this a very special holiday
Mette F, Denmark, 02-Aug-2016 - 11-Aug-2016
Staying at Pangi Gita was an absolute pleasure. Staff was wonderful and has a very relaxed feel to it. Can definitely recommend it.
Eva M, Australia, 31-Jul-2016 - 02-Aug-2016
Thank you so much to giving us the opportunity to experience Luxury Villa Pangi Gita. Delicious food, sweet and carrying staff and peacefully surroundings.
Torben K, Denmark, 16-Jul-2016 - 30-Jul-2016
Traveling halfway around the world is no distance at all if the price is a stay at the lovely Villa Pangigita…Thank you everyone for truly amazing Balinese experience.
Christian V, Australia, 02-Apr-2016 - 09-Apr-2016
Once again fabulous stay at Villa Pangi Gita. Special thanks to the staff for spoiling us the whole week. The food topped every restaurant we have been to in Bali. Looking forward to our next stay.
Vanessa V, Hong Kong, 26-Mar-2016 - 02-Apr-2016
Thank you for such lovely stay, a return stay after 2 years. Pangi Gita is just heavenly. Big thanks specially to the staff Ayu, Made and of course the maestro Chef Agus....We will be back...
Dahab F, Indonesia, 30-Dec-2015 - 06-Jan-2016
Many thanks to everybody for this amazing stay....I truly enjoyed every single moment. The place by it self is just great, calm full of serenity and peace. The staff ready to make a happy stay and they do with smile and great readiness.
Anne L, Singapore, 17-Dec-2015 - 26-Dec-2015
Thank you staff for wonderful food and welcoming atmosphere. The villa and our time has been very relaxing and we had a great family holiday. Thank you again Agus for the delicious food, specially the Christmas eve was a great surprise with flowers and lanterns and a beautiful table set up. We will not forget Pangi Gita.
David W, Australia, 29-Oct-2015 - 05-Nov-2015
Thank you for the most relaxing indulgent holiday we have experienced. We love the beautiful rooms and alfresco bathrooms, the tropical pool the amazing meals prepared by chef Agus and the most of all is the beautiful welcoming staff. We hope see you again.
Nicola S, United Kingdom, 04-Oct-2015 - 24-Oct-2015
Thank you for the fantastic stay. To the Owner - your staff are a credit to you. 3 beautiful weeks and we don't want to leave. Hopefully we will return one day.
Leanne S, Australia, 26-Jun-2015 - 04-Jul-2015
Thank you for the amazing stay, every moment was memorable. The kids had an amazing time. The staff made our stay so welcoming and relaxing. I couldn't wish for better time or place. Forever in our gratitude.
Kenneth L, Denmark, 20-Mar-2015 - 03-Apr-2015
World Class
Alfred Lang, Indonesia, 01-Dec-2014 - 19-Dec-2014
The Villa Pangi Gita exceeded our expectation. The park/garden and the villa gave us a good feeling about the Bali nature and the original Bali culture. The Staff was just great. The Chef did accommodate all of special Vegan food requests and we had a very good taste of the original Bali cuisine. The room service, gardening, security etc. was just perfect. The driver Dwui was great, excellent driving, he is flexible and knows the "go to"places. The Manager of the villa was there whenever we had questions or requests. The friendliness of all the staff was impressive and it was difficult for us to say good by after almost three weeks at the Villa.
Bruce Dover, Australia, 28-May-2014 - 03-Jun-2014
Villa Pangi Gita certainly exceeded our expectations. The complex has a lovely natural flow and its position by the gurgling Pangi river was an added bonus. As accommodation for three couples it worked very well - with sufficient space to "do our own thing" but wonderfully warm and inviting common entertaining and dining areas. The staff were highly attentive but low key and charming - nothing seemed to much trouble and they made the villa feel very much like a second home. Chef Agus is a star - all his meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner were an absolute standout. Expect to see us again.
Lucy M, Australia, 25-Mar-2014 - 30-Mar-2014
A beautiful villa with excellent staff.
rachel J, Indonesia, 23-Feb-2014 - 01-Mar-2014
Fabulous villa and staff, we had a fantastic family holiday.
Agung Alit Juliarta, , 14-Sep-2013 - 15-Sep-2013
nice property, feel like stay at the real Bali, close from beach and quite place, friendly staff, good atmosphere.... thanks for great service and villa
Weining Xu, Singapore, 10-May-2013 - 13-May-2013
The villa is just as what was shown in the website. Lovely baliness deco and design, lush greenery, quite surroundings,spacious living area and garden, all make our stay enjoyable, not to mention the kind and helpful staff. The villa is well equipped with all neccesities, even a nespresso machine. I do feel it's a home away from home. During our stay, we tried breakfast, lunch and dinner in the villa. The standard of food definitely exceeded our expection, from display to taste. We spent plenty of time in the dinning room because it's so comfortable and a good place for family gathering. Overall, the private vacation experience is superb.
Stacey Hannah, , 06-May-2013 - 08-May-2013
Great villa with excellent value for money. nice quite area but still with in good distance to Seminyak. the chef is awesome especially the pastries and cakes. Stacey and Bella
Christina R, United States, 10-Apr-2013 - 18-Apr-2013
A fabulous villa for those wishing to experience the charm and beauty of Bali the way it was 10 or 15 years ago, with all the comforts of today. We have been vacationing in Bali for many years and love the "old style" but have found that wooden buildings, although lovely to look at, can be musty and dark. Villa Pangi Gita seems to be the exception - it is fresh, full of natural light and impeccably maintained. The grounds on several levels, are beautifully planted and cared for and you are never far from the sound of water - the river or one of the many water features on the property. Pangi Gita is elegant, comfortable, child-friendly and an easy drive to the fast-growing village of Canggu and bustling Seminyak. But, of course, the best part of the Bali villa experience is the staff and the staff at Pangi Gita is no exception. We were made to feel absolutely coddled and all our requests were met with a smile and immediate response. Our chef, Augus deserves special note. Not only did he prepare and serve a last-minute barbeque for 12 one evening (so much fun for all and delicious!), but one member of our family became seriously ill during our stay. Agus prepared special meals and Jamu (herbal medicines) for her, and personally saw to it that she was made as comfortable as possible. We are extremely grateful for his caring ministrations.
rui sobral, Portugal, 19-Mar-2013 - 22-Mar-2013
Dream house with a dream staff and a wonderful manager, miss Putri
CC, Australia, 01-Nov-2012 - 07-Nov-2012
The villa and staff were charming. We really enjoyed our stay. The friendly staff went out of their way to make our stay relaxing and memorable. The setting of the garden and the buildings is peaceful and very well maintained. It was very convenient having Dwi, the friendly driver who we utilised a lot. It is about 30min drive to Seminyak. Villa Pangi Gita is a peaceful retreat well away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. We were a little nervous about all of the steps and water features with young children. While we needed to keep an eye on them the villa accommodated children really well. We highly recommend it.
Byron Rienstra, Singapore, 11-Mar-2012 - 17-Mar-2012
What a chef, what a location, what an opportunity for relaxation. Brilliant.
ST, Australia, 03-Jun-2011 - 10-Jun-2011
A beautiful escape for our family, and great value for money. If you were visiting Bali with adult kids or a group of mates you'd be mad to stay in a big impersonal hotel. Our Villa was intimate, relaxed, the gardens were absolutely beautiful, the staff so helpful, the food was great, the pool divine... Some days we tried to leave - but we couldn't! We loved it too much!
EA, Singapore, 22-Dec-2010 - 27-Dec-2010
Fantastic staff. Lovely villa. Perhaps not the most child friendly in terms of lay out. Any niggles washed away by the warmth and ability of the staff who made our stay special.
Scott Richards, Singapore, 28-May-2010 - 11-Jun-2010
What a fantastic villa .. its was recomended to us so we arrived with little expectations and we really were blown away. Great place, wonderful staff. It has alot of water features so probably not ideal for people with kids in the 2y to 5y range, but its a must for anyone else! Thanks for a great holiday

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