Panacea Retreat - Avasara Residence
Arpana S, India, 14-Mar-2023 - 18-Mar-2023
-Hospitality, Excellent Staff Retreat Empoyees (Pocky and Tai)
Amy T, New Zealand, 05-Dec-2022 - 09-Dec-2022
-The beautiful view. -Recommend a complementary shuttle to the village. -Tai ( Resident host) was amasing. -This was a tuly magical experience Tai and her team were lovely and very helpful, and the food was world class. -It was very good to be away from the noise of chaweng out shill close to visit.
Tanawat M, Thailand, 03-Dec-2022 - 05-Dec-2022
Good service by attentive staff. Good place to stay, comfortable, all staff members are lovely.
Rhea V, India, 05-Oct-2022 - 10-Oct-2022
- Good Space , View & Service - Pockky Thank you for helpping us so much -All Staff helpping and Friendly -Everything was Perfect
Prakash R, Singapore, 05-Aug-2022 - 09-Aug-2022
How would you rate your Residence (9) and the service (10) on and overall basis (1 to 10, 10 for best) What did you like most: The efficiency and quality of service Staff are very helpful. Khun Noei, Blue, and Chai were extremely helpful. They are always ready to oblige any request made by the guests.
Yury A, Russia, 12-Feb-2020 - 19-Feb-2020
We would like to say how grateful we are to Baw, Noai, Zac, Luck, Oh. They are the best at the best. We would like to write that the villa is amazing, the staff is wonderful and friendly, very good food and drinking. Thank you so much for this holiday. See you soon. From Russia, With Love
Marc Y, Thailand, 08-Feb-2020 - 11-Feb-2020
Thank you for looking after us all so well! We have a fantastic celebration of our family wedding. Bella and her team did a great job looking for us. Thank you again! Best Wishes.
Deepak A, Hong Kong, 21-Jan-2020 - 27-Jan-2020
Dearest Panacea Retreat Team, We have had a fabulous time at the Avasara Residence. Bao and her team have been fantastic and we are so sad to have leave this beautiful villa! This villa has been perfect for us and our friends to celebrate our friendship as well as 30th wedding anniversary for 2 couples. The staff have been so accommodating and helpful and we look forward to caring back hear! Thank you so much for everything! WE LOVE BAO!
Mai W, United Kingdom, 02-Dec-2019 - 05-Dec-2019
Thank you Bao and Poki and their team for an excellent stay at Panacea lovely villa friendly and helpful service, amazing food. A fantastic stay overall and would definitely return. Best Wishes
Sasaya B, Singapore, 22-Nov-2019 - 24-Nov-2019
Thank you! Pocky and team for a wonderful time especially, when you are traveling with a two year old do you appreciate the caring service!
Ahkin T, Thailand, 01-Mar-2019 - 06-Mar-2019
Great stay, great service. We loved it from begin to the end.
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