Jivana Beach Villas - Villa Ananda
Lulu H, United Kingdom, 11-Feb-2024 - 25-Feb-2024
We had the most blissful two weeks at Ananda. The villa location is sublime and Nancy, Nam, and the rest of the staff have looked after us so well. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
Ashfaq S, United Arab Emirates, 25-Aug-2023 - 29-Aug-2023
This stay at the villa has been beyond exceptional. From the gorgeous property and views to the unforgettable memories made here, everything about our stay was perfect. However, what really stood out was the incredible cooperation and hospitality of Nancy and her staff. Not only was every single staff member extremely positive and always smiling, but they displayed great kindness and made all of us feel at home. We thank you for all delicious meal, relaxing massage and for meeting our every need! As an enormous group we all feel nothing but happiness coming out of this trip! Thank you!!!
Charlie L, Hong Kong, 13-Aug-2023 - 20-Aug-2023
Thank you Nancy and the team for making our week with you completely magic. Everything felt happy and even with patches of rain our spirits weren't dampened! Thank you too far being so accommodating with the large herd of children we brought with us. They have had a BALL.
Mahmood A, United Arab Emirates, 06-Aug-2023 - 12-Aug-2023
It was my first holiday with full family. I was lucky to choose this villa. The staff were amazing like fairies tales. The menu was delicious and has many diversity the facility of the villa Living room, swimming pool, beach way, Since to home like massage and other like Birthday Celebration. We will miss everything, Hope we come back soon. Thanks Nancy
Yue L, China, 28-Jul-2023 - 02-Aug-2023
Really having a nice time with family and friends, Nice meals! Great lunch breakfast and dinner! A great swimming pool
Peter D, Germany, 18-Jul-2023 - 25-Jul-2023
Thank you so much for this wonderful stay. The team, the food and the view were excellent. Stayed here 10 years ago, villa need some little repair. Anyway we love our stay and the hospitality of the team!
Anna P, Thailand, 02-Jul-2023 - 15-Jul-2023
Thank you our Villa Ananda! We are grateful for our happy emotions, for the care of team, like a big family! It was a very important time for us, time to joy, to relax and you make it so happy and cheerful! Thank you, 1000000 times, dear's. Love
Bernard H, Australia, 25-Jun-2023 - 30-Jun-2023
Thank you for a great stay, Ananda. Our family had the most wonderful time here. We love Nancy and the entire staff and the villa itself is incredible. Everything needed or want was accommodated with amazing hospitality. we could not ask for more. We enjoyed each day and really appreciate your hospitality. Thank you Nancy and staff. Hope to be back in the future!
Charlotte M, Singapore, 28-Apr-2023 - 01-May-2023
Thank you villa Ananda! This has been the most perfect stay. The villa and the grounds were beautiful. The staff all so pleasant, happy and helpful. You made our stay so wonderful. We will recommend to others. Thank you Nancy and team.
Amy Tang and T, Canada, 27-Mar-2023 - 30-Mar-2023
Thank you for hosting us. We had a great stay. The wedding was beautiful and we are so happy that they choose this location. The thoughtful touches in the room did not go unnoticed. we will definitely recommend this place to others!
Yousef E, Kuwait, 10-Aug-2022 - 17-Aug-2022
Very nice staff, Very good location but the villa is look too old.
Monica D, Thailand, 23-Jun-2022 - 26-Jun-2022
Thank you so much Khun Nancy and team. We had an amazing stay at villa Ananda! Lovely property and very attentive and warm service and hospitality! Thank you again!
Juneli R, Singapore, 16-Jun-2022 - 21-Jun-2022
Thank you to all the staff at Villa Ananda. We had a wonderful time. The staff led by Nancy are just amazing, so helpful. The property is lovely. I want to thank you each one for their service and kindness. Oiy Fah, Rom, Smart, thank you from our heart. You are all stars.
Lisa C, India, 18-Apr-2022 - 26-Apr-2022
Thank you villa Ananda! We had amazing stay here. Everything was perfect! Food was delicious and always served with great care. We enjoyed everything so much and hope to come again. The villa is so peaceful, private and spacious. The perfect vacation! ^__^ Many thanks to Nancy and her amazing team. You went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and cared for. Thank for everything!
Glenn C, Singapore, 07-Apr-2022 - 11-Apr-2022
Perfect view, lovely people, beautiful smiles. Lifetime memories.
Kirit S, Thailand, 12-Apr-2021 - 16-Apr-2021
Thanks for everything! You and your team were amazing
Kirit S, Thailand, 06-Apr-2021 - 12-Apr-2021
Thanks for everything! You and your team were amazing
Chananya C, Thailand, 13-Mar-2021 - 20-Mar-2021
Great villa and wonderful staff. Everything was perfect. Our family stayed for 7 nights and every meal was fantastic! Loved every moment ^__^ Thank you so much for having us!! We will definitely come back.
Sasi C, Thailand, 10-Dec-2020 - 13-Dec-2020
We stayed here for 4 days and 3 nights. Its was a really enjoyable stay with such a great service. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone!
Sarin V, Thailand, 22-Oct-2020 - 25-Oct-2020
Such a great and welcoming place for our short family trip! Very serene with the most accommodating staff, food was great as well! Thank you.
Emily & Ali, Thailand, 19-Mar-2020 - 22-Mar-2020
Thank so much for looking after all of us. Wonderful place, nice staff and service. Thank you all.
Vanessa Y, Singapore, 05-Dec-2019 - 08-Dec-2019
Thanks for everything at Villa Ananda. We really enjoyed ourselves!
Adam J, United States, 26-Nov-2019 - 01-Dec-2019
Thanks sooo much for everything. Everything is so pretty and cool, when I grow up, my family and my children and me will all come here again. Very nice experience. Thank you
MH, Singapore, 31-Oct-2019 - 03-Nov-2019
Everything staff and accommodation
Robyn Ho, Hong Kong, 04-Oct-2019 - 08-Oct-2019
The Villa front beach was simply fantastic. Watching the sun set with a fresh coconut in hand while submurged in the infinity pool is a surreal experience.
Ralf W, Germany, 13-Aug-2019 - 18-Aug-2019
Thank you so much for an incredible stay. Everything about our holiday was excellent from the great service of the staff to the well memorable ground. Thanks again to the wonderful staff who made our stay memorable. We will be back.
Ciara Y, Hong Kong, 13-Jul-2019 - 17-Jul-2019
Thank you for the hospitality. This is our third trip to Jivana and we intend to come back. Best wishes
Jennifer L, Hong Kong, 26-Jun-2019 - 30-Jun-2019
Thank you for everything. We love staying here and for some of us this is our 3rd time at this villa. With 10 kids, the staff was more than amazing and super attentive. Thank you.
Penny M, Australia, 15-Jun-2019 - 24-Jun-2019
Thank you to all staff at Ananda. The grounds and lovely service has made our family holiday one of best yet! Wonderful family holiday for my 70th birthday. Thank you Nancy and all staff for your kindness, helpfulness and sharing of knowledge about Thailand. Hope we may see you again.
Katie M, Singapore, 01-Jun-2019 - 08-Jun-2019
Thank you so much for the most wonderful week at Ananda. What a breathtaking view! We feel like we spent a week in paradise, sundowner by stunning grounds and wonderful staff who have looked after us so well. The kids have also adored running around the garden and playing at the beach. The best villa we have stayed in yet! Thank you again, the Martin Sperry family from Singapore, the Evans family from Hong Kong and the Flood family from UK
Atin B, Malaysia, 17-May-2019 - 20-May-2019
Thank you for everything! What a magical experience. Thank you so much to the staff. Everything was absolutely amazing. We will never forget our magical time. We will definitely be back.
Chris B, Thailand, 25-Apr-2019 - 28-Apr-2019
This is my first time in Phuket. We have had a wonderful time at Ananda. Thank you so much to the wonderful staff caring for us. You are all lovely. Will have many memories of you to take home with me. Geraldine B. Thank you Nancy and all the wonderful staff. The holiday was relaxing, enjoyable and made easy. Thanks to all of you. The accommodation was perfect for a relaxing gateway. The wedding went out a hitch- I would personally recommend Ananda and Shanti villa with out hesitation. Thank you! Joseph and Meagan
Alex K, Hong Kong, 06-Apr-2019 - 22-Apr-2019
This is our third time in villa Ananda. Writing this note is very difficult because it means that we must leave.; This beautiful villa has the best of everything; family, friends, food and service. Thanks again to Nancy and her team for our wonderful stay! Family Rohe
Tina B, Switzerland, 30-Mar-2019 - 05-Apr-2019
Thank you Ananda. We will never forget this wonderful villa with the outstanding staff, food and facilities. Every second of our stay we felt like paradise. We hope to be back very soon. Thank you for everything. You are such nice and lovely staff.
Alban P, Hong Kong, 21-Mar-2019 - 24-Mar-2019
Can it be any closer to perfection? Thank you to arrange this paradise for us.
Kenneth N, Hong Kong, 08-Mar-2019 - 11-Mar-2019
Yes I love this place - beautiful, quiet and comfortable. Service is good, workers are friendly. Thank you and I will be back, see you soon.
Mei Yun C, Singapore, 23-Nov-2018 - 25-Nov-2018
Very beautiful villa. The staff were very good and helpful. We truly enjoyed our stay here. Highly recommend to others too.
Xianjie Z, China, 14-Aug-2018 - 19-Aug-2018
Great summer vacation here! Nice environment, friendly people, good service. Definitely an unforgettable experience!
Jeffrey G, Singapore, 03-Aug-2018 - 08-Aug-2018
The best summer vacation, thank you for everything.
Safana A, Oman, 18-Jul-2018 - 01-Aug-2018
I just want to express me and my family we had a wonderful stay and nice memories. Thank you Nancy with your team, very tender, considerate very helpful. We will never forget these lovely moments - lovely food, very polite staff, we really enjoyed each moment.
Bing L, China, 29-Jun-2018 - 03-Jul-2018
Lived in Jivana with kids and families and was very lovely and happiness experience. Nice view and delicious foods. We will miss here.
Lihua Z, China, 20-Jun-2018 - 24-Jun-2018
It’s our first time come to Thailand. Even it’s hard to communicate with people, but all the staffs of Ananda villa are very patient and hospitality. Help us to solve many problems with warm smiling. Nice environment and service. Thank all of you.
Wee Yi L, Singapore, 16-Jun-2018 - 20-Jun-2018
You guys have make our vacation memorable and wonderful. Thank you very much and hope to re-visit again in the future.
Alex K, Hong Kong, 07-Apr-2018 - 21-Apr-2018
Every single second we enjoyed our stay at Villa Ananda. Nancy and her team fulfilled our wishes without us saying a word. As soon as we are back at home we will plan our next stay here.
Alex K, Hong Kong, 01-Dec-2017 - 16-Dec-2017
Thank you very much for wonderful days in paradise!! We enjoyed the beautiful setting, privacy and hospitality. During the days we were spoiled by the staff with delicious food. We will come back as soon as possible.
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