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Welcome back to stunning Samui

Visit Koh Samui safely with our Samui Extra Plus packages

After more than a year of closed borders, the stunning island of Koh Samui is ready to welcome you back!

Fully vaccinated visitors can now travel to this idyllic island under the Samui Plus program. As soon as Day 4 of their holiday, fully vaccinated travellers are free to explore the island within designated routes and appreciate it in all its pristine glory.

Holiday in style and safety at one of our luxurious villas. Elite Havens offers a large range of approved Samui Extra Plus villas on the island, allowing you to relax and enjoy exclusive use of all villa facilities, without sharing them with other guests. Our fully vaccinated staff and flexible cancellation policy ensure you can book with confidence.

Holiday in style and safety at one of our luxurious villas Koh Samui for 14 nights and then, how about continuing your adventure by staying at one of our luxury villas in Phuket.

Where to stay

For the first seven days of your visit, you will need to stay at an approved Samui Extra Plus accommodation. Choose one of our magnificent Samui Extra Plus villas to start off your holiday on a high note. Save more and remain stress-free by choosing our all-inclusive package: book a Samui Extra Plus villa for seven nights and we'll include all your meals, airport transfers and required RT-PCR tests at no extra cost. After the initial week, you may choose to continue staying in your blissful villa or move to any SHA+ accommodation on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao. But when your holiday home ticks all the boxes, why leave?

The safety of our guests remain our top priority as our villas adhere to the government’s strict requirements and protocols.

Panacea Retreat -
Praana Residence

6 Bedrooms

Panacea Retreat -
Avasara Residence

5 Bedrooms

Panacea Retreat -
Purana Residence

4 Bedrooms

Package Deals

14-Day Samui Luxury Package – Stay, Swim, Snorkel

Fall in love with Koh Samui and rediscover this piece of paradise with our special limited-time 14-day luxury package deal starting at only USD 110 per person per night.

Package inclusions:

  • Luxury villa of your choice – from 2 to 5 bedrooms. See list of villas here
  • Full-day private yacht trip to Koh Phangan, a spectacular island near Samui
  • Full-day private snorkelling or diving tour trip to the Island of Koh Tao (Turtle Island) – great for beginners and certified divers alike

Reach out to us for more details and book your trip of a lifetime in Koh Samui. Only with Elite Havens.

Essential information

Frequently asked questions

When does Samui open to tourists?

The Samui Plus program started on 15 July 2021 and covers designated areas and routes in Surat Thani province’s three islands - Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

Which countries can I travel from?

Find the list here.

What do foreign travellers visiting under the Samui Plus program need to know/do before they travel?

They should make sure they have covered all the necessary requirements and have all the needed documentation. This includes:

  • A passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Have been in a Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) approved country for 21 days or more
  • Been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) or the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Have booked and purchased return air travel
  • Have booked and paid for accommodation, and required RT-PCR test/s at a Samui Extra Plus and/or SHA+ accommodation
  • Have purchased medical insurance with Covid-19 treatment cover of at least US$100,000
  • Have tested negative for Covid-19 no longer than 72 hours before travel
Do I need to be vaccinated to visit the island?

Yes. Under the Samui Plus program, you must be vaccinated at least 14 days before your arrival. Children under 18 years of age do not need to be vaccinated but will require a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours before travel.

What flights can I take to Koh Samui?

You can fly to the island on a direct international flight or an international flight via Bangkok. Flights via Bangkok must be issued on the same booking as the international flight. Any flight reservations booked separately will not be allowed.

Route Flight no. Departure Arrival Day A/C
BKK-USM PG 5125 10:05 11:35 Daily ATR72
PG 5151 14:35 16:05
PG 5171 17:10 18:40
USM-BKK PG 5126 12:25 13:45
PG 5152 16:45 18:15
PG 5172 19:20 20:50

Under the Government’s special policy, these special flights are reserved for the international transit/transfer passangers with inbound/outound connection to/from Bangkok only. As such, the reservation and tickets for these flights are allowed when conjunction with international flights only.

Will I be free to travel in Koh Samui once I arrive?

After waiting for your initial test results, you will have the freedom to travel around as follows:

  • Day 1-3: You will need to stay within your villa
  • Day 4-7: You may travel on designated routes and on tour programs in Koh Samui only
  • Day 8-14: You may explore Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao
  • Day 15: If the last test on Day 12-13 is negative, you can go anywhere in Thailand
Where can I stay in Koh Samui?

You need to book Samui Extra Plus accommodation for the first seven days. After seven days you can choose to continue staying at your Samui Extra Plus accommodation or move to a SHA+ establishment for the next seven days. After the 14 days, you are free to explore the rest of Thailand. Here's our list of luxury villas in Koh Samui and Phuket.

Why do I have to use a Samui Extra Plus and SHA+ accommodation?

For additional safety, as these are venues which are government approved with respect to the required health and safety measures. All Samui Extra Plus properties are acknowledged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate-General processing of the Certificate of Entry (COE) application.

Do I have to stay in a Samui Extra Plus accommodation for the first seven nights?

Yes. Visitors from overseas staying in Koh Samui for more than seven nights must spend the first seven at a Samui Extra Plus villa or hotel. After seven nights, you can stay on or move to SHA+ accommodation on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao for the next seven nights, post which you are free to stay where you please, across Thailand.

Can I stay in a Samui Extra Plus accommodation in Samui for the first seven nights, then move to other accommodation in other provinces, such as, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, or Chon Buri for the next seven nights?

No, this is not permitted. You have to stay in Koh Samui (plus Koh Phangan or Koh Tao) for 14 nights first before you can travel to another destination in Thailand.

Can I stay in a Samui Extra Plus accommodation in Samui for the first seven nights, then move to other accommodation in other nearby island, such as Koh Phangan or Koh Tao for the next seven nights?

Yes, provided that you stay at SHA+ accommodation.

Can I stay in a Samui Extra Plus accommodation in Samui for less than seven nights; for example, only five nights, and then leave Samui for another country?

Yes you can, but you must not be travelling from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, or Koh Tao with a group of people unless it is the same group with which you came to Thailand.

Does this mean that after five nights in Samui, I can travel to other Thai destinations?

No, you cannot. You must leave Thailand immediately if you stay for less than 14 days in Samui.

If you want to visit other Thai destinations, you need to first complete a 14-night stay in Samui. Have a look at our luxury villas in Phuket.

How can I apply for the program?

Let’s say that you meet all the above points, you can go to to apply for a Certificate of Entry (COE).

Will I be notified of the application result?

Yes, if you have provided a valid email id when you register.

Do I need to apply for a visa?

Yes, if required.

Will I be tested on arrival?

Yes, at the airport you’ll undergo a health screening and RT-PCR test.

What if I test positive?

You will be taken to a hospital for the required treatment. You will need to bear the cost, which should be covered by your insurance.

Do I need to arrange transfers?

If you’re staying with us, we will take care of your ground transport arrangements.

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