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Clarissa S, Indonesia, 12-Jun-2024 - 14-Jun-2024
This is my first time staying at Lega. The first impression is a very soothing atmosphere and good energy under the big tree outside. I love the exceptional service. The best. Will come again soon with my family.
Yvonne S, Australia, 06-Jun-2024 - 10-Jun-2024
Thank you so very much for your wonderful hospitality and care. I brought nine of my best friends to Bali to celebrate my 50th birthday, and we have had the most amazing time. The villa is just stunning; everything was perfect, even better than the photos. We were very grateful for the beautiful staff—so helpful and caring, even looking after my friends who became unwell. Our celebration dinner on the balcony was magnificent, and the birthday cake was delightful. We would love to come again. Thank you so very much.
Kristina W, India, 30-May-2024 - 04-Jun-2024
We cannot say thank you enough. I come here from the United States (US) with three friends who reside in Singapore. You all made my first time to Bali more than I could have dreamed. The villa was beyond amazing. The staff were 5-star. The turtles had no names, so we named them Monica and Chandler. Please say hello and goodbye to them as you come and go. I will be telling everyone I know about how fabulous this villa was. Thank you.
Brad K, Australia, 10-May-2024 - 20-May-2024
To everyone at Villa Lega, I can't thank you enough for being so wonderful, kind, and giving us the best family holiday we could have hoped for. Everything was perfect. We felt completely spoiled and couldn't wish for anything more. Wishing you all the best for the future. Much love.
Joyce H, Singapore, 03-May-2024 - 07-May-2024
We had a most wonderful stay at Villa Lega for a night. The facilities were good (including a system for karaoke). The villa was very clean, and the villa staff was perfect. They made sure that we were comfortable and even helped to ensure that the children were safe, to the extent that they taped the angular table corners to baby-proof it. We would like to thank Manager Wayan, Butler Yuli & Ayu, and all the staff - Purna, Putu, and the in-house chef - for his delicious meals. Thank you.
Shinmei D, Taiwan, 25-Apr-2024 - 29-Apr-2024
My group had a wonderful vacation here. Everything was great.
Ahmad A, Saudi Arabia, 20-Apr-2024 - 22-Apr-2024
We enjoyed our stay at this lovely villa. The staff's care and hospitality made the trip more enjoyable. All the best.
Ahmad A, Saudi Arabia, 10-Apr-2024 - 20-Apr-2024
We enjoyed our stay at this lovely villa. The staff's care and hospitality made the trip more enjoyable. All the best.
Majid P, Iran, 21-Mar-2024 - 26-Mar-2024
We all had such a pleasant time here. The helpers were all fantastic. Yuli and the others were really nice and polite. We have all been to many 5-star hotels, and it was our first time staying in a villa. I highly recommend it to large groups. The food was great.
Angel N, United States, 24-Feb-2024 - 09-Mar-2024
Thank you for the great energy and wonderful staff. He wishes he had seen more of you and looks forward to seeing more of you in the future. We had a great time in this beautiful villa and look forward to seeing you again soon.
Deborah Ann W, United States, 03-Feb-2024 - 09-Feb-2024
Thank you for making our vacation here a pleasant experience. The staff was wonderful. We look forward to returning in the future. Thank you for making my 60th birthday a wonderful experience. You all were amazing.
Henny F, Indonesia, 19-Jan-2024 - 21-Jan-2024
Five-star services & facilities. We enjoyed our stay here so much. Definitely will be back again on the next Bali trip! Our partners and business clients were very happy to stay here. Villa Lega Bali is the number one accommodation and experience in Seminyak, just exactly in front of the beach. We love it.
Syifa M, Malaysia, 14-Jan-2024 - 17-Jan-2024
Thank you to Villa Lega for giving us an exceptional stay here in Bali. We are a family of 10 adults & 5 small children, and the staff at Villa Lega were very accommodating to our requests. We felt very comfortable here; rooms were clean, food was amazing & facilities superb, and the view mesmerizing. Thank you for making our stay a very memorable one. We will definitely return here & would recommend this Villa to our extended friends & family.
Danielle H, Australia, 08-Jan-2024 - 12-Jan-2024
Inaugural fireworks period. Great celebration for a rule stane birthday. Many, many laughs.
Namrata K, India, 06-Jan-2024 - 08-Jan-2024
Very short but wonderful stay at Lega. The Staff were really exceptional and made our stay so comfortable. The Chef did a super job making all our meals. A beautiful property becomes wonderful only when the staff and service is so good. Thank you and we hope to return someday for a much longer stay with you.
Muhammad Samil M, Malaysia, 20-Dec-2023 - 24-Dec-2023
Wonderful Villa and a great staff. Everything was great, the Villa was clean but the water temperature very very slow. Insya Allah we will return again. Recommend to our Malaysian and Singapore mates. Thank you. Bali we love you.
Pulkit R, India, 10-Dec-2023 - 12-Dec-2023
We had a great time at the Lega Villas. The staff is friendly and helpful. The services are satisfactory.
Xiaoxi B, China, 24-Nov-2023 - 27-Nov-2023
ChatGPT Best service. Excellent experience in Bali. Thank you very much.
Gerald F, Singapore, 20-Nov-2023 - 24-Nov-2023
Came here to celebrate our 20th anniversary with our original bridal party from Singapore, NZ, and Australia. Loved the villa; the staff were super attentive and helpful, and an unbeatable location to boot. Made lots of wonderful memories. Thanks for making it special for us.
Komal P, United Kingdom, 04-Nov-2023 - 18-Nov-2023
Wonderful villa and even more wonderful staff. The Villa LeGa staff went above and beyond for us. The location was perfect. They decorated for the celebration and organized a lovely 70th birthday for our dad at the villa. The staff were very hands-on with our four small children, which was so lovely. Very grateful to have stayed here and leaving Bali with wonderful family memories.
Hitesh U, Hong Kong, 21-Oct-2023 - 26-Oct-2023
Thank you so much for making my trip so wonderful. We were celebrating our parents 50 th wedding anniversary and this was the perfect selfie. The team was very helpful a attentive. Thank you so much.
Richard M, United States, 15-Oct-2023 - 18-Oct-2023
This beautiful villa & hospitable staff combined the comforts of home with the warmness of Balinese culture. I absolutely loved staying here & visiting this beautiful country. The staff here care fantastic.The rooms clean & cool & the elite location made for an amazing stay. My family & I would 100% stay here again.
Sharron R, Australia, 01-Oct-2023 - 08-Oct-2023
Wow the villa is just awesome, so much space for all of us. We have a huge dining table that we can all sit around and enjoy he yummy breakfasts & meals. The 65th birthday party was a highlight for all of us so much fun & our friends all had a super time too. Again yummy food. Emma,Libby and I have appreciated all. He help with he kids, they just love you all. And again it has been such a treat for memo( Sharron ) a really special holiday for me having all my children ,grandchildren and didn't have to do any work. Thank you for having us and a huge thank you to all of the superstar staff, you really are amazing. Thank You for having us stay at Villa Lega. We have loved it. You are all superstars and have worked so hard to made our stay relaxing & lazy..
David Roy F, Australia, 25-Sep-2023 - 30-Sep-2023
Big thanks to the staff at Villa Lega for making our stay very pleasant and comfortable. It was so nice to get up every morning to be greeted with a smile and going to get very happy with the attention that we got through the day. Many thanks.
Fiona A, Netherlands, 22-Sep-2023 - 24-Sep-2023
Thank you for making our sea view moment trip so special. Amazing staff & lovely food. What a memorable trip. Will highly recommend. Thank You.
Nicole H, Australia, 11-Sep-2023 - 15-Sep-2023
We have had an awesome 4 day stay at Lega. Staff amazing,so helpful. We will return & recommend to our aussie mates. Thank you.
Geert V, Netherlands, 16-Aug-2023 - 20-Aug-2023
Thank you for letting us stay with you. We had a great time,great,atmosphere. Thank you.
Angela M, Australia, 09-Jul-2023 - 21-Jul-2023
Thank you to the Villa Lega team for an amazing holiday. We were made to feel so welcome,I can't wait to be back. What a great place to celebrate my 50th birthday, a wonderful villa and very welcoming and friendly staff. I look forward to coming back for my 60th. It was all perfect thank you. The Villa location and lovely team who looked after us so well. Thank you Villa Lega and Elite Havens for a truly memorable holiday.
Ana R, United States, 03-Jul-2023 - 08-Jul-2023
We had an absolutely phenomenal time at Villa Lega. The staff has been above and beyond. They have made hard to imagine a better staff. Thank you all so so much for everything.
Angelica M, United States, 28-Jun-2023 - 03-Jul-2023
Thank you for letting us stay here. I had so much fun and thank you for the food it was really good and i would stay here another time. Thank you so much for your exceptional service through our stay and especially during my 50th birthday celebration. The party was beyond spectacular and your team's professionalism and warmth made it even more special. I am truly grateful for the memories were made looking forward to our next visit. Sampai jumpa lagi. Many thank's to wayan,yuli,putu,septi,ayu,made,ketti,sumendra our amazing chef and kadek. We truly enjoyed our time here as a family. The hospitality was excellent.
Lynette R, Australia, 18-Jun-2023 - 26-Jun-2023
We has a sensational time at Villa Lega. The Staff were excellent and lovely too was sensational. Definitely will come back again. Thank you so much to Wayan and staff.
Ashleigh T, Canada, 06-Jun-2023 - 10-Jun-2023
Our stay at Villa Lega has ben superb. The Villa is beautiful ,comfortable and relaxing,we loved being so close to the beach too. Wayan and all of the lovely staff at Villa Lega made our stay wonderful,they are simply the best. Thank you all so much from our whole family. Terima kasih.
Ms K, Singapore, 02-Jun-2023 - 06-Jun-2023
Overall,my friends & i had an awesome experience. Beautiful villa & spacious too,wonderful & attentive staff,super close to the beach,many other positives that i suddenly can't think of now. We would definitely return again ,if possible.
Ahmed S, United Arab Emirates, 25-Apr-2023 - 30-Apr-2023
It was a very nice experience,all was very profesional and helpful staff. All was clen and food was good. I would recommend this place.
Stephanus S, Indonesia, 23-Apr-2023 - 25-Apr-2023
Thank youl for having us. We had such a good time. The villa was great,very clean and always helped us get when we need something. All the staff were helfpul, nice, and friendly.
Kenny T, Australia, 13-Apr-2023 - 22-Apr-2023
What a beautiful Villa and what a great location. We spent a wonderful days here with our pre-teen/teen children and we had the most relaxing time. The staff were wonderful and very accommodating. They were super helpful but also gave us space when we needed it. We will definitely be back and will recommend Villa Lega to all our friends. We will go home with recharged batteries and smiling hearts. Thank you to all the staff for making our holiday so memorable.
Geoffrey T, United States, 08-Apr-2023 - 12-Apr-2023
We had an amazing time at Villa Lega. The Staff was the most accommodate me.The families was always the kept anything.Thank you an for an amazing vacation.
Cambell T, Australia, 03-Apr-2023 - 07-Apr-2023
5 Star experience. Myself & all guest had a fantastic time at Villa Lega. Would return in the future. 11/10 Milkey spot, not far from villa, a short scooter nice away. Highly recommended.
Daniel B, Indonesia, 31-Mar-2023 - 03-Apr-2023
Great experience in the villa. Great service and thank you for the last 3 weeks. We will be back.
Ryan L, United States, 25-Mar-2023 - 28-Mar-2023
Thank you for making our first Bali experience a trip that we will never forget. Villa Lega staff was and is amazing. They took care of all our needs & wants.We enjoyed our stay and will be back.
Victoire P, France, 20-Mar-2023 - 25-Mar-2023
Thank you for having us. We had such a good time.The villa was awesome and very clean. The staff always helped us get what we needed. They were all so helpful and so nice. We will miss everyone so much as well as our time spent here. Thank you for everything.
Jeremy S, Australia, 15-Mar-2023 - 19-Mar-2023
What an amazing villa & amazing stay. My friends & I loved our time here- the staff is brilliant. We will be back.
Feng Lin N, Singapore, 11-Mar-2023 - 14-Mar-2023
Villa Lega is an amazing vacation place. With great amenities,beach and services. This is my second time back to Villa Lega and they did not disappoint me. Villa Lega is highly recommended place for your holiday place. Thank you so much & keep up the great work.
Kubeni R, United States, 09-Feb-2023 - 12-Feb-2023
Villa Lega was an extremely wonderful accommodation we. The staff was extremely nice and we look forward to their meals & services. Putu,wayan,yuli,ayu,made were great and we enjoyed seeing and specoling time with them. We can't wait to come again.Thank you so much.
Amelia S, Australia, 29-Jan-2023 - 08-Feb-2023
To all the villa staff that made our holiday even more special.,thank you . We came to celebrate Mark's 50th and you all went over and beyond to make it the most amazing trip. Thank you for looking after us when we were sick ,Yuli. Wish I could take you home with me.
Mal H, Australia, 12-Jan-2023 - 26-Jan-2023
Thank you for the most wonderful holiday at the beautiful Villa Lega. The Villa is an oasis, tranquil and beautiful. However,the staff is its most valuable feature Wayan and his team looked after us incredibly well. As a result we had the most fabulous and special family holiday. This gorgeous. Thank you .
Sandra T, Australia, 05-Jan-2023 - 12-Jan-2023
What a wonderful holiday we got to enjoy here. Surrounded by the most beautiful decor it was peaceful and we got to have some very special moments here together because of that. We loved the friendly staff who helped us all week with everything from coffee in the morning to massages by the pool. What an absolute great a holiday we well never forget.
David A, United States, 24-Dec-2022 - 02-Jan-2023
Happy New Year. Our family had the most amazing time celebrating both Christmas and New Year at Villa Lega in Bali. It was a long flight over from New York City USA, but it was well worth it. We got lucky with weather (minimal rain) and enjoyed time spent by the pool and exploring the island. Some highlights included visiting the holy water temple, seeing the water falls & monkey forest and snorkeling by Nusa Penida Island.
Hui Ming L, Singapore, 21-Dec-2022 - 24-Dec-2022
The staff took very good care of us from breakfast to dinner. Booking of transportation ,laundry and their lovely gifts. The BBQ dinner was rich and very well prepared. Thank you Villa Lega.
Sahastru J, India, 06-Dec-2022 - 11-Dec-2022
Very helpful staff, very good place and great service overall. We had a great time and will definitely recommend. Mr.Wayan, Putu, Yuli were excellent and took great care of us. Thank You.
Karen O, Malaysia, 02-Dec-2022 - 04-Dec-2022
Great food, great service, would recommend.
Bryan C, Malaysia, 28-Nov-2022 - 02-Dec-2022
It was a lovely experience here. The staff was very helpful, welcoming, warm and always smiling. The rooms were clean, pool was warm and clean, and the food so beautiful. The staff, Putu, Yuli, Ayu were super. Love this stay, will come again.
Patricia M, Philippines, 20-Nov-2022 - 27-Nov-2022
We have enjoyed every second we spent at the villa with Mr.Wayan and the staff. The house is beautiful, the food is amazing and the attention to the guest is wonderful. I am looking forward to come back next year with my family. Thank you so much.
Blake T, Australia, 16-Nov-2022 - 18-Nov-2022
Had the most amazing stay at Lega Villa. Best facilities and most amazing staff. Will definitely be back.
Ahmed B, United Arab Emirates, 31-Oct-2022 - 15-Nov-2022
What an experience Villa Lega and staff led by Mr.Wayan with the help of well through butler help us made our stay exceptional. Yuli took care of my old parent needs a long with Made,Dayu,Ayu and a great team of help us. The Chef cooked us the best meal and went beyond our imagination. We are sure coming back.Thank you Villa Lega.
Yoonah O, South Korea, 28-Oct-2022 - 31-Oct-2022
Thanks for the warmest welcome. He was such a pleasure to stay at this Great villa with the Best staff. We'll definitely come back. Please remember us,the 1st Korean family here.Thank you for caring us.
Chriss Y, Australia, 20-Oct-2022 - 27-Oct-2022
Very good,staff helpful,nice breakfast,best staff
David C, Singapore, 08-Oct-2022 - 15-Oct-2022
Thank you so much for the wonderful villa stay at Villa Lega. We here waited 2 years to get here ,it exceeded our expectation.Thank you to all the staff for looking after us so well, great food.lovely team.You here made this a truly special holiday for us all. Take care ,hope to see you again soon.
Markus H, Germany, 02-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022
Terima kasih &enak sekali
Villa Finder C, Singapore, 23-Sep-2022 - 25-Sep-2022
We really enjoy our stay here in this beautiful villa.The owner & staff are very friendly and well arrange for every request. We Have BBQ night at villa. The food prepared are delicious and taste like hotel guide.We really enjoy the pool party night here. We booked the villa 2 years ago. Due to pandemic, we postpone or delay the trip. The owner is really kind enough to allow us delay our trip without additional charge. Thank you,terima kasih.
Hazel B, Australia, 17-Sep-2022 - 22-Sep-2022
I love,love,love this amazing villa. The Staff are so kind and very helpful. The pool is amazing and the view. I have had some amazing sleeps in the most comfortable beds. I can't wait to come back. Thank you Villa Lega.
Joanna D, Singapore, 08-Sep-2022 - 11-Sep-2022
Lovely Villa and helpful staff.
Leana D, Singapore, 02-Sep-2022 - 05-Sep-2022
Wonderful Villa,fantastic staff. Spent lots of time in the lovely pool. Everyone had a great time,and the attentive staff were a big part of it. The made save we were always well taken care of. Looking forward to coming back again in the future.
MUKESH H, India, 30-Aug-2022 - 01-Sep-2022
The staff is very good and amazing. They are very help full and ask there anything or they will make there best to get it for you the stay .We stayed 6 day's and Mr.Putu and Mr.Wayan very good
MUKESH H, India, 26-Aug-2022 - 30-Aug-2022
The staff is very good and amazing. They are very help full and ask there anything or they will make there best to get it for you the stay .We stayed 6 day's and Mr.Putu and Mr.Wayan very good
Bandini K, United Kingdom, 12-Aug-2022 - 23-Aug-2022
Most magical holiday ever. Extremely helpful staff and what a beautiful villa. Bali art location and super facilities everywhere you look. Will definitely be coming back. Absolutely in love with Bali. Thank you all @ Villa Lega.
Patrick D, United Arab Emirates, 02-Aug-2022 - 12-Aug-2022
Villa yang bagus rekomen deh buat next hollyday. Staff yang ramah-ramah danbaik hati. Dengan pemandangan yang bagus dan suasana yang tenang.
Lisa S, Australia, 18-Jul-2022 - 26-Jul-2022
A wonderful holiday with beautiful people and wonderful staff. Thank you for a wonderful holiday. The staff were amazing and are an asset to this beautiful villa. Great location & couldn't have asked for more. Hope to come back again.
Cam M, Australia, 10-Jul-2022 - 18-Jul-2022
Amazing stay. A very special place with amazing staff. We loved everithing.
Miren P, Philippines, 07-Jul-2022 - 10-Jul-2022
We had a very relaxing time in this wonderful villa, Our dinners under the stairs were extra special, Thanks for the unforgettable stay.
Yumeng T, Singapore, 18-Jun-2022 - 22-Jun-2022
We enjoyed our stay ,excellent located,large property& pleasure staff, Celebrated our wedding anniversary here, BBQ dinner was awesome.Thank for everything.
Pieter V, Singapore, 30-May-2022 - 06-Jun-2022
Beautiful Villa right on the beach. What made our stay amazing was the attentive and friendly staff always eager to help and go the extra mile to make our holiday an unforgetable experience. Highly recommended and we will definitely be back. Thank you.
Gregory H, Australia, 28-May-2022 - 30-May-2022
Amazing Villa. Amazing staff. Enjoyed my time so much. To everyone, thank you so much.
David C, Indonesia, 28-Jan-2022 - 01-Feb-2022
Wonderful stay. Amazing staff, everyone should spoil themselves to a stay at Villa Lega.
Amanda I, Indonesia, 29-Dec-2021 - 03-Jan-2022
We will definitely be looking forward to our next stay here at the Lega. Thank you especially to the wonderfully amazing crew: Pak Wayan,Bu Yanti,Pak Putu and everyone here for their dedicate swift attentiveness. Kind regards + well wishes to Lega & team for the coming year & long after. Until next time.
Avinash D S, Indonesia, 19-Dec-2021 - 26-Dec-2021
Stay was good !!,Villa staff too good !!
Deepak N, Indonesia, 12-Dec-2021 - 19-Dec-2021
All good. No complains. Enjoyed our staff. Thanks staff for all your services.
Augie F, Indonesia, 08-Dec-2021 - 11-Dec-2021
Thank you for the hospitality. We had an awesome stay.
Hans Jurgen K, Indonesia, 09-Sep-2021 - 11-Sep-2021
Good location. Service is excellent. Nice food for dinner. Everything was excellent. We will come back.
Fel L, Indonesia, 19-Aug-2021 - 23-Aug-2021
The place is excellent. Service is excellent. Will definitely come back.
Fauzan F, Indonesia, 12-Aug-2021 - 17-Aug-2021
Thank you Villa LeGa and crew. We had a pleasant experience staying in Villa LeGa and the hospitality of the crew is as nice as staying in a 5-star hotel. Truly wonderful experience. The villa is always clean. Thumbs up for that! Cheers from Jakarta's people and Happy Independence Day !!
Erika S, Indonesia, 16-Jul-2021 - 19-Jul-2021
Thank you. Great service and guest experience.
James K, Singapore, 01-Jul-2021 - 02-Jul-2021
We love Villa Lega. The staff is so nice and very helpful and on point. We love them all. The villa is so beautiful. Everything is so nice. The only thing missing is a mirror in the room and AC in bathroom. Other than that, everything is amazing. Thank you so much.
Christy R, Indonesia, 01-Jun-2021 - 08-Jun-2021
Thank you to the staff team for their great service. Very accommodating and helpful. Big rooms, great location. Thank you for having us.
Marius H, Germany, 08-Jan-2021 - 15-Apr-2021
Great experience. Amazing staff. We will come back.
Marius H, Germany, 03-Jan-2021 - 08-Jan-2021
Great experience.Amazing staff. We will come back.
Ratna R, Indonesia, 11-Nov-2020 - 15-Nov-2020
Love the big pool and beach. I can sleep peacefully at night.
Mr. T, Indonesia, 03-Jul-2020 - 07-Jul-2020
So grateful. Good service from staff. We were so happy staying here. See you around.
Antonio D, Australia, 28-Feb-2020 - 02-Mar-2020
We stayed here a total of 3 night and there we are 8 of us. We thoroughly enjoyed the villa and the staff. It was a fantastic experience with the greet hospitality. The team here made us feel very much at home. From all of us in Australian, Singapore and India thank you to your team.
Enas A, Kuwait, 20-Feb-2020 - 28-Feb-2020
The 3 of us had a great time in this villa. It is very luxurious and the staff is so nice and friendly, always smiling. Our stay was just perfect.
Dong H, China, 19-Jan-2020 - 21-Jan-2020
I stayed here with 5 friends of mine and all of us had great time here at Villa Lega. The staff here caring and thoughtful and the help us arrange the transportation when we went on explore the area. We got back, the drink and fruits were always prepared for us, I highly recommend Villa Lega to all guests who travel with a big group and we are looking forward to coming back. Its home away from here.
Vicary K, Australia, 11-Jan-2020 - 19-Jan-2020
Staff were super friendly! Always happy made sure everything was perfect. Very happy with Agus, Yoga, Putu. Can not wait to come back. Thank you.
William C, Philippines, 06-Jan-2020 - 11-Jan-2020
What a lovely time. See you again!
Payal S, United States, 27-Dec-2019 - 02-Jan-2020
Great villa. Staff was friendly and helpful. Thanks for everything.
Wisnu W, Canada, 21-Dec-2019 - 25-Dec-2019
Great place with wonderful scenery and excellent service. Thank you so much. See you.
Oktrifitranto O, Indonesia, 12-Nov-2019 - 14-Nov-2019
Great location, clean room, nice pool and wonderful services. Definitely will recommend to others. Really enjoyed my stay.
Prem T, India, 31-Oct-2019 - 04-Nov-2019
We had a delightful stay in the villa, from the very first day the staff is really very good and helpful. Villa is located in amazing location, we love everything here. Staff maintained cleanliness, thank you so much for being amazing. Soon gonna visit again.
Ben B, Australia, 06-Oct-2019 - 12-Oct-2019
We have experienced a wonderful holiday! The staff have been fantastic and we wish them all good health and happiness. We love you and we will be back! Thank you for being amazing.
Kenny C, Singapore, 29-Sep-2019 - 03-Oct-2019
Saya sekeluarga sangat happy during our stay at lega villa. Staff staff yang luar biasa, friendly, excellent service, thanks to Yanti, Agus dan kawan kawan. We really enjoy here and if we come to Bali again, we confirm come back to stay again in Lega Villa. Thanks for the great experience.
Tenishia C, United States, 08-Sep-2019 - 17-Sep-2019
Villa Lega is amazing! This has been the best experiences of our lives. Words can't describe how beautiful this villa is! The staff is world class they are all so sweet a caring. They go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect everyday! We are so sad to go but can't wait to come back. We will never forget our Bali holiday week! This has been the most beautiful, calming experience for my 30th birthday. Thanks for such an amazing experience and great hospitality. I am going to miss everyone of you.
Made Y, Indonesia, 01-Sep-2019 - 04-Sep-2019
The villa is awesome, food is well cooked, the service is very good too. Everything is a great experience.
Pradeep P, Singapore, 23-Aug-2019 - 25-Aug-2019
The family celebrated my daughters 16th birthday. We were well looked after. Excellent service - the staff are very courteous. The villa is well located and we loved the free vibe from the neighbors. Great weekend in Bali. Thank you.
Fombonne F, France, 17-Aug-2019 - 22-Aug-2019
We spent five days in this beautiful villa. The rooms are amazing and comfortable. The meals were delicious. Thanks to all the staff for your attention and your discretion - you are wonderful. We are so sad to come back to France. We hope to come back to the villa once again. Thank you so much for everything.
Penni N, Australia, 02-Aug-2019 - 07-Aug-2019
Seven of us here for our friends 50th birthday. The villa is beautiful, the pool fantastic and the staff are so attentive and professional. None of us have had someone take such good care of us. Thanks to all the staff for their excellent service, so friendly and helpful.
Martin S, Australia, 12-Jul-2019 - 22-Jul-2019
Our stay at Villa Lega was fabulous. The location and layout of the villa suited our family perfectly. The staff were amazing. Nothing was too much trouble and they took good care of us - helping when we needed assistance organising activities. We will definitely be back. We also did not find the day club Tropicola next door a problem - in fact we enjoyed dining there and listening to the music.
Sangeeta M, India, 30-Jun-2019 - 07-Jul-2019
We stayed at Villa Lega for seven nights with our full family of 4 generations. My mother in law, my husband, my self and 2 sons with their wives and children. It was one of the best vacations we have all had.V illa Lega was the best for a family like us. It was absolutely comfortable and homely and this comfort was only possible because of the excellent staff at Villa Lega - they went out of their way to make our stay comfortable. Special thank to Wayan for helping us and a very very special thank you to all staff but want to mention the 2 girls Yuli and Yanti - they were a great help with my mother in law and they were always there for us. Also, Agus was very very sweet and so was everyone. We would love to come back very soon to Villa Lega. Once again a big thank you.
Tanner C, United States, 18-Jun-2019 - 22-Jun-2019
Best trip ever! Awesome service, awesome house, awesome experience. Thank you for everything.
Alezander A, Indonesia, 07-Jun-2019 - 11-Jun-2019
Very comfy and enjoyed having four nights in this villa - good people, good food and nice and helpful people in the villa. The place is also very clean and perfect. We are really gonna come back here soon.
Sylvia T, Hong Kong, 26-May-2019 - 31-May-2019
Thank you for and enjoyable stay. The food and service is very good all the staff are great always very helpful and attentive. Would definitely stay here again thank you for a great stay. Thank you for amazing food, highly recommend all to stay.
Adam R, Singapore, 17-May-2019 - 20-May-2019
Thank you for the incredibly enjoyable and confortable stay. Service is excellent. Staff and manager are friendly and attentive,and accommodated our food request. Would definitely recommend Villa Lega to our friends and family.
David W, Australia, 04-May-2019 - 11-May-2019
Staying at Villa Lega for the past 7 days has been a truly exceptional experience. The staff and manager are highly attentive and always there to help with anything - they even organized a birthday cake on my birthday. Thank you so much for making our holiday a truly special one. We will definitely be back.
Nick W, Australia, 26-Apr-2019 - 28-Apr-2019
Beautiful villa many good sleeps and relaxing massages. Perfect to just hang out for days and listen to the sound of waves. Nice breakfast and friendly staff. Thank you see you soon.
Albi I, Indonesia, 18-Apr-2019 - 21-Apr-2019
Great staff, strategic location, wonderful villa for a beautiful holiday and hopefully can stay here again as soon as possible, thank you.
Vladimir G, Russia, 07-Apr-2019 - 14-Apr-2019
Thank you for great stay. Staff always helpful and everyone tried to make our stay better.
Melania U, Hong Kong, 03-Apr-2019 - 07-Apr-2019
We stayed at Villa Lega for one week and had an amazing stay. The house is fantastic and the staff is extra at organizing. Always there to help and assist us with everything. Wish you all the best and thank you.
Mr. Kiran K, United States, 08-Mar-2019 - 12-Mar-2019
It was a wonderful stay here. The staff here are very friendly, kind and caring. The hospitality given was beyond compare. They were like family. Hope to be back here again soon.
Therese N, Sweden, 01-Mar-2019 - 08-Mar-2019
We stayed at Villa Lega for one week and it was an amazing stay. The house is fantastic and staff are extraordinary. Always there to help and assist us with everything. Wish you all the best and thank you.
Brendan L, Australia, 21-Feb-2019 - 25-Feb-2019
Massive thank you to the staff of Villa Lega for an awesome holiday in Bali. It's a magic villa with amazing food and happy friendly staff - in other words perfect. Hope to see you again.
Mark D, Australia, 06-Feb-2019 - 13-Feb-2019
Had an amazing time celebrating my 40th birthday at Villa Lega. All the staff are wonderful and made us feel very welcome. I look forward to staying here again soon.
Dexter L, United States, 02-Feb-2019 - 06-Feb-2019
Thanks my friends for being amazing hosts.
Guo W, China, 27-Jan-2019 - 29-Jan-2019
Best wishes for all staff and thank you.
Vinod D, Singapore, 24-Jan-2019 - 26-Jan-2019
We love it. Thanks for all the great service and wonderful hospitality. We definitely will plan a trip back soon. Cheers and thanks once again.
Lashonda U, Singapore, 27-Dec-2018 - 03-Jan-2019
We Loved our stay here and will be back. Everyone was so nice and amazing thank you for my beautiful birthday flowers, I will miss all of you.
Marisa M, United States, 17-Dec-2018 - 24-Dec-2018
It was a wonderful stay in Villa Lega. Thank you all for being so nice and helpful. Always in a good mood, caring and joyful. We all hope to see you again soon.
Daniel N, Singapore, 15-Nov-2018 - 18-Nov-2018
Wonderful time spent with family because of the wonderful staff and attentiveness. I will be back soon. Baby Ray loves it here.
Josephine C, Hong Kong, 27-Sep-2018 - 01-Oct-2018
We had a wonderful and relaxing stay. Thank you to all the staff at Villa Lega for all the delicious food and cocktails.
Samantha H, Australia, 13-Sep-2018 - 17-Sep-2018
The amazing staff at Villa Lega looked after us so well. Thank you staff for everything you did for us.
Shirley S, Australia, 06-Sep-2018 - 08-Sep-2018
The staff here were extra nice which made the stay very comfortable for all of us. Thank you for all your help especially the morning and afternoon staff and Manager.
Suzette S, Australia, 25-Aug-2018 - 05-Sep-2018
Thank you so much for a lovely stay. All staff were amazing. Wish we could have stayed longer no doubt we will be back. Thank you so much again.
Scott B, Australia, 21-Aug-2018 - 25-Aug-2018
Beautiful villa and service food was exceptional. Had and amazing holiday. Thank you.
Catherine P, Australia, 27-Jul-2018 - 18-Aug-2018
Hospitality at its best. We had such a great time.Thank you Yuli, Yanti, Putu,Chef and all the team for taking such a good care of us all. We will remember this place and time forever.
Tony D, Australia, 03-Jul-2018 - 09-Jul-2018
From all ten of us, we offer the warmest of thanks to all of the staff at Villa Lega.This was a special occasion with all our wives celebrating their 50th birthdays. We couldn't have asked for a better place to celebrate. Every member of the staff was amazing. Thank you for making our stay so special. Bali has been amazing, the villa is beautiful and the weather was perfect. Thank you from all of us.
Daniel N, Australia, 28-Jun-2018 - 03-Jul-2018
Our fist trip to Bali was made amazing by staying at the villa and we will back. Cheers to the wonderful staff as well - this is first class treatment. Thank you to Villa Lega for an amazing stay in Bali - their wonderful hospitality and will definitely be back. Love everything about this place! Convenient, great location, clean and amazing service. Will be back in a few months for sure!
Feng L, Singapore, 10-Jun-2018 - 13-Jun-2018
Our first villa stay at Lega and we are very very pleased to have you! Staff were all very attentive and smiley - all arrangements made here good. Many thanks for making our stay so pleasant. Keep up the good work! We will definitely return again.
Kristoffer Y, Singapore, 08-Jun-2018 - 10-Jun-2018
We really had the best time. Kudos to the Villa Lega team for such an amazing weekend. Service is super! Excellent keep it up! ! We will definitely come back. Terima Kasih Yanti, Yuli and everyone.
Rakesh D, Indonesia, 31-May-2018 - 04-Jun-2018
Terima kasih staff Villa Lega untuk service yang luar biasa. Dan dapat memenuhi kebutuhan kita semua, terima kasih.
Calvin C, Singapore, 26-May-2018 - 30-May-2018
This has been a lovely stay in Bali for the past five days. The staff have been very attentive and helpful and would go out of their way to make our stay as hassle free as possible. The rooms are amazing with huge showers and bath tubs. Will definitely plan to come back to Villa Lega when I visit Bali in future. Thank you to the villa Lega staff for the memorable stay and party!
Richard B, Australia, 17-May-2018 - 23-May-2018
What a fabulous week we have had with great friends at such a beautiful villa. The location and surrounds were fantastic, the staff so friendly and the service amazing. Very special week. Many thanks.
Michael & Debra, Indonesia, 08-May-2018 - 16-May-2018
This is our second visit and it feels like coming home! Wayan, Yuli, Yanti, Made, Nyoman - you all very attentive and no request is ever to big or small. The cleanliness of rooms is impeccable. The beautiful staff was the reason we returned. We cannot thank you enough. Best wishes to you all.
Ashutosh K, India, 03-May-2018 - 07-May-2018
A place to come again, its been a great time and the kids had the time of their life. The staff were amazing and friendly. The place is super clean, amazing location, a beautiful view. On behalf of all families and friends would like to send love and our gratitude forward for the service during our stay. All kids say a big thank you, we will visit again.
Mauli S, British Virgin Islands, 22-Apr-2018 - 30-Apr-2018
Thanks for a memorable vacation made even more amazing by all the guys. Their conscious smiles cant do enough attitude will always be remembered. All were excellent to Wayan, Yanti, Yuli, Ani, Ariana, Cahya and Adi all 5 Stars, service 5 Stars, quality 5 Stars.
Nicholas M, Thailand, 10-Apr-2018 - 20-Apr-2018
Last day, so sad to leave but we leave with so many happy memories. The place is just beautiful in a great location giving a mix of laid back warung to the up market beach bars. Thank you Wayan, Yuli. Yanti and especially Made for making our stay so relaxing. We are feeling indulged and happy. Wish to meet you all again some day.
Aminath R, United Kingdom, 06-Apr-2018 - 09-Apr-2018
Thank you for the most spectacular stay! The staff were extremely attentative and always smiling - we felt so welcome. You all went the extra mile, especially for Oliver's birthday! Thank you again!
Alex W, Hong Kong, 29-Mar-2018 - 02-Apr-2018
The villa was amazing,the staff careful to all our needs very efficiently and professionally. Highly recommend.
Jun H, Indonesia, 23-Feb-2018 - 26-Feb-2018
Villa is Excellent! Service is very hospitable. Very enjoyable stay!
Lia L, Indonesia, 16-Feb-2018 - 19-Feb-2018
Service in this villa is very good.
Douglas L, United States, 09-Feb-2018 - 16-Feb-2018
Thank you to all the staff and the attention, not to forget a great chef. Food was amazing! Staff also help us to discover new fruits and organise all the activities for us.Again great staff, and thank you a lot!
Sandeep J, India, 27-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2018
Good work by all staff members. All were very cooperative and accommodating. Keep it up! And hope we meet again soon. My best wishes to all of the staff.
Valerie M, Australia, 10-Jan-2018 - 18-Jan-2018
To everyone associated with Villa Lega - a very special thank you wonderful booking, concierge service - very personal and super friendly but specially the biggest thank you goes to the staff. All so kind and caring a helpful in every way! We really felt that the villa was our home with very special friend or helpers staff. Thank you Villa Lega for a wonderful experience and lasting memories.
Karoline S, Norway, 21-Dec-2017 - 03-Jan-2018
Thank you for a lovely stay. Thank you, thank you! The three butlers were incredible! You are the best.
Bruce L, United States, 08-Nov-2017 - 12-Nov-2017
We had a great sibling reunion in the villa for four days. The staff was fantastic and took care of every need. Food and service was perfect. Thank you all for a wonderful stay.
Kim W, Australia, 06-Oct-2017 - 16-Oct-2017
To all staff at Villa Lega - Made, Ani, Yanti, Yuli, Agus and Yana I have not forgotten any! You guys are the best. Wayan thank you for your kindness i will think of you each time I have a sour-sup drink and pray for you.
Kay G, Australia, 28-Aug-2017 - 03-Sep-2017
The villa Is amazing and the staff were fantastic. Thank you for making our holiday one of best we have experienced. Truly a fantastic stay. Thanks again to the staff.
Andy S, Indonesia, 24-Aug-2017 - 27-Aug-2017
Nice villa, nice view, excellent service second time here, looking forward to come here again.
Nichola M, China, 11-Aug-2017 - 23-Aug-2017
We had an amazing two weeks in this villa. The staff were amazing and did a fantastic job. Thank you for making our holiday so wonderful.
Felix H, Indonesia, 08-Aug-2017 - 11-Aug-2017
A fantastic venue for our business review with use of the sitting room as our meeting place. And once the work was done it was time to relax by the pool plus try the amazing restaurants in Seminyak. The staff were attentive and nothing was to much trouble!!! Thank you for making our Bali trip special!!!
Loungar E, Indonesia, 22-Jul-2017 - 05-Aug-2017
We would like to say a big thank you to the team. It was an excellent staff. We have enjoyed our vacation here a lot. It was the fist time in Bali. We have wonderful memories this place. Maybe see you soon next year.
Swee A, Singapore, 11-Jul-2017 - 16-Jul-2017
We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation here with excellent staff support Wayan, Yanti, Anie, Yuli, and of course chef Komang Ariana. The food was scrumptious, the weather was great and house was kept immaculately. The kid love the pool and the continuous flow of chips from chef! It has been an incredible 5 days for us where wonderful memories were made. Till we meet again.
Irene J, Indonesia, 08-Jul-2017 - 11-Jul-2017
The staff was helpful and friendly. I was here with my husband's family and we were so happy and this villa beyond our expectation. I was in one of the room and toilet shower was broken at the fist night. I wasn't tell them yet, once i got back to the villa, the toilet shower was fixed. I was amazed with their work. Thank you for all the staff and securities. We are so happy to meet you all.
Christina Choy S, Singapore, 02-Jul-2017 - 05-Jul-2017
We had a wonderful time at Villa LeGa. if was very, very memorable. the staff were very friendly and ultra-attentive. The food was excellent! We were very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you very much!
Kash Q, Singapore, 29-Jun-2017 - 02-Jul-2017
Wonderful villa staffed by amazing crew. Thank you very much for making our stay comfortable and relaxing. We do not want to leave, but will definitely be back again. Thank you again!
Angeline T, Singapore, 24-Jun-2017 - 28-Jun-2017
Thank you so much villa Le Ga for the awesome stay, the whole family had so much fun and the food and meals we had here were all delicious! Special thanks for Mr Wayan for your prompt and very attentive service for us the minor issues were handled very professionally and were are grateful for his service to us. We would definitely come back and recommend villa Le Ga to every one.
Zoe T, Singapore, 21-Jun-2017 - 24-Jun-2017
Thank you guys. You all are warm and kind. Always being attentive to us. We enjoy our stay here is a nice place. With gratitude, hope that you guys will be blessed with health and happiness and wealth.
Jerry H, Singapore, 16-Jun-2017 - 21-Jun-2017
We all enjoy our stay at your villa. All staff were very good and always put on smile on the face. Food served were good. Thank you. I will recommend friends. My family very enjoy to stay here good services and every one take good care for us! Hope we come again! Thanks alots. Wonderful trip! This house plus staff made it special!
Anthony Z, United Kingdom, 04-Jun-2017 - 14-Jun-2017
We all had a fantastic time. Thank you for the friendly attentive staff. The service was fantastic, the villa is immacculate and the perfect place to spend 10 days.Hope to see you again soon. Thank you very much!
Gary M, Australia, 25-May-2017 - 30-May-2017
Amazing 5 days! Thank you so much to Wayan and the team. Excellent service and we here do well look after. Will recommend Villa LeGa to our friends and would love to comeback! Many thanks.
Natasha B, Singapore, 12-May-2017 - 14-May-2017
Thank you for making my 40th birthday celebration with my friends such a wonderful experience! The staff, food and general looking after us has been fantastic! Thank you.
Phillip M, United Kingdom, 01-May-2017 - 06-May-2017
This has to be one of the best places on earth! It's so lovely, truly paradise. Thank you all for being so helpful and kind to our little baby Lockey. We had an amazing time and hopefully visit again one day. We'll miss you.
Andrew W, Australia, 16-Apr-2017 - 23-Apr-2017
Thank you to all wonderful staff at Villa LeGa. All of our needs were always attended to, the grounds cared for so beautifully and everyone so caring and lovely. We stayed a family of 11, 5 kids and everyone had a wonderful time. Food, babysitting, drinks, all taken car of!
Juliet W, Singapore, 08-Apr-2017 - 16-Apr-2017
Thank you for letting us stay here, the staff were amazing. The beds were awesome. Wonderful food and service! We were looked after very well.
Jamie B, Australia, 08-Mar-2017 - 13-Mar-2017
We cannot believe 5 nights has passed. The villa is amazing! Peaceful, detailed, relaxing and perfect! Thank you to all of the villa staff, you made our holiday the best ever! You leave a special love in our hearts. Beautiful service from beautiful people. Love from all of us.
Michael M, UK, 01-Mar-2017 - 05-Mar-2017
Absolutely amazing beautiful villa and more beautiful staff! Thank you for looking after us and providing us with the most relaxing holiday. Ten stars plus all around. We will be back.
Christopher B, Australia, 24-Feb-2017 - 01-Mar-2017
A wonderful crew. Your staff gave us the most wonderful holiday. Thank you, we hope to return again soon.
Michael M, Indonesia, 17-Feb-2017 - 24-Feb-2017
We had the most incredible time and cannot praise the hard working staff enough. Our stay were wonderful and everything was perfect. We really appreciate everything that was done for us. Thanks. Love to all staff.
Daniela C, Brazil, 19-Jan-2017 - 28-Jan-2017
Our vacation was amazing! The villa is beautiful but the best of the villa is the staff. Everyone very kind and friendly, especially with the kids. The Chef is also worth mentioning, great food! We will come back for sure, worth the 29 hours flight from Brazil.
Sergey A, Russia, 05-Jan-2017 - 18-Jan-2017
We are very happy about our vacation at villa! we in love with this place and service. everyone of staff is so kind and attentive to all needs of us! we were pleasant to stay with you and would like to come back! Thanks a lot!
Sawan G, India, 28-Dec-2016 - 02-Jan-2017
We had a fabulous experience. The staff was very attentive and took great care of looking after us. The food was yummy and fresh. The cleanliness was excellent and the Housekeeping made our week very comfortable. I highly recommend this villa to all.
Sheila H, United States, 20-Dec-2016 - 28-Dec-2016
Amazing. Don't want to leave. Thank you all for a wonderful week at Villa Lega. The meals were all delicious and the attention to our needs was very much appreciated. We felt very well taken care of! Bali is a very beautiful island and we are all sad to leave. You made our time here truly enjoyable. Thank you for everything!
Elisha D, Australia, 13-Dec-2016 - 20-Dec-2016
Villa Lega is an amazing Villa. We had such and great time here with all or friends and family. The food prepared by the staff was absolutely amazing. Thanks for all the great service in looking after us.
Alexander E, Australia, 02-Dec-2016 - 08-Dec-2016
We are very satisfied with the service and the staff. Thanks for everything.
Ferdy Y, Australia, 25-Nov-2016 - 28-Nov-2016
A very excellent staff! who served us perfectly. Nice location. Great experience.
Nicole D, Australia, 19-Nov-2016 - 25-Nov-2016
Second time to Villa Lega. First to celebrate 60th birthday, second to celebrate 64th birthday. Such a great experience and time had by all, so relaxing, service terrific, breakfast amazing, love the banana pancakes. Such an easy holiday to unwind and enjoy. Thank you to all those concerned.
Florence T, Singapore, 28-Oct-2016 - 31-Oct-2016
We had an amazing stay at Villa Lega. Awesome service from the staff and perfect location right on the beach. The villa itself is fantastic. Truly beautiful! We will be back!! Villa Lega bagus!!! Ani, Yanti and Yuli are amazing, thank you!
Neelu S, Singapore, 22-Oct-2016 - 25-Oct-2016
We choose Villa Lega to celebrate my 50th birthday and we couldn't be more satisfied with this holiday and celebration. The layout of the rooms and the pool is perfect. The kids had the time of their lives in the pool. We will always have amazing memories of the place and hope to come back here again. Special thanks to the Butler, especially Yuli for arranging and manage on a such short notice.
Sharrod W, Australia, 09-Oct-2016 - 17-Oct-2016
Villa Lega was a beautiful holiday destination from the super friendly and always helpful staff to the stunning view and 5-star standard rooms. I would recommend a stay at Villa Lega! Can't wait to come back again.
Tony M, Australia, 01-Oct-2016 - 08-Oct-2016
Villa Lega was fabulous. The villa was wonderful for our family and enjoy time together. The staff could not have been more helpful, they were so friendly and kind. The food was really good. I hope to return to Villa Lega in the future.
Chris H, Australia, 16-Sep-2016 - 30-Sep-2016
We had a very relaxing time at Villa Lega with our great friends. The close proximity to the "W" and Saigon street was appreciated by Rachel and Vanessa who visited both establishment daily.
Mohd Zaid O, Malaysia, 08-Sep-2016 - 13-Sep-2016
Thank you for the hospitality. We had a splendid holiday in Bali, hope to see you guys again.
Dane S, Australia, 02-Sep-2016 - 07-Sep-2016
Thanks very much for having me and my mates for the week. The hospitality was amazing and thank you for putting up with all our stupidity. I hope to be back soon. Couldn't of asked or hoped for a better holiday.
Jessica C, Australia, 10-Jul-2016 - 19-Jul-2016
What an amazing week we have had! Villa Lega staffs are absolutely fantastic. We have 5 kids under 5 with us and the staff all joined in to help with care and allow us tired adults to relax. The villa is a real retreat and in a great location, we will be sad to leave. Oh and great beds, so comfy!
Debra H, Australia, 25-Jun-2016 - 10-Jul-2016
My husband and I choose Villa Lega for our family as we wanted to be on the beach for our holiday in Bali. The location was perfect!!! We have been totally spoil by the staff here, as they gone out of their way to accommodate us. They have booked tours, restaurants, taxis and always appear at the right time. We have had several meals in the villa which have been very tasty, not to mention the daily breakfasts, we shared to get us up and going. We are truly going to miss the beautiful staff that have shared our holiday these past two weeks. Lots of hugs and kisses from us.
Michelle B, Australia, 17-Jun-2016 - 25-Jun-2016
We have had a wonderful time at Villa Lega. The location, rooms and pool layout is superb. The staff including the Security have been exceptional. Cannot fault the Customer Service and their willingness to ensure we are happy and having a great time. Would recommend Villa Lega to anyone who wishes to eat, sleep and play well in Seminyak.
Sean K, Singapore, 13-Jun-2016 - 17-Jun-2016
We have enjoyed the facilities provided in Villa Lega, especially the swimming pool. You have a good group of workers who see our comfort and the cleanliness of the place, for that we thank you!! Hopefully, we can come back one day in the future!
Bill M, Indonesia, 05-Jun-2016 - 12-Jun-2016
Wonderful place to celebrate honeymoon and family reunion.
Clara T, Indonesia, 31-May-2016 - 02-Jun-2016
Thank you for a great hospitality. It's an awesome place. Hope that we can back hope soon.
Li Ching P, Indonesia, 20-May-2016 - 22-May-2016
Staff are friendly and attentive. Thank you. Nice villa and very enjoyable trip.
Ben C, Canada, 15-May-2016 - 20-May-2016
Thank you for the wonderful stay. Everything was perfect. The staff at Villa Lega was the best part of our stay. We particularly appreciate Wayan and Yanti's extra effort to make us feel extra comfortable and welcome. Villa Lega is the best villa we have been, a very clean and spacious. We will happily recommend to our friends.
Melisa P, Indonesia, 06-May-2016 - 08-May-2016
We have had traveled to Bali many times. But on this vacation is the best staying place ever. Not only the facility but the hospitality served also amazing. We felt like home. Thank you so much for the services, the food and "handy caring" from all the staffs. You are so great! Cannot wait to visit and stay here on the next Bali trip. We love this place.
Mansour Ali M, Saudi Arabia, 29-Apr-2016 - 06-May-2016
When I was googling to find nice place to stay in Bali, I thought there nothing like this villa. But when we arrive I really surprised, the villa was perfect also the staff here, they are so kind and helpful, they do everything very well. I like everything here and I hope I can come back soon.
Natasha S, Indonesia, 22-Apr-2016 - 25-Apr-2016
This is was the nicest villa we've stayed in Bali. The staff were very nice and helpful. The room were spacious and clean. We've enjoyed every moment we had here. Can't wait to come back.
Bree H, Australia, 29-Mar-2016 - 07-Apr-2016
This was our 3rd stay with our family. The villa staff were very helpful and made our stay very pleasant.
Rosie G, Australia, 14-Mar-2016 - 19-Mar-2016
We came for a wedding but there were so many other reason to visit. The staff at Villa Lega were wonderfully attentive, trustworthy, friendly and competent. They all contributed to our experience in a significant but unobtrusive manner. The Balinese people were wonderful, may peace continue in this paradise and not spoil the harmony.
Alex C, Australia, 30-Dec-2015 - 09-Jan-2016
Thank you to all the staff for making our stay so wonderful. A true break. The Chef was unreal, flavors amazing. All of the Butlers were very attentive and helpful. The villa in general and our rooms always clean and tidy. The gardens beautiful. Everything was wonderful, thank you.
Carson G, United States, 21-Dec-2015 - 28-Dec-2015
Was a fantastic, relaxing stay!
Courtney L, Australia, 29-Sep-2015 - 05-Oct-2015
Thank you for a truly wonderful stay in Bali. The villa is just beautiful and our kids thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the pool and playing hide and seek. Wayan and his teams (especially the Butlers) have been fantastic and very accommodating and friendly. We are sad to leave but hope to be back one day. We will happily recommend Villa Lega to anyone looking for a special experience in Seminyak.
Giles D, Singapore, 23-Sep-2015 - 27-Sep-2015
We all had a wonderful time at Villa Lega. The villa is absolutely stunning, the beds luxurious and comfortable. However the staff all made it extra special! Everyone was friendly and helpful. They couldn't seem to do enough to help yet never seemed to mind, regardless of our gregarious large group. I would highly recommend the villa to anyone coming to Bali. In fact, I'm not sure I want to leave!
Mrs S, Indonesia, 20-Sep-2015 - 23-Sep-2015
T: Together. E: Everyone. A: Achieve. M: More. Even though it is a short stay, your dedication and service is highly appreciated. Would like to visit you again.
Pia N, Australia, 06-Sep-2015 - 20-Sep-2015
We have been so fortunate to be so spoil by the amazing staff at Villa Lega. Nothing has been too hard or too difficult to arrange. We would love to stay here again. What a wonderful Bali experience! Made Ari, Yanti and Yuli have been lovely and very obliging. The villa is beautiful and a great location.
Warren J, Australia, 24-Jul-2015 - 31-Jul-2015
This is the second week our families have stayed. We have been impressed by the ambience, the helpful staff and Wayan, the manager, who has a lovely spiritual view of the world. When we return home and work, we will long remember our fresh Pineapple juice and coffee latte's in the morning.
Sonny S, Indonesia, 17-Jul-2015 - 24-Jul-2015
This is our fourth time renting this villa, for at least one week. We felt at home. Nice place, warm staffs. All of our families enjoy to be here for their holiday. Thank you for serving us.
Indonesia, 28-Jun-2015 - 05-Jul-2015
The staff at Villa LeGa made our family reunion very special, nothing was too much too much trouble yet they were unobtrusive. Very attentive and great with the young children. The location was ideal and it was great hearing the waves in our rooms at night. Did not find the Mosaic Club music next door intrusive
Maya F, United States, 05-Jun-2015 - 12-Jun-2015
Staff were very helpful and friendly! Location is great right next to the W, a small bar for cheap food, and Potato Head Beach Club.
Queen C, Philippines, 26-May-2015 - 27-May-2015
Staff were great. They were very attentive. Everything looks fab and fantastic.
Catherine J, Australia, 11-May-2015 - 16-May-2015
Such amazing villa and location. Staff so kind, caring and willing to help.
Bernd Reitmeier, China, 05-Feb-2015 - 09-Feb-2015
if you book Le Ga you actually dont want to go out and leave the place... beautiful place for our board meeting
Simon Jones, United Kingdom, 20-Dec-2014 - 27-Dec-2014
A lovely villa to stay at, mainly because the staff were so amazing at looking after us, no job was too much for them, was throughly pampered. The bedrooms and Bill are tastefully decorated and the views from the upstairs is beautiful. Unfortunately the beach at the front of the villa is a bit dirty but just walk 50m down and it's cleaner. Can easily get into the main town, not that we wanted to as we were quite happy to stay put and have the amazing food cooked by the chef. We spent Christmas here and the villa kindly put up Christmas decorations and a tree for us. Although the villa is expensive we stayed Christmas week and for five star luxury it was definitely worth it. Can't wait to come back again!
Diana E, 30-Aug-2014 - 06-Sep-2014
Villa Le Ga was the most fantastic retreat for our family of 11 including a 3 month old baby. The rooms were large & tranquil & the service from the staff was prompt, efficient & beautifully done. We were never short of a coffee or tea or cocktail at night & the chef cooked us the most amazing meals. Seminyak town was very close by on a scooter which we all hired & the beach was 3 steps away for walks & swims. Everyone said she/he had the best holiday ever & my husband & I had a wonderful rest. You should go there!
Sarah M, Australia, 21-Jun-2014 - 09-Jul-2014
We had the most amazing stay and the staff were fantastic. Definitely would love to go to Villa Le Ga again
Chung Sun Jackson Y, Hong Kong, 14-May-2014 - 17-May-2014
The villa is great. Great staff, great view, great food. Highly recommented.
Robyn C, Australia, 30-Apr-2013 - 08-May-2013
We loved the Villa and found the staff to be so helpful, discrete and obliging. Could not have faulted the staff who could not do enough for you The view from the balcony at sunset was amazing and the meals the chef prepared were beautiful. The bedrooms were all huge with gorgeous bathrooms.
RE, United States, 22-Dec-2012 - 29-Dec-2012
Fantastic location for beach and sunsets just removed enough to be peaceful but a short ride (or even beach walk) to Seminyak hot spots. Very modern and comfortable with a full size pool and more friendly staff than you could ever need.
Ziva Arifin, Indonesia, 17-Nov-2012 - 19-Nov-2012
My first impression was exceptional hospitality by the villa manager and his staff. From the moment our party arrived until we departed, the staff have been very assisting, friendly, and definitely given genuine attention throughout our stay. Hope we'll visit the villa again real soon.
Guy Bennett-Pearce, United Kingdom, 06-Oct-2012 - 13-Oct-2012
Fantastic Villa with great staff, highly recommended!
HS, Australia, 25-Jul-2012 - 29-Jul-2012
Beautiful well maintained villa, wonderful attentive staff, beautiful food, great sunsets. Exceeded our expectations.
TB, Australia, 07-Jun-2012 - 11-Jun-2012
It was a great experience staying at Villa LeGa, the friendly staff went above and beyond to ensure we had an enjoyable holiday. Most days we walked the beach to Potato Head and Ku Da Ta. Would definitely visit again :)
Claudia Bloom, Australia, 17-May-2012 - 24-May-2012
Amazing highly recommended. Staff were so fantastic would like to take them home with me. The whole place made for a dream vacation.
SJ, Singapore, 15-May-2012 - 16-May-2012
Great location, great staff. Loved Villa Lega, what a place to chill next the beach. I had a great but short stay. The black out curtains and the constant sounds of breaking waves were a nightmare - I overslept! Back as soon as can but for longer.
SI, Australia, 09-Oct-2011 - 15-Oct-2011
What a great villa, in an amazing location location. Wonderful to have cafe/bars on our doorstep with a short stroll to some of the best restaurants Bali. Thank you to the staff who ensured that our holiday was relaxing and stress free. Already missing the sunset over the ocean each evening.
Judy-Anne Clarke, Singapore, 26-Sep-2011 - 01-Oct-2011
A very comfortable and pleasant Villa with exceptional and friendly staff. The pool was fantastic and the privacy once you came through the door from outside made you feel that you were in a different part of the world.
Luke Cheng, Australia, 16-Sep-2011 - 23-Sep-2011
Shhhhhhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone about this villa. I want to keep it a secret all to myself!

The villa, the location, the staff, everything about Villa Lega was amazing. Can't recommend it more highly.
Eva Maria, Indonesia, 07-Sep-2011 - 11-Sep-2011
We were very satisfied with the villa and the staff. The view from the sun deck very beautiful. The staff very attentive and friendly.. Sure we re gonna come back....
MM, 09-Aug-2011 - 18-Aug-2011
I'll surely recommend this villa to my friends.
TL, Australia, 22-Jun-2011 - 26-Jun-2011
We had a fantastic time staying at Villa Lega with a group of our friends. The facilities, staff, location and service were perfect for our holiday.
HB, 14-Jun-2011 - 18-Jun-2011
We had a wonderful stay at Villa Ga- we will definitely refer other to your website and villa . The staff was great. as were all of thier recommendations. Thank you, Julia Hansen
VK, Australia, 10-Jun-2011 - 14-Jun-2011
This villa is in such a fantastic location. It was easy to use the amenities of the nearby venues such at the W Hotel and Potato Head which we frequented for breakfast and lunch. Also very easy to walk to some of Seminyak's best restaurants. It was lovely to be right on the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets and the people passing by on the beach. The villa was really spacious and looked after. We loved the outdoor bathrooms. The staff were so friendly and happy to help.
Ronald Mandi, 04-Nov-2010 - 11-Nov-2010
This villa was simply outstanding! The service was incredible and the location, perfect! Just a few mins walk along the beach to the famous KuDeTa & Seminyak shopping district. The food prepared daily by the chefs was amazing and we could also order in-house manicures, pedicures & massages for those days you want to be extra lazy and not leave this glamorous villa! The view from the upstairs balcony was incredible for sunsets. Overall Villa Lega was very special and I would return in a heartbeat!
Scott Richards, Singapore, 03-Sep-2010 - 05-Sep-2010
Great Villa, literally 5 feet from the beach. Staff were lovely and facilities are great. Main attraction is its beachfront location and the view. Great for a family who want a holiday by the sea.
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