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Tarnia Bowden J, Australia, 24-Sep-2022 - 28-Sep-2022
I have loved how all of the staff are super friendly and fun to talk to. This is the best place live ever stayed at and I’d love to come again!
Agnes T, Indonesia, 16-Sep-2022 - 21-Sep-2022
The most beautiful villa and view, the staff are truly helpful and amazing, even our 5 month old baby is in love with all of the staff. They cook beautifully, delicious food. Wish we could stay here longer. we've the best experience for sure and our guest too.
Wei W, Australia, 13-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022
Very good service from the staff. We had a fantastic holiday here. Thank you to all staff
Kim S, Australia, 05-Sep-2022 - 08-Sep-2022
To all staff, we had such a great time here and we are so grateful for everything you have done for us. Thank you so much.
Lan Shing I, Singapore, 12-Aug-2022 - 16-Aug-2022
To all staff, great service, amazing view an unforgettable holiday, great for kids
Dylan K, Australia, 05-Aug-2022 - 09-Aug-2022
Best view in Bali. Amazing staff, super friendly and always down to help. Best Villa that I have stayed so far
Lan San L, Vietnam, 01-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022
The villa, the staff and resort facilities is amazing. Very good service, thank you to all staff
Tatiana T, Russia, 15-Jul-2022 - 01-Aug-2022
Nice view, perfect location and friendly staff
Chris W, Australia, 05-Jul-2022 - 15-Jul-2022
Beautiful view and fantastic, helpful staff. An excellent holiday
Mark E, Barbados, 08-May-2022 - 15-May-2022
Thank you for your exemplary service and attention to all our needs during our stay. You have all collectively made our stay so relaxing and pleasurable. I hope you all have a long overdue tourist season this year and can get back to normal life in your beautiful Bali. Thank you Grand Cliff Ungasan Team
Hermawan W, Indonesia, 02-May-2022 - 06-May-2022
Thank you for your service. We had a wonderful time here. I promise you we will be back soon when we visited Bali again. We love everything about this Villa. Food is great, the place is clean and the service from all staff was perfect. Thank You
Siska S, Indonesia, 30-Apr-2022 - 02-May-2022
Thank you for the hospitality, we enjoyed everything. The place and the view are amazing, the staff are very welcoming and always helping when we are in need. We will cherish everything. We hope that someday we have other opportunity to come back to this place.
Timy H, Indonesia, 16-Apr-2022 - 24-Apr-2022
Thank you Wayan, Putu and team. It's nice to be back in Bali, have been so much fun. Great Villa and great service. Love it.
Eddy H, Indonesia, 30-Mar-2022 - 01-Apr-2022
The place is amazing and the service also good. Thank you to all the staff.
Devi I, Maldives, 21-Mar-2022 - 29-Mar-2022
What a wonderful holiday at this magical place. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the exceptional staff, who have been wonderful in accommodating us, always with a smile and the highest of motivation for great hospitality. Thank you for making our stay here unforgettable and for creating some beautiful memories that we will cherries forever. Don't worry we will be back !
Edbert T, Indonesia, 18-Feb-2022 - 20-Feb-2022
We really enjoyed the service and also the smile especially, the very comfortable villa with extra ordinary facilities. Nice, comfortable, clean, recommended for a family vacation.
Sylvia E, Indonesia, 28-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2022
Thank you for amazing stay and service. The villa is comfortable, clean and tidy. The food was delicious, compliment to the chef.
Ibu Viling I, Indonesia, 17-Dec-2021 - 21-Dec-2021
Great villa, great service. Thank you for all staff. We had an amazing stay.
Melanie M, Indonesia, 11-Dec-2021 - 17-Dec-2021
Thank you for the amazing stay. We had an amazing time here at Grand Clift Ungasan. Feed back from kids, we love the hot tub, the swimming pool, the beach, the sunset, the living room, the dining room, we loved everything. Looking forward to coming back again soon.
Chyntia L, Indonesia, 17-Oct-2021 - 19-Oct-2021
Great villa, great cook. We had a very nice time here
Eddie S, Indonesia, 19-Aug-2021 - 22-Aug-2021
Thank you very much to all staff. Our in villa was very pleasant, the hotel facilities were complete, the beach was beautiful and the villa was very beautiful.
Yuan Yuan Q, China, 07-Jul-2021 - 09-Jul-2021
We are enjoying our stay at Grand Cliff Ungasan. Great villa with infinity pools, stunning views of the sea, professional staff and a private beach. It was a peaceful and relaxing experience.
Debbie C, Singapore, 18-May-2021 - 23-May-2021
We had the best time staying at Grand Cliff Ungasan. The view from the villa is spectacular but what make our stay special and very memorable are our delightful butler and chef. Pak Wayan and Putu made us feel welcome and went above and beyond to make our stay very comfortable. They prepared and cooked absolutely delicious meals for us. We were blown away! Thank you Pak Wayan and Putu for making our stay so enjoyable and for your gracious hospitality. We can not wait to return.
Mr.Sergey R, Indonesia, 04-Jan-2021 - 19-Jan-2021
Very nice villa with a beautiful view. Would love to come back next time.
David W, Indonesia, 15-Feb-2020 - 18-Feb-2020
Thank you so much for a wonderful time. The food was fantastic, your smile and very polite manner was much appreciated. The peanut sauce recipe will help us always remember you. Grand Cliff Ungasan Villa 36 will be recommended by us to others.
David W, Indonesia, 12-Feb-2020 - 15-Feb-2020
Thank you so much for wonderful time. The food was fantastic, your smile and and very very polite manner was much appreciated. Grand Cliff Ungasan will be recommended by us to others.
Robert V, Nigeria, 13-Jan-2020 - 19-Jan-2020
If you come to this place you will have so much fun and smile will be everywhere and you will never want to leave this place. Probably best holiday I have ever been on. Wayan and Putu are the best and service is perfect. Wish we could stay another 6 days.
Khalilah B, Indonesia, 03-Dec-2019 - 09-Dec-2019
I had an amazing 40th Birthday with my friends for 6 days at this villa. Wayan and the rest of the staff were wonderful, attentive and kind. My friend and I will definitely come back and enjoy Bali at this villa again. My only regret is not staying longer.
Jack C, Australia, 17-Sep-2019 - 19-Sep-2019
Great place to stay, amazing view and infinity pool. Great food and the staff are so friendly and detailed. We are enjoyed everything here. We love to comeback again.
Alexey S, Russia, 01-Aug-2019 - 31-Aug-2019
We have stayed for one month at Grand Cliff Ungasan. We have enjoyed our stay to the fullest from arrival to departure. The clean beach, the friendly discreet staff and above all the excellent service made our stay a great pleasure. We could always enjoy our privacy. Above all, we would like to compliment our butler, who helped us with all kinds of requests. Many thanks to you all. We will be back next year.
Christopher D, New Zealand, 14-Jul-2019 - 21-Jul-2019
Thank you for fabulous stay. We thoroughly enjoyed our time of Grand Cliff Ungasan and we are extremely thankful for the staff who helped make our stay so memorable.
Terri W, Hong Kong, 01-Jul-2019 - 06-Jul-2019
We had a fabulous five day stay at this villa. Our Villa Manager and Chef gave us a very warm welcome and were always friendly, helpful and efficient. Wayan helped us out with some of our dinner reservations and transportation. He was patient with us even though we had to change our plans a couple of times. Our Chef was wonderful in making us delicious lunches and breakfast. Thank you for making our stay so enjoyable. We will return very soon.
Dimitrijs S, United Kingdom, 04-May-2019 - 08-May-2019
Great villa with a great view and private pool. The staff are really well trained too.
Stefan R, Switzerland, 24-Apr-2019 - 28-Apr-2019
Great villa, great cook and we had very nice time here. We love to come back again.
Viktor S, Russia, 11-Apr-2019 - 18-Apr-2019
Great service, fabulous Bali and we are very happy.
Vladimir G, Russia, 16-Mar-2019 - 07-Apr-2019
Thank you for our perfect stay. Everything was perfect and our villa staff did their best to help us every time it was needed.
Kenny H, United States, 10-Mar-2019 - 12-Mar-2019
One of the most luxurious and beautiful villas ever. The views are unparalleled. The villas are huge and have their own infinity pools. Beware of the monkeys, they are destructive. People with mobility issues please inform them in advance, they will do their best to accommodate you. The staff are just lovely and falling over themselves to make you comfortable. Would go there again in a heartbeat.
Ruth V, Australia, 07-Jan-2019 - 14-Jan-2019
Very tranquil villa far from the busy part of Bali. Great villa design and facilities were amazing with an infinity pool facing the ocean. The staff went out of their way to ensure we had the perfect holiday. Highly recommended.
Loquercio T, Canada, 09-Dec-2018 - 16-Dec-2018
Great view, excelent service by the butler. Would like to come back again.
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