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Hannah And T, Indonesia, 13-Jun-2024 - 15-Jun-2024
Everything was amazing! The most perfect villa and incredible staff. Thank you.
Gabrielle O, United States, 08-Jun-2024 - 13-Jun-2024
Everything was excellent! Our stay was incredible. The staff was amazing. We will miss it. Will recommend the experience! Thank you.
Michelle Cara S, Australia, 04-May-2024 - 12-May-2024
From the elite stays, this would have the best service. Staff are amazing!
Asmod Shreshtha And P, United Kingdom, 15-Apr-2024 - 18-Apr-2024
Thank you very much for everything. Such a wonderful stay.
Chen Han L, Singapore, 28-Mar-2024 - 31-Mar-2024
Thank you for making our holiday so enjoyable. We had a great time. Thank you.
Rakesh B, Australia, 21-Feb-2024 - 24-Feb-2024
Thank you so much for everything. The food was excellent!
Scott V, Canada, 30-Jan-2024 - 13-Feb-2024
Thank you for everything. Stay healthy and good luck with everything!
Adam C, Australia, 17-Jan-2024 - 21-Jan-2024
Excellent, Kadek and team. You were fantastic! They looked after us very well and were very attentive.
Patrick P, Germany, 27-Dec-2023 - 06-Jan-2024
Best service that we ever had. Thank you for taking care of us.
Maciej D, Indonesia, 13-Oct-2023 - 19-Oct-2023
Wonderful stay, good food, friendly staff. Thank you all.
Michele L, New Zealand, 03-Aug-2023 - 07-Aug-2023
Love the experience,beautiful villa,fantastic food and staff was amazing! Thank you
Angelina W, United States, 20-Nov-2022 - 25-Nov-2022
Everything was excellent! Can't ask for more!! Thank you ! Our family really enjoyed the stay! Highly recommended!
James and Y, United Kingdom, 13-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022
Couldn't fault anything and absolutely perfect. The staff are amazing.
Emma C, United States, 07-Sep-2022 - 13-Sep-2022
We all loved our stay and we look forward to returning for a family holiday in 2023. Thank you all for the wonderful time we had at The Ylang Ylang.
Lisa H, Australia, 03-Sep-2022 - 07-Sep-2022
The staff was excellent and the service was wonderful. l would recommend to everyone l know about this place. Thank you.
Audrey R, Luxembourg, 19-Aug-2022 - 02-Sep-2022
Wonderfull villa,beautiful and amazing staff, Thank you for having taken such great care of us!! We really hope to be back one day!
Andrew P, United Arab Emirates, 05-Aug-2022 - 15-Aug-2022
We all loved our stay and we will look forward to returning for a family holiday in 2023. Thank you all for the wonderful time we had t Villa Ylang Ylang.
Juliane A, United States, 29-Jul-2022 - 05-Aug-2022
We are very happy to stay here in the villa, Everything was perfect an the staff very kind and supportive.
Djinefa A, United States, 01-Dec-2019 - 06-Dec-2019
Thank you for lovely stay. Good food and friendly staff.
Christian K, Japan, 02-Sep-2019 - 05-Sep-2019
We enjoyed our stay - the location was beautiful, the staff amazing but most importantly, the wedding ceremony went well. Overall we were very happy with our experience at Ylang Ylang.
Shaun D, New Zealand, 07-Aug-2019 - 17-Aug-2019
Our stay was beyond wonderful - the villa, the services,the glorious food and the friendly staff, all of it was magnificent. The food was better than any of the restaurants we ate out at. The chef was not only talented but she was a wonderful manager - nothing was a problem for her(or us). Thank you.
Mark B, Switzerland, 27-Jul-2019 - 31-Jul-2019
Best cook ever. Thanks very much Kadek.
Leslie D, Australia, 15-Jul-2019 - 20-Jul-2019
We were exceptionally impressed with the quality, expertise of the food - particularly with the efforts of Kadek the chef. The staff were very attentive and made us feel most welcome.
Herman O, South Africa, 24-Jun-2019 - 05-Jul-2019
Excellent! Awesome stay and food. What an experience, thank you all very much.
Malini T, Malaysia, 06-Jun-2019 - 11-Jun-2019
Very friendly and accommodating staff. Service was good throughout the day - especially with food and drinks. Excellent vanilla milk shakes! Good arrangement with the spa /massages - enjoyable and easy to book.
Rene M, Austria, 04-May-2019 - 16-May-2019
Best accommodation,Have enjoyed every minute, thank you.
Gregoire R, Singapore, 28-Apr-2019 - 03-May-2019
Thank you for making our stay with you in Bali so wonderful and memorable.You provide exceptionally attentive,respectful and discreet service.The beauty of the villa and its setting was only exceeded by your commitment to making our visit so thoroughly enjoyable.The meal were of professional quality and you were very accommodating to our requests.You are great ambassadors for Balinese culture and its people.
Andrew H, United Kingdom, 09-Apr-2019 - 18-Apr-2019
A perfect stay.
Sharon F, Singapore, 01-Mar-2019 - 05-Mar-2019
Thank you for everyone. The staff are all amazing and the location superb.
Mr. J, Indonesia, 29-Dec-2018 - 05-Jan-2019
We would like to thank you and the staff for giving us such a lovely time here at the Ylang Ylang villa. We hope to see you again.
Ming W, Australia, 13-Oct-2018 - 20-Oct-2018
Thank you so much for your hospitality and amazing service during our stay. We will definitely miss seeing everyone. Zack will miss the attention for sure. Hopeful we will be back soon and Zack will be busy running around by then. Take care and see you all again soon.
Amanda A, Australia, 08-Oct-2018 - 12-Oct-2018
Our stay was first class,we had a wonderful experience.
Gregory M, France, 24-Sep-2018 - 01-Oct-2018
We want to say many thanks for your hospitality and your kindness. We spent an awesome holiday in Bali because of you, in this villa which is fantastic. We will remember it forever. Thank you for sharing a bit of you culture such as the little flowers and the Balinese dance. Further more, many thanks for the daily smiles - we appreciate it a lot. You cook very well too..excellence! Thank you for organizing both 30th birthdays. Terima kasih from all the french team.
Danielle V, United Kingdom, 13-Aug-2018 - 20-Aug-2018
Nice staff, especially Kadek - very professional.
Danielle V, United Kingdom, 20-Jun-2018 - 26-Jun-2018
Everything was amazing .Thank you very much.
Adjeng A, Indonesia, 17-Jun-2018 - 20-Jun-2018
Amazing stay, thank you to all staff.
Reginald C, Singapore, 13-Jun-2018 - 15-Jun-2018
Thank you to all the staff, very good food and we will be back.
Danielle V, United Kingdom, 04-Jan-2018 - 15-Jan-2018
We had the most amazing time, the villa was beautiful and the staff were absolutely fantastic. ALL of them they looked after us in every way - the food outstanding and the villa was always clean. We would give all the staff 10/10 they were even amazing with the babies. It was better than a 5* hotel and we will recommend it to all our friends - the driver and the massage people were also fantastic.
Luke G, Singapore, 18-Sep-2017 - 20-Sep-2017
Fantastic stay, Thank you to all staff.
Danielle V, United Kingdom, 02-Sep-2017 - 08-Sep-2017
We love our stay at Ylang Ylang, and the people especially the staff, Dewa and Kadek. I enjoyed so much the swimming pool and the beach was amazing. Thank you very much.
Ashok P, Singapore, 29-Aug-2017 - 02-Sep-2017
Dewa and the team did an excellent job in servicing us every day. Excellence facilities and service.
Ndumiso M, Australia, 17-Aug-2017 - 27-Aug-2017
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Absolutely fantastic.
Manish G, Indonesia, 20-Jun-2017 - 22-Jun-2017
Everything is great, fabulous stay. Surely come again. Thank you.
Kevin P, China, 01-Oct-2016 - 08-Oct-2016
A magical place on the beach in Bali. Our fourth trip to Bali was the best simply because we stayed at this fabulous vacation villa. Arriving with two other couples we found ourselves in a magical spot with a staff that responded quickly to every request. Manager Dewa made every effort to make our stay memorable and he succeeded in every way. The guys planned a surprise ceremony to renew everyone's vows. Dewa made the planning and execution of the surprise flawless and very easy despite the long distance. From flowers to officiant, food to dancers, he and the staff did an amazing job. The chef was top notch creating any kind of cultural dish with ease. No meal was less than perfect. The butler and house staff were excellent and made sure we always had a drink in hand... We are returning ....soon.
Mr. Xingquan Y, China, 10-Aug-2016 - 15-Aug-2016
Everything was excellent ! The food, the staff, and the service. Thank you very much !! We will come back...
Joy M, Singapore, 08-Jun-2016 - 12-Jun-2016
We have returned from Bali and had a wonderful time. Dewa and the staff did a fantastic job. The food was excellent too. Thank you so much!!
Tria S, Indonesia, 21-Apr-2016 - 23-Apr-2016
Everything is excellent thank you very much.
Amanda F, Australia, 04-Apr-2016 - 15-Apr-2016
We had an absolutely wonderful time. The food was AMAZING and the staff were so friendly, happy and caring. We can't not recommend The Ylang Ylang enough. What a wonderful, relaxing holiday escape.Thank you to all the lovely staff.
Irma L, Indonesia, 02-Nov-2015 - 12-Nov-2015
We all enjoyed a relaxing stay at The Ylang Ylang. The staff were excellent. especially Kadek, she cooks like we were at home.
Paul H, Singapore, 17-Oct-2015 - 24-Oct-2015
Tempat yang menakjubkan! Villa yang indah, dengan kamar yang bagus, kolam renang yang bagus dan layanan yang sangat baik. Berharap untuk pergi kembali ke sana lagi, setidaknya sekali dalam hidup saya! Tenang, damai, indah dan sangat bersih. Saya merekomendasikan tempat ini. Cocok untuk keluarga, pasangan dan single, bahkan untuk orang yang mencari tempat spiritual di bali.
Milda R, Philippines, 27-Jul-2015 - 28-Jul-2015
Great food! Staff very friendly and helpful.
Tina P, Austria, 12-Jul-2015 - 20-Jul-2015
Great stay, excellent staff. Tip Top!
Kate A, Australia, 29-Jun-2015 - 30-Jun-2015
We enjoyed a relaxing stay at Ylang-Ylang. The staff were fantastic; nothing was too much trouble. The East Coast area offers an authentic Bali experience, with stunning scenery, away from the crowds. Highly recommended.
Yenny L, Indonesia, 11-Apr-2015 - 14-Apr-2015
All EXCELLENT. Thanks for everything!
Rose R, Australia, 02-Apr-2015 - 07-Apr-2015
Fantastic experience and superb service, thank you so much for a wonderful stay. We all loved it here and felt every detail was well looked after.
Ravindran Krishnan, Singapore, 06-Jun-2014 - 12-Jun-2014
The Villa and most of all the staff running the place, ...I.e everyone of them were simply magnificent. I'm already planning global corporate events along with many other trip back. Fantastic Staff and the food was simply excellent..!!!! I'll recommend ylang ylang to all my friends and family....Cheers.
Luisa McCluskey, Australia, 03-May-2014 - 07-May-2014
In all the years I have been coming and staying in Bali. This has to be the best.The staff very always helpful and nothing was a bother. I had my daughters wedding there and all i can say is amazing.
Philippe L, , 22-Dec-2013 - 05-Jan-2014
We went on christmas holidays with 7 young was almost perfect...the villa provide many diferent spaces to isolate and take some rest.the view and the beach ( very local and natural environment) are a daily entertainment... The staff is abolutely great...profesional, warm and flexible...nice people. Great holidays in a great place. Too much sculpture in the garden but it´s a question of style!
Kailey Furniss, United States, 08-May-2013 - 12-May-2013
The Ylang Ylang was absolutely amazing. We stayed there with all of our immediate family for our wedding and we were all over joyed with our stay. We became a bit spoiled where now I don't know if I can ever stay anywhere else! It was perfect. The grounds were breathtaking, the staff was more than attentive and kind, the rooms were so comfortable and the food was incredible! The pictures can not do this villa justice. From the moment you turn on the road leading up you feel like you are going to a royal palace, and the feeling continues throughout your stay.
Michiko K, Singapore, 28-Apr-2013 - 01-May-2013
Everything is perfect except the cleanness of pool. When we arrived, the pool was dirty. It took few days to clear the water by their automatic filtering system so that we could not swim for the first day. However, all staffs were so nice and they tried to do their best for making us comfortable. The whole villa is definitely beautiful and luxury better than the website images. All meals by the chef were delicious. All of us enjoyed so much and our vacation was perfect more than we expected! We like to go back to the villa again. Thank you so much for all staffs to make us happy!!
Helen Chalmers, Australia, 20-Oct-2012 - 25-Oct-2012
I did send an email to Adya to compliment on the sensational staff at the villa , not forgetting Harry the driver we had who showed and told us so much about Bali. Our stay was memorable beacuse of these wonderful people, caring and kind. The villa I would go back tomorrow to stay in . We all loved our time there and would recommend to all. It really was FANTASTIC in EVERY way.The food was delicious and I truly could not fault the service provision in any way.We WILL return !!! Peaceful, calm, tranquil and a paradise. Many Thanks to all
Michelle Law, United States, 15-Oct-2012 - 19-Oct-2012
Our family loved staying at Villa Ylang Ylang. The food was outstanding, the staff was amazing (this was our second villa we stayed while in Bali so we could tell the difference) and the villa itself was gorgeous.
AH, Japan, 13-Sep-2012 - 17-Sep-2012
The villa was just perfect!! Its beautiful, clean, tidy, and very private. The staffs are nice and friendly also. I would love to stay there again for holiday.
David Broughton, Australia, 27-Jun-2012 - 30-Jun-2012
Ylang Ylang has it all. Great facilities, great staff and great location. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the villa and could not have asked for a more ideal setting for our wedding.
RM, Switzerland, 26-Oct-2011 - 30-Oct-2011
We loved our stay at the Ylang Ylang villa: contemporary design, beautiful swimming pool and amazing view. It was just great. Not to forget the very friendly and professional staff (including an amazing cook !! )
YJ, Singapore, 30-Sep-2011 - 03-Oct-2011
The staff at the villa, especially Wayan and the kitchen staff, were very lovely and helpful. Service from them was excellent - they were always on standby and always took the initiative to ask if we needed anything.

The chef's cooking was EXCELLENT! We asked for traditional balinese/ Indonesian food, and for it to be extra spicy, and we weren't disappointed! Absolutely fantastic, and the homemade sambals were to die for!!
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