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Awe-inspiring Selong Selo

Switch off from the world, at South Lombok’s hidden gem.

Lombok is in a world of its own, a secret held close by those travellers who seek space, nature and seclusion.

And now that international flights are landing again in Lombok, it’s merely hours away, or a 30-minute flight from Bali.

Elevate your Lombok experience at Selong Selo, a world of luxury nestled in the hills of magnificent South Lombok. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and panoramic ocean views from your choice of Selong Selo haven, and then go out and explore the island with our complimentary full and half day tours.

Our fully vaccinated staff and flexible cancellation policy ensure you can book with confidence. For our Covid-19 policy, please refer to this link.

The Selong Selo experience

Exquisite dining with a view
Selong Selo’s restaurant, Aura Lounge and Bar, enjoys prime location on the edge of a cliff, with stunning views of the sea. Enjoy an inspired Asian-style menu, featuring the freshest ingredients from the chef's garden and sourced from local growers.

Nature outside your door
Lombok is an exceptional setting brimming with natural beauty, full of breathtaking views and stunning spaces to rejuvenate. It's the perfect destination for the curious and adventurous and those seeking to explore the thriving marine life of Southern Lombok, with various outdoor activities to choose from, like hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling, and fishing expeditions.

A more sustainable travel option
Selo Group advocates for regenerative travel through the Selo Footprints Program which has been supporting local communities for over 12 years by providing sustainable jobs, improving rural livelihoods, and contributing to disaster relief efforts. Selong Selo is also committed to achieving zero waste in its operations, coming up with a program that recycles and upcycles all waste within the estate premises.

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