Pandawa Cliff Estate - Villa Marie
Kathryn C, United States, 18-Dec-2023 - 29-Dec-2023
What a wonderful place! Thank you to entire team of amazing people at Villa Marie. Everything was perfect! Shout out to whole team, Moko, Indra, Nyoman and all the rest, thank you so much for sharing this special place with our families. Love you all!
Elle A, Australia, 09-Dec-2023 - 13-Dec-2023
To the beautiful team at team Marie, We had such an amazing time with you. The staff are so beautiful & treated us like kings & queens. Thank you & see you again.
Asela And J, Indonesia, 13-Oct-2023 - 16-Oct-2023
To the team at Villa Marie, Thank you so much for having us at your beautiful Villa at Pandawa Cliff Estate. It was a special moment not just because of the wedding, but because it is the first time in 6 years my family and I have spent time together. The care and support from Bli Moko, Bayu, Chandra, Nyoman, Tina and the amazing food from Kadek Sato gave us an unforgettable experience. The children absolutely loved it here and we can only give the highest praise to the villa and team. We hope to be back soon in the next future, once again a big thank you and see you soon!
Afshin And V, India, 09-Oct-2023 - 12-Oct-2023
Dear Pandawa Cliff Estate, Thank you very much for a most fabulous time we had at your facility. The last three days here have been like living in paradise. The flora & fauna & the layout of the villas & pools of water are sublime. I want to specially commend the staff at our Marie Villa - Moko & Indra. They were extraordinary helpful in every regard and extremely polite & friendly & caring. I also want to commend Nyoman at the Villa Rose where my daughter & son in law were living. He was also very helpful.
Nydia Ekasumara And M, United States, 06-Oct-2023 - 09-Oct-2023
To: All Pandawa Cliff Estate Thank you for the service that been provided to us. The place was great and have a pool. Whole family had been enjoying most of the time stay at this hotel. Also have a good breakfast every morning. We'll recommend this place to all friend & relations. Hopefully we can come again in the future and enjoy it again. Special thanks also to Pak Moko that being served us.
Christine I, United States, 28-Sep-2023 - 02-Oct-2023
Thank you for a fantastic holiday, we're had such a relaxed & definitely enjoyable time. The friendly smiles & hello's have made our days happy ones. With the lead up to a wedding for my son & the after party the following day all the quiet workers made for an easy & comfortable experience. Again, so many thank yous for a great time had by all our guests and friends too. Missing our villas already,
Brody Green S, Australia, 18-Sep-2023 - 22-Sep-2023
During our stay here for our daughter's wedding, with people who come from Canada (us!) and Sweden, Australia and England, we received exceptional service, both for all our meals and for the service of our suites! All the staff were very capable and polite and friendly, with special mention for Moko and Indra! They were always there when we needed them. We absolutely loved our stay here, a beautiful venue with amazing amenities! We would highly recommend a stay here! We had 4 nights/5 days of tropical bliss!
Melissa B, Australia, 12-Sep-2023 - 15-Sep-2023
Thank you Pandawa Cliff Estate for an experience of a life time and there is no doubt that. I will always remember this place this as one of my favorites.
Sebastian K, Australia, 05-Sep-2023 - 08-Sep-2023
Thank you Pandawa & Indra for having us. We had an amazing stay here. It has to be one of the best hotel experience I have ever had. Thank you all.
Stephanie And T, Australia, 28-Aug-2023 - 31-Aug-2023
A big thank you for having us stay at your amazing resort. We have enjoyed every moment. You hosted the most amazing wedding. Thank you, Nick, Nichole + Willow
Caroline B, France, 17-Aug-2023 - 27-Aug-2023
A huge thank you to all the Pandawa team. We have been spending an amazing stay. We appreciate all the details and attentions bring to our families. The room are very comfortable, the food is delicious, and we felt at hone in this house. Special greeting to the cooking chef who was externally flexible and talenting. We want to thank Tina, for the professionalism and disponibility. But more especially all the incredible team working in this home. Indra for your warm welcome and kindness. Bayu for your discret and sweets attentions. And we cannot forget Moko,the best of the best. Our experience would not have been the same without the all of you.
India L, France, 13-Aug-2023 - 17-Aug-2023
Thank you Pandawa Cliff for the lovely stay, we had a great time, big thanks to Moko & the whole staffs.
Mia L, China, 09-Aug-2023 - 12-Aug-2023
Dear Pandawa Cliff, No words are enough to describe this beautiful house, the staff were amazing and very great service, I totally recommend this place & would definitely come back. Thank you for hosting us and let us celebrate the wedding and make two beautiful culture reunite in one single day, also I wouldn't forget the amazing friend Bayu such a nice guy keep him with you. Big appreciation from Morocco & Serbia.
Mr S, Indonesia, 04-Aug-2023 - 07-Aug-2023
Thank you Pandawa for the lovely stay. Everything was perfect. The room, the villa, the wedding not to mention the service. Special shout out to Bayu, Adi & Indra for helping us out the entire trip. We will be back for sure.
Tom P, Hong Kong, 31-Jul-2023 - 04-Aug-2023
We had a wonderful stay in Villa Marie! The staff were incredible and made us very welcome. The food was delicious and the setting beautiful. I just wish we could have stayed longer. Thank you!!
Charmi P, India, 23-Jul-2023 - 30-Jul-2023
Tina, Moko, Chandra, Indra, Bayu, Adi & all, Thank you so much for a wonderful stay! From food to suit all to last minute event planning our stay was amazing and our final dinner a thing of dreams. Absolutely amazing hospitality, from Chef to SPA to Butlers and management, no detail left behind!! Thank you!!
Sofie H, Indonesia, 20-Jul-2023 - 23-Jul-2023
Thank you Anom, Indra, Moko & all the staff at Villa Marie, your service is impeccable! Special shout out to Chef Bagus, the food was amazing we all enjoyed it so much! A beautiful place with beautiful memories. Thank you for making our stay so wonderful! Hope to be back again soon.
Daniel S, Russia, 04-Jul-2023 - 06-Jul-2023
Thank you for the amazing holiday! We had a great party in the villa, everything was stunning. Service was great, the staff paid attention to guest's requests. Thank you!
Gemma Bateman And L, Australia, 15-Jun-2023 - 18-Jun-2023
To all the beautiful staff at Pandawa Cliff Estate, Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and kindness you have made our stay so special and have provided us with life long memories. Keep doing the amazing work that you do! It is so appreciated!
Blayne U, Australia, 08-Jun-2023 - 12-Jun-2023
Thanks Moko! Team were amazing, friendly + helpful, went out of their way for us. Had a great and amazing time. Brilliant venue.
Bec And K, Australia, 02-Jun-2023 - 05-Jun-2023
We had an amazing stay here for Bec & Kev's wedding (Krewcella!!!). Thank you to all the staff here for making us feel at home and we can't wait to come back.
Julian E, Indonesia, 27-May-2023 - 29-May-2023
Pengalaman yang sangat menyenangkan!! Semua servicenya unexpectable, bagus sekali. Fasilitasnya gak usah ditnya, lengkap banget, comfortable place!! Semua staff nya ramah dan very much much helpfully. Pandawa Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!!
Nathan And R, Indonesia, 22-May-2023 - 24-May-2023
It has been a good experience to stay in Pandawa Cliff Estate. The staff are all friendly here especially Moko and Indra, they helped us a lot. The view and service here is excellent. I am looking forward to come back again. Hope to see you guys in the future. Bye!
Julianne C, United States, 09-May-2023 - 12-May-2023
We had a great stay and wonderful wedding weekend. Thank you so much to wonderful staff for making our stay so much more special. I can't wait to come back and visit again.
Brian H, United States, 23-Apr-2023 - 29-Apr-2023
What a lovely property! and the staff is so gracious & helpful. You all made my first trip to Bali unforgettable. Thank you.
Patrick S, Australia, 05-Apr-2023 - 10-Apr-2023
Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Pandawa. Everything was terrific. The staff were so attentive, friendly and thoughtful. Just very sad to say goodbye! Hope we get to stay here again. Penny + Paul.
Charlotte P, South Korea, 25-Dec-2022 - 02-Jan-2023
All the butlers are professional and kind We had great time to staying here. Thank you Sugi, Indra & Tina.
Romeo And Z, Indonesia, 21-Dec-2022 - 24-Dec-2022
Spacious, attentive staff, clean room. We are four family with kids, kids are all happy with the pool, enough space to run around.
Aaron A, United Kingdom, 25-Nov-2022 - 27-Nov-2022
Amazing service!! Great stay (staff is really polite & serve with a smile). Enjoyed it so much. Love the food. Thanks! Highly recommend this place!!
Shang Li And I, United States, 04-Nov-2022 - 07-Nov-2022
Hi Pandawa Estate staff, thank you for all your amazing service & help. My sister & I had a lovely stay here & enjoyed the beautiful stay, comfy rooms, great food and relaxing atmosphere. Would highly recommend this place. Thanks again.
Isabella L, Singapore, 20-Oct-2022 - 23-Oct-2022
Thank you to the team at Villa Marie. Who made our stay very comfortable. The breakfast was delicious. The beds are good and comfy. We would love to come back.
Jonathan X, United States, 15-Oct-2022 - 20-Oct-2022
Dear staff at Pandawa Cliff Estate, Thank you for the most wonderful stay. We had a great time. Hope to see you all again.
Marco H, Indonesia, 04-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022
We had been staying here for last three days. It is a fantastic experience, from room service, car rental for city tour to breakfast selection. Thank you, Pandawa Cliff Team, and we look forward to coming back. Wish you all the best!
Shoma C, Australia, 27-Sep-2022 - 02-Oct-2022
Dear Pandawa Staff, Thank you so much for such a lovely hospitality and service. You all are humble & down to earth people who went beyond to help and accommodate such a large group of people. The place itself so luxurious with spectacular views. The massages were so relaxing too! Thank you for everything, will definitely visit again.
Tammy &, Indonesia, 14-Sep-2022 - 19-Sep-2022
We really enjoyed our stay at Pandawa Cliff Estate. They took care of us. Very well particularly Indra & Sugi. they did extremely well to take care of all of us and become like family members. Its a beautiful villa well the best facilities include Gym,Spa, lawn tennis, squash etc. Will love to come again. Many thanks.
Waimond F, Canada, 11-Sep-2022 - 14-Sep-2022
Lovely stay, good food and service Very nice and clean rooms.
Jacey B, Australia, 09-Sep-2022 - 11-Sep-2022
We enjoyed our stay very much. Indra & Sugi were fabulous, so helpful nothing was too much trouble. Always happy & smiling. The is beautiful and the rooms very comfortable. We will be back, Thank you
Dhika And C, Indonesia, 11-Aug-2022 - 15-Aug-2022
Bli & Mbok have the best hospitality. They are very thoughtful & generous, even when they are not asked. ****** (six star) service. Thank you bli & mbok! The estate is very clean, situated nicely above the sea. Amazing view, stunning!!! The space is spacious and cozy for enjoying and relaxing with family & friends. Superb stay !!!
Anthony E, Singapore, 05-Aug-2022 - 10-Aug-2022
Thank you for a lovely stay! We really appreciated the service and efficiency from all the staff, and really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you also for helping to arrange the proposal by Anthony to Joyce, with the beautiful flowers and fireworks. We will always treasure the memories.
Andrea Cheah And J, Australia, 29-Jul-2022 - 01-Aug-2022
Thank you Villa Marie staff for all your help, we have loved our stay and will definitely recommend to our friend & family. Amazing view, food and vibes, we could want to come back. Thank you everything.
Ibu S, Indonesia, 25-Jul-2022 - 29-Jul-2022
Awesome stay at the Pandawa Cliff Estate . The staff were very helpful & attentive. Very happy and will surely come back again.
Jessy C, Malaysia, 13-Jul-2022 - 17-Jul-2022
Villa is very clean & service is tiptop Staff one very attentive, friendly & helpful. We had one of the best stay ever, Keep up your good work and hope to see come back soon. All the best. Thank you again.
Frances L, United States, 21-Jun-2022 - 24-Jun-2022
We had and absolutely wonderful time staying at The Villa Marie. The staff were attentive and helpful and we love the good squash court and grounds. We are sad we have to go. Thank you for you service during our stay.
Jony S, United States, 18-Jun-2022 - 21-Jun-2022
The workers are very attentive to the guests and make the stay homey. Good facilities provided and excellent food delivered on schedule and with no delay. Staff able to easily adjust to guest needs. Thank you for your service.
Petra G, Indonesia, 12-May-2022 - 16-May-2022
Excellent service Villa is very clean Staff are very helpful. Will come back for sure. Thank you.
Mr. Bobby P, Indonesia, 13-Mar-2022 - 15-Mar-2022
Very good service! Staffnya ramah, responsive and very helpful. They try their best to provide everything we need.
Wentao K, Indonesia, 12-Jan-2022 - 14-Jan-2022
Thank you for great service & hospitality. It was a memorable trip and see you again soon.
Wentao K, China, 09-Jan-2022 - 12-Jan-2022
Thank you for great service & hospitality. It was a memorable trip and see you again soon.
Dewi M, Indonesia, 25-Dec-2021 - 03-Jan-2022
Thanks Pandawa for the hospitality. The Villa was nice and have a nice view. The Butler also nice. Thanks for helping us. See you again.
PTB J, Indonesia, 16-Dec-2021 - 19-Dec-2021
All the best buat Pandawa Cliff Estate. Ini beneran Villa sultan fully recommended. Best view ever Best service 24 hours ever Best places in Bali Terima kasih masyarakat Bali Thank you very much Matur suksma. Suksma Bli Sugi, Bli Indra dan Bli, Bli lainnya juga. Mbok-mbok lainnya kalian luar biasa.
Mr J, Indonesia, 29-Oct-2021 - 01-Nov-2021
Service nya bagus Tempatnya nyaman Breakfastnya enak Love it We will back soon
Reni R, Indonesia, 27-Jun-2021 - 01-Jul-2021
Three months' stay in Rose & Marie make it hard for us to leave Pandawa. It is so lovely and full of memories for us. Not to mention the fantastic view off the cliff. This will be our second home whenever we visit Bali in the future. Lovely staff and management.
Dinora O, Indonesia, 16-May-2021 - 18-May-2021
5-STARS. A really amazing villa experience for our family. Everything was done very nicely, and the service is just beyond special. The warmth and kindness of the staff really touched us. We celebrated a beautiful birthday with our villa decorated beautifully. Thank you for making our precious family time even more special.
Dinora O, Indonesia, 13-May-2021 - 16-May-2021
Dear Pandawa Cliff Estate Team, we give you 5-STARS! An amazing villa experience for our family. Everything was done very nicely, and the service of the villa staff is just beyond special. The warmth and kindness of all the staff members really moved us. We celebrated here with a beautiful birthday set-up and our villa decorated beautifully. Thank you for making our precious family time even more special.
Rex F, American Samoa, 21-Nov-2020 - 25-Nov-2020
Family had a great time. Staff is great. Felt at home and will book again. Thank you so much.
Nia R, Indonesia, 14-Nov-2020 - 18-Nov-2020
We had an amazing time here. The customer service was wonderful, we loved how kind all the staff members were, very helpful. One input is that I saw few dead insects in the outdoors. Although, I also understand that this property has vast open spaces. Overall, we really enjoyed Pandawa Cliff Estate. Thank you.
Bill B, China, 02-Feb-2020 - 04-Feb-2020
Very sweet and unforgetable experience to stay in Pandawa Cliff Estate. The services and food are perfect. We all very enjoy our holiday in Bali and in Villa Marie. Hope we will come to Bali and stay here again in the future.
Paul & Family, Indonesia, 18-Jan-2020 - 20-Jan-2020
We are very happy with the service provided to us during our trip. Your staff have been very polite and responsive to all our needs. We are very happy and will hope to visit in the future.
Elaine W, Singapore, 09-Jan-2020 - 12-Jan-2020
The most beautiful villa, the exceptional staff, good food and hospitality. Made our stay fully wonderful, comfortable and memorable. Will miss all of it and hope to come back soon. Thank you and bless in the new year.
Michalewski family, Poland, 01-Jan-2020 - 06-Jan-2020
Amazing villa! Amazing staff! Thank you so much for a memorable stay to all of the staff Pandawa Cliff Estate. Happy new year 2020.
Rishvika & family, Philippines, 25-Dec-2019 - 01-Jan-2020
Gorgeous villa! Best part of everyday in Bali was returning to this villa and jumping into the pool. Comfortable, clean and serene. Staff was incredible, friendly, helpful, always with a smile. Sugi, Indra and Moko were so gracious. Our drivers were extremely helpful. All of the staff took extra care of my grandmother to make sure she was comfortable. Can't wait to return to Pandawa Cliff Estate - best part of Bali.
Janice A, Hong Kong, 21-Dec-2019 - 25-Dec-2019
Comfortable and nice stay. Very nice staff! We had an enjoyable holiday here.
Patricia, China, 04-Dec-2019 - 07-Dec-2019
The service is very professional and staff here is really nice. Quite an enjoyable and unforgettable experience! Strongly recommended.
Adriana & Ranier, Indonesia, 08-Nov-2019 - 11-Nov-2019
Thank you so so much for all the fantastic service! Villa was amazing and our stay here were be remembered for a lifetime.
Bryan H, Australia, 07-Jun-2019 - 10-Jun-2019
Thank you Pandawa for the great stay and amazing service by all your staff. Our stay was made that much more memorable because of you.
Dave M, Australia, 31-May-2019 - 03-Jun-2019
A huge thank you to Indra and Sugi for looking after us so well. Could not have been happier with our time here. An amazing place with excellent staff and service.
Oli K, Netherlands, 03-May-2019 - 06-May-2019
Really enjoyed our stay at the villa. Staff were extremely helpful and accommodate our needs. Food and pool were great.
Charis L, Australia, 19-Apr-2019 - 22-Apr-2019
Lovely stay, staff very friendly and very helpful. We had a great time. Villa is well maintained and beautiful.
Mitch M, Singapore, 28-Mar-2019 - 31-Mar-2019
Thank you Pandawa Cliff Estate and the welcoming crew. It was a wonderful stay in here and the service was right on point and attentive. Thanks for taking care our group during the stay. Definitely will revisit again.
Shane H, Singapore, 22-Mar-2019 - 27-Mar-2019
Thank you staff of Pandawa Cliff Estate. Fantastic service - everyone was polite and accommodating. All guests had a great time, food was very good. Thank you all, on behalf of Navved and Megan's guests, we hope to be back.
Jay and Gee, Philippines, 08-Mar-2019 - 11-Mar-2019
Great facilities, amazing villas. All these could be empty without the awesome staff. Kudos to all the amazing people who made our trip a wonderful experience.
Luke A, Australia, 01-Mar-2019 - 04-Mar-2019
Thank you for an amazing stay at Pandawa! We had a beautiful time.
Sara W, Singapore, 16-Feb-2019 - 23-Feb-2019
The time here was fantastic and perfect. The villa, the food and the people who took care of us all. Thank you to the PCE team.
Kenneth P, Singapore, 10-Dec-2018 - 14-Dec-2018
Everything is perfect from the first to the last minute of our stay. The villa is incredible, the staff is very kind and helpful. They try their best to make us happy. Excellent breakfast, amazing swimming pool and comfortable bedroom! Mini paradise, but generally comfortable all round. Great accommodation for big families. A cozy and relaxed villa with great and friendly staff. Thanks for the service provided. It has been a wonderful stay for all of us.
Karen K, Indonesia, 07-Dec-2018 - 09-Dec-2018
Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality! The loveliest group of people with the best grounds in all of Bali. Absolute pleasure to stay here and will definitely be back, thanks for having us.
The Cowlrys, Indonesia, 13-Nov-2018 - 20-Nov-2018
Thank you for an amazing and memorable stay and experience. The pool was warm and lovely, the rooms were big and comfortable and the staff were fantastic. 10/10 for everything. I will be recommending this estate to anyone coming to Bali. Honestly a fantastic stay and we have eaten every type of unique Balinese food available which is a real treat, delicious. Can't wait to come back one day.
Java and Paul, Singapore, 06-Nov-2018 - 13-Nov-2018
We had an amazing time at villa Marie. Apart from the spectacular views and great rooms, the service was impressive. Wayan and Chandra were so helpful and met all our kids. Thank you so much for the wonderful time.
Clint and Nadia, Australia, 01-Nov-2018 - 04-Nov-2018
I can't rate our stay at Pandawa Cliff Estate high enough. It has been an absolutely amazing experience. Not once have we been blessed with beautiful vista's, but everything from the rooms to the pools to the food and especially the friendly customer service has been exceptional. In particular, Adi has been magnificent and has made our stay here one to remember. I will definitely be recommending this place to all my friends and family whenever they may come to Bali. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and always asking Nadia if she wants a watermelon juice. Much love.
Hsiao H, Taiwan, 27-Oct-2018 - 31-Oct-2018
Very good for everything, thanks to all.
Ashlee and Dean, Australia, 22-Oct-2018 - 25-Oct-2018
What an Amazing place Pandawa Cliff Estate is to stay at. The staff are all amazing and we were always well look after. Our daughter had a beautiful wedding.
Ricafort family, Canada, 19-Oct-2018 - 22-Oct-2018
What a wonderful and memorable stay here in Pandawa Cliff Estate. Thank you so much to our butler Putu and the rest of the staff for taking care of us.
Karmela R, Australia, 06-Oct-2018 - 08-Oct-2018
Thank you for great experience. The service was amazing and the staff were very accommodating. Great gateway.
Michelle and Adam, Australia, 21-Sep-2018 - 24-Sep-2018
Thank you for the beautiful hospitality. We all had an enjoyable stay.
Abby B, Australia, 18-Sep-2018 - 21-Sep-2018
Our stay has been exceptional, our butler Wayan (Agus) was absolutely fantastic, his service and friendliness is to be highlighted.
Alice C, Hong Kong, 03-Sep-2018 - 06-Sep-2018
Life in Pandawa is a life in paradise. Home away from home a million miles away. Can't wait to come back.
Jessie and Mike, Australia, 31-Aug-2018 - 03-Sep-2018
Life in Pandawa is lfe in paradise. Home away from home million miles away, cannot wait to come back.
Michael V, Australia, 19-Aug-2018 - 25-Aug-2018
The staff in the villa has been very attentive and friendly. The villa itself is very pristine and well kept. Overall my stay here has been very pleasant.
Valerie T, Indonesia, 17-Aug-2018 - 19-Aug-2018
The staff in the villa have been very attentive and friendly. The villa itself is very pristine and well kept. Overall my stay here has been very pleasant.
Teh Family, Singapore, 08-Aug-2018 - 12-Aug-2018
Beautiful place and breathtaking surroundings - could not have had better service. Thanks to all the staff, specially Pak Agung and Ratna for their impeccable service. Hope to return one day soon.
Araya and Nayoko, Indonesia, 06-Jul-2018 - 08-Jul-2018
Thank you so much and every staff has done an amazing job and we had the best night of our times. The team here is amazing, professional, polite and attentive. We cannot say enough thanks to the entire team. We will definitely come back here. Everything was absolutely perfect.
Melissa P, Australia, 08-Jun-2018 - 11-Jun-2018
Pandawa has been the best experience. The staff have been exceptional. Candra has ensured that all our wishes have been met and no task has been too big, we would highly recommend to everyone. Thanks so much for making every day incredible and a truly unforgettable experience.
Friends of Amelia, Singapore, 03-Jun-2018 - 07-Jun-2018
Thank you for your gracious Balinese hospitality. We loved joining you for Kemp and Amelia's wedding. Many thanks.
Elizabeth & Joseph, Australia, 02-May-2018 - 06-May-2018
We cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience we had at Pandawa. The staff went above and beyond to make this stay a once in a life time experience. Our wedding was everything we could have wanted. We will definitely be back to relive the paradise that is Pandawa Cliff Estate.
Jonson Y, Indonesia, 27-Apr-2018 - 29-Apr-2018
Amazing villa, good food, great service.
Sarah B, Australia, 20-Apr-2018 - 23-Apr-2018
We and our guest have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our stay. Thank you all for looking after our friends and family so well. We have created some ever lasting memories with our favorite people and will never forget. Food, hospitality and service was all 6 stars.
Rong W, China, 15-Feb-2018 - 18-Feb-2018
Perfect, we will come back. Thank you so much.
Joy T, New Zealand, 07-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017
Beautiful villas, helpful accommodating staff. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you so much.
Penelope .M W, Singapore, 17-Sep-2017 - 27-Sep-2017
We both had a fantastic time here. The staff are amazing and attentive. The food is great. We feel really relaxed going home, just what we needed.
Yijing S, China, 18-Aug-2017 - 23-Aug-2017
This villa is good. We are so relaxed.
Liangjin G, China, 28-Jun-2017 - 02-Jul-2017
Villa Marie is an amazing villa. We really enjoyed staying here. All the staff members are very nice and helpful to us. We arrived late on the first day and the staff were nice and gave us a warm welcome and they even prepared late dinner for us. We were so touched. We also loved the food the chef made for us. Staying here is an unforgettable experience for all of us. We are looking forward to come back soon.
Minyee T, Hong Kong, 08-Apr-2017 - 12-Apr-2017
Thank you for taking care of all of us. We were all very happy and enjoyed the stay so much . Food - amazing! Service - amazing! Thank you once again!
Peter P, Australia, 25-Feb-2017 - 02-Mar-2017
Wow , just wow. Amazing experience. The staff made the whole trip incredibly memorable! We will be back!
Wei L, China, 04-Feb-2017 - 10-Feb-2017
This is the first time to experience in villa living in Bali. We are enjoyable to live in, especially for our kids. The swimming pool is suitable for children, and they played twice per day. As a chef enjoyed the cooking in the kitchen. Actually I cooked every day with the local seafood. The staff in the villa are nice, we enjoyed the hospitality provided by the service group, they quite young and speak fluent English. Hopefully next time we choose the villa again and advice to our friends while we are back. Happy New Year.
Hong T, China, 25-Jan-2017 - 02-Feb-2017
This villa is very beautiful. We have wonderful time to stay here. Our children also like here. They are so happy. Thank you very much!
Melvin T, Singapore, 07-Jan-2017 - 10-Jan-2017
A massive thank for all your professionalism, care and sincere service though out our stay in your beautiful villas! Your hospitality has made my trip a very memorable one. This has to be one of the best places/venues that have ever stay in. Keep up the great work and culture that your team possessed and we look forward to come back to your villas again. Big than you once again!
Daphne P, Singapore, 08-Oct-2016 - 11-Oct-2016
Diego , Agung , Putu , Bayu , Cita and all thanks a lot for taking care of us , we had an amazing time here. Service is top notch and this place is absolute paradise that we dont want to leave !!! But will be back for sure !!! Thanks for everything and helping on the wedding day as well! It was a great one!
Erin B, Indonesia, 19-May-2016 - 22-May-2016
To the team at Pandawa, you have done an amazing job at making us all feel welcome and very well looked after. Nothing was an issue and our every need as catered for, even down to buying us beer!. As a wedding venue, we couldn't have asked for better and all the guests commented on how amazing their stay was! Thanks you all very much and wishing you all the very best!
Arminda J, Hong Kong, 05-May-2016 - 10-May-2016
Best villa we have stayed! Very friendly staff and helpful. Will definitely come back again and suggest to my friends. Thank you guys for the service.
Fitrisia T, Indonesia, 23-Jan-2016 - 25-Jan-2016
We really enjoyed our stay in this place, very friendly and helpful staff. Love the setting and facilities and thank you for all the assistance.
Celine W, United Kingdom, 30-May-2015 - 04-Jun-2015
Thanks you for taking care of us. Thank you so much for a wonderful and relaxing holiday. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed themselves. Special thanks to Pak Wayan chef for feeding us so well. Every meal was so yummy - we hardly had a hungry moment .
Keith M, Australia, 15-May-2015 - 20-May-2015
Thank you for an incredible stay. The staff were so kind and helpful. Definitely want to come back again.
Stuart E, Indonesia, 01-May-2015 - 07-May-2015
We enjoyed a perfect stay. The rooms were excellent ,the food is great, the high point of the experience was efficient, friendly and positive attitude of the staff. We shall certainly return.
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