Malaiwana Residences - Penthouse
Junrong C, China, 06-May-2023 - 09-May-2023
Many thanks to Hana and all the crew. It’s the best Thai food we’ve ever had! This feels like home. Thank you Chef and Hana. I really like the shrimp and curry soup and Thai milk tea.
Torsten M, Germany, 17-Apr-2023 - 24-Apr-2023
We had very relaxing days here in Thailand. Mr. Ex and his entire team took good care of us. Excellent chef, and we felt comfortable. Especially the view from the pool is unique. The boys enjoyed the nightly trips to Patong. Ule and I loved the morning swim in the bay.
Milton F, United Kingdom, 11-Mar-2023 - 22-Mar-2023
Thank you so much for your great hospitality and service. The food was great. Mina delivered most of the Thai cookbook we bought from London. Malaiwana Penthouse is a fabulous property and together with our villa staff, made trip a super holiday.
Andy B, United Kingdom, 17-Feb-2023 - 21-Feb-2023
Thank you! To Ex & his staff, Fantastic service and Magnificent food, We are sad to leave.
Gigi Y, Hong Kong, 28-Jan-2023 - 01-Feb-2023
Thank you so much for the cozy accommodation for the past few days. We totally love the house and especially the food. We love this Penthouse, Its new modern and clean. I really want to say that the Villa Manager is superb (Ex) and the chef is amazing. We will definitely be back here soon. Thanks for the hospitality.
Tingxuan Z, China, 23-Jan-2023 - 27-Jan-2023
We had an amazing time during our stay here. Thank you for everything.
Arnaud B, Singapore, 20-Jan-2023 - 23-Jan-2023
Thank you so much for making this memorable stay and so well care of our family. We had a wonderful time, splendid food, and your warm welcome made us feel at home.
Tina C, United States, 17-Jan-2023 - 20-Jan-2023
Thank you for a fabulous time. Great attitude, Smily faces and overall, a fantastic location, and lovely lovely view.
April N, United Kingdom, 21-Dec-2022 - 29-Dec-2022
Thank you, Ex, Meena, Niu and Laila for the most wonderful trip and relaxing holiday we could imagine. The food was the best Thai food we have ever had, and the service was incredible. The villa is gorgeous. It made a fantastic holiday in a beautiful and special part of Phuket. See you again soon.
Sebastia M, Singapore, 27-Oct-2022 - 30-Oct-2022
Thank you for your warm hospitality, very active & cheerful & friendly. Had a wonderful time here and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Wonderful guest service is a topnotch. Thank you and hope to see you again
Supha A, United States, 22-Jul-2022 - 26-Jul-2022
We enjoy our time at the wonderful Malaiwanna. Our staff and chef are wonderful and very helpful We sure want to comeback. Thank you so much
PONGWARIT S, Thailand, 13-Apr-2021 - 16-Apr-2021
Great service, good atmosphere, nice view.
Pongsakorn P, Thailand, 13-Mar-2021 - 16-Mar-2021
Thank you for taking good care of us. Good food and nice people who made me feel very comfortable. Loved the bed so much! We will be back as soon as possible. Be right back. Tyson
Dorina A, Russia, 25-Dec-2020 - 01-Mar-2021
Thank you very much Vicky and all the staff for such a pleasant stay! Special thanks to Maya. Malaiwana is the best complex in Phuket. I will be happy to come back again. Darina
Tatiana K, Thailand, 27-Jun-2020 - 27-Jul-2020
Thank you that we could stay at this miracle place for the second time. We love this place. We love the villa. We love your hospitality and your lovely service. Thank you for all. We wish you health love and happiness. The love life passport crew.
Tayler S, Indonesia, 01-Mar-2020 - 08-Mar-2020
Thank you that we could be at this place for second time. We love this place. We love the villa. We love hospitality and your lovely service. Thank you for all. We wish you health love and happiness.
Ms. Wei, China, 09-Feb-2020 - 13-Feb-2020
I and my family were very happy for this vacation in this villa. The room was very clean and beautiful, the food also very good. All the staff also very nice. We have been staying in Phuket here almost 1 month and booked 7 villas with Elite Havens. This place is the best that me appreciated. Thank you for beautiful memories.
JIN S, China, 29-Jan-2020 - 03-Feb-2020
Thank you all the staff for the good service and the food was very tasty.
Lee family, China, 22-Jan-2020 - 26-Jan-2020
Thank you everyone for taking care of us. The staff cooked food very well. We hope to see you guys next time soon.
Karis L, Hong Kong, 16-Jan-2020 - 19-Jan-2020
Thanks a lot for an amazing stay. We enjoyed it so much
Ewan M, Japan, 10-Dec-2019 - 13-Dec-2019
Thank you very much for having us! The view of the villa is amazing and I really liked the atmosphere, very cozy and relaxing. Hope to come back sometime in the future. Bye Bye
Bhalarp V, Thailand, 11-Oct-2019 - 14-Oct-2019
This is definitely the most beautiful villa with the best views we have ever visited! Clear blue sky and shades of blue ocean, infinity pool and best hospitality team plus delicious food, BBQ and more. No other places can be comparable! This is our first full team family trip in the past 15 years and our family could not be more happy to spend our weekend here at this lovely place. Will definitely come back.
CHEN T, China, 30-Sep-2019 - 04-Oct-2019
Thank you for the good response of the villa team.
Yuejan P, China, 24-Sep-2019 - 26-Sep-2019
We are very happy. Phuket is very beautiful Island. The villa is very big and comfortable for our group. The staffs are also very friendly. We hope to see you again and will come back soon.
Hong Z, Philippines, 07-Sep-2019 - 11-Sep-2019
Dear villa staff, Thank you for your hospitality and guest service.The view here at the villa is amazing and breath taking. It is my first time here at Phuket. Even though it is raining season we still enjoyed every bit of it.I did not plan much of activity because I know I can just lay by the pool and enjoy the view and the beach here. Special trip with my mom, aunt, Owen, my cousin. All I can say that five days four nights are not enough! We will be back.
Tan C, Malaysia, 29-Aug-2019 - 01-Sep-2019
Thank you so much to the team for wonderful stay. The place was always clean and the food was incredible! Special shout out to Pekky, our butler and Nam,the chef for making our stay extra wonderful. Hope to be back again soon!
Taylor S, United Arab Emirates, 14-Aug-2019 - 21-Aug-2019
Thank you for this phenomenal time here in Phuket! Your hospitality was out of this world! We do not want to leave this place. The lovely crew!
Mr Withinya K, Thailand, 03-Aug-2019 - 05-Aug-2019
Villa is very beautiful. My mother really like this villa, it is more private. The food very delicious, good service and Pekky have very good service. I want to stay longer, around one month. So we will come back again.
Ida C, Hong Kong, 25-Jul-2019 - 28-Jul-2019
Immense pleasure to address committed, attentive and supporting staff at Malaiwana. Highly appreciated. Wonderful trip.
He An H, China, 21-Jul-2019 - 24-Jul-2019
Very warm, very good food. I hope I can see each other again. Good luck.
Brian P, New Zealand, 10-Jul-2019 - 16-Jul-2019
Oh my gosh! Fantastic stay, beautiful villa, loved sharing my brother Briana's and nephew Jacques' birthday. Wahoo, love and hugs, Carol
Lai X, China, 28-Jun-2019 - 01-Jul-2019
This is a very wonderful stay experience. The chef is very attentive, especially the delicious food seasoning. After spending 3 nights here, this is the place where people can come and relax to temporarily forget their problems. Traveling with friends is a really happy thing. Thank you for providing the privacy of the villa! Thank you, my lovely friend! This is a memorable journey in my life. Sea view here, having friends together, everything is hard to forget and living a wonderful life where life cannot be repeated. Thank you. My dear, my partner, thank you all of your team.
Hu Zhi W, China, 08-Jun-2019 - 11-Jun-2019
Very nice day Very Good
Kian Boon L, Thailand, 05-Jun-2019 - 08-Jun-2019
This is the best villa from the few I have visited in Phuket! Well done to the team of Elite Havens! The chef cooks really well and the team is very helpful and attentive! Our family enjoyed the 4 day stay here at this beautiful, clean, and modern villa with a million dollar view! We definitely will be back again! Xoxo Lin family
CELINE T, Singapore, 18-May-2019 - 21-May-2019
Dear Pekky &team, Thanks for the wonderful food and care given during our stay here! The villa has been amazing with such breathtaking sunset! We will be back Celine and friends 2019
Soowei C, Singapore, 10-May-2019 - 12-May-2019
Dear Team at Malaiwana Penhouse, Thank you for our wonderful celebrity weekend. I had the most memorable time celebrating my big-four-zero! Pekky was very helpful. The villa was always very clean. The food at dinner was super delicious Thai food, Thank you chef. And the best sunset too!
Cong Z, China, 02-Apr-2019 - 06-Apr-2019
We are here for six days. Very impressed with the service. Feel good and safe too. Next time we want to come back again. Thank you.
Stephen F, Philippines, 16-Feb-2019 - 23-Feb-2019
The pictures I saw online were beautiful but when we got here, we were both blown away. You come up the stairs to the wall of windows over looking the Andaman Sea. To lounging in the pool watching the sun sink over the horizon is truly breath taking, to waking up in the morning to the crystal clear sea.This place is truly what dreams are made of. When you close your eyes and in vision paradise, you think of here. We can not thank you enough for the AMAZING hospitality. Anything we needed you provided with all of your kind smiles. We ask Lek to only cook Thai food and the food was absolutely delicious. We will see you soon, definitely will be back.
Zhonghua L, China, 31-Jan-2019 - 10-Feb-2019
Your villa is good, perfect view, perfect service.
Liu P, China, 13-Jan-2019 - 19-Jan-2019
We loved our time here and the hospitality was just amazing. The villa is so beautiful and the pool was so much fun. Our family had the best time and would love to come back to the Malaiwana residences. Will never forgot the service and the smiling faces of all the staff.
Karen S, Australia, 26-Dec-2018 - 05-Jan-2019
Thank you for looking after us so well over our 10 days stay. Our family of 16 (with 8 children and 9 adults) we had the best holiday together. We’ re all sorry to leave but hopefully will be back sometime soon. Fabulous food, view, pool and support from the lovely staff.
Marco Lam, China, 16-Dec-2018 - 19-Dec-2018
Good environment , good friends and good food, give us the beautiful 3 days. Thank you all for taking care of us gently, thank you Phuket to give us a special holiday.
Barbara B, United States, 27-Nov-2018 - 30-Nov-2018
We don't want to leave this please. Most beautiful villa ever. We were treated like royalty by the most beautiful hard working women. This was the most amazing experience. One of those life time experiences you will always treasure. The service was outstanding. The food was the best in all our travels in Thailand. We love you all. Come Stay with us in California.
Anna R, Australia, 21-Sep-2018 - 27-Sep-2018
The view, the pool, the villa unbelievable! We thank you the beautiful staff for looking after us.
Jason T, Hong Kong, 02-Aug-2018 - 06-Aug-2018
Great service, friendly staff, perfect view, we would love to be back.
Ni Z, China, 12-May-2018 - 16-May-2018
We spent five days in this villa and everything here is so nice. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed it. Thanks to all the staff and services and I hope to come here again.
Ying Ying K, Malaysia, 07-May-2018 - 12-May-2018
Lilly and the wonderful team, our stay has been more than wonderful. You made paradise possible for us with your hospitality, thank you.
Chen G, China, 27-Apr-2018 - 30-Apr-2018
Thank you for services. Great villa, great view and great food. We all feel happy and comfortable here. Best wishes for you all.
Boyang S, China, 30-Mar-2018 - 04-Apr-2018
Thank you guys for all the great services in the past five days especially the food - best Thai food we have ever had! May come back for Chinese New Year.
Ying Ying K, Malaysia, 17-Mar-2018 - 22-Mar-2018
The villa and view was absolutely stunning. Thank you to the wonderful team who worked tirelessly to make our experience so memorable. It was a first class experience! Many thanks to beautiful Lilly and her staff.
Wiengarten family, Germany, 29-Jan-2018 - 09-Feb-2018
We had a great stay in Penthouse C1 during 12 days with the most amazing view of Phuket Island. Thanks especially to the staff - Nina, Villa Manager; Jeng, Chef; Nong, Maid; and Ayam, Maid. They did an excellent job cooking and service. We'll come back again!
Dan L, China, 01-Nov-2017 - 04-Nov-2017
All staff are very good!
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