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Samantha P, United States, 11-May-2023 - 16-May-2023
Wow! Villa Radha is our oasis from the constant hustle & bustle outside. We could have spend the whole time relaxing in this Eden. Service & hospitality is as wonderful as the food & spa. Thanks to everyone who made our stay so special. Edward & Samantha, USA.
Roy K, Netherlands, 05-May-2023 - 09-May-2023
Amazing stay and staff, thank a lot for wonderful experience. Romae & Roy - Netherland.
Caroline L, South Korea, 03-May-2023 - 05-May-2023
Wise/ quite/ warm heart of everyone here at Dea Villas. Will be back with my company next time. Especially Cok, do you very good job.
Amy W, New Zealand, 21-Apr-2023 - 28-Apr-2023
Amazing week away. You have all taken such good care of us. Thank you so much. Mary & Helen. New Zealand.
Megan F, Australia, 12-Apr-2023 - 19-Apr-2023
When we arrived we felt we had arrived in paradise. A perfect blend of privacy and caring service by the wonderful team at Dea Villas.
Monica D, Australia, 18-Mar-2023 - 04-Apr-2023
Villa Radha is a tropical oasis, A touch of Paradise in the most busy Canggu area. We always appreciate your effort to make us feel at home. Thank you!
Mahesh V, India, 12-Mar-2023 - 18-Mar-2023
Dear Cok and Team, Thank you so much for the wonderful vacation. Everything was absolutely amazing . The food was incredible and the staff was top match. Everything that we ever wanted was there before we even asked. I only wish that we could have stayed longer . Time almost seemed to stand still.
Felicia C, Singapore, 09-Mar-2023 - 12-Mar-2023
Dear Pak Cok and Dea Villa Staff, We had an amazing stay and we are really grateful that we had chosen Dea Villas to our wedding Venue. Thank you for accommodating our various requests. The Villa grounds are helpful and will help by the staff. We sincerely hope to be back someday. Clement & Felicia
Chérifa B, Hong Kong, 03-Mar-2023 - 06-Mar-2023
Thank you for all your kindness and smiles. We went twice in 2023 and hopefully will come back again soon. The food is amazing and the staff is awesome. See you soon and take care.
John P, United States, 27-Feb-2023 - 03-Mar-2023
Thank you to all the wonderful people who made our stay so special. From moment one, they catered to our every need. We loved the way that they addressed us every day, using our names, we often felt embarrassed because we could not always reciprocate. I think I can honestly say we loved everything about our stay. We sincerely hope to be back.
Frédéric P, France, 21-Feb-2023 - 23-Feb-2023
Thank you to host and take care of me during my stay. Your team did the best to make sure I feel comfortable.
Richard S, United States, 12-Feb-2023 - 19-Feb-2023
We had such a wonderful time here ! The place and the service was amazing and we will strongly recommend anyone to come here and enjoy. Kristen. California, USA
Julie Tardieu 1, Indonesia, 20-Jan-2023 - 24-Jan-2023
What a great experience !!! We had such a good time in Dea Villas. Nothing better to enjoy the great time with big group of friends, the beauty of Dea Villa, The kindness of the staff. We enjoyed every minute and we will definitely come back to Dea Villas, to the island of God. Julie & French team
Michelle W, Australia, 09-Jan-2023 - 12-Jan-2023
Thank you to your wonderful team at Dea Villas. You made our 50th celebration truly memorable. Such a wonderful time in a stunning location. Your team always served with a smile. We look forward to visiting again very soon.
Fujairah H, United Arab Emirates, 28-Dec-2022 - 02-Jan-2023
Awesome Villa and a beautiful & friendly staff , every one is so nice. see you next time guys.
Monica D, Australia, 21-Nov-2022 - 07-Dec-2022
Fabulous, return visit. We'll be back for sure. Great villa. Awesome service, fantastic restaurant & beautiful Balinese culture.
Colleen S, United States, 02-Sep-2022 - 06-Sep-2022
This is our first trip to Bali and I could no imagine a more welcoming and beautiful Villa! Cok an the entire staff here are some of the most amazing people and have made our time here magical. We loved it so much we are already planning our next trip Back ! Thank you so much to the team here at Dea Villas, We Can not Wait to come back again next year. Love Colleen + Robert
Rachel C, France, 04-Aug-2022 - 08-Aug-2022
A wonderful stay in Villa Radha ! Thank you very much.
Sergio F, Switzerland, 29-Jul-2022 - 02-Aug-2022
It was such a pleasure to stay at your wonderful Place. True Paradise in the heart of Canggu. But especially the staff made it so special. Thank you so much and see you soon.
Nikos A, Australia, 30-Jun-2022 - 05-Jul-2022
Dear Cok and the Dea Villas Crew, Thank you so much for having us to stay at your beautiful accommodation. It is truly paradise on earth. We will definitely be back to enjoy the incredible hospitality and talkative geckos. I was especially blown away by the birthday decorations, cake and champagne on the ice that greeted us on arrival. Very memorable. all the best for 2022 and hope to be back again soon.
Benjamin C, United States, 16-Jun-2022 - 21-Jun-2022
Thank you so much for wonderful stay at Dea Villas - Villa Radha. It is charming and peaceful here an excellent way to begin our Bali/Thailand adventure! Food was amazing and staff made us feel at home! We hope to be back here are day! Thank you!!!
Anne M, Australia, 10-Jun-2022 - 15-Jun-2022
We enjoyed the peaceful and private Villa very much. Thank you to all nice and friendly staff. Heaven on Earth.
Emma L, British Virgin Islands, 08-Aug-2020 - 17-Aug-2020
We were very pleased to stay at Villa Radha, surround with tropical garden, and make our holiday relaxed. That the manager and staff care about our needs, we having the best of times, we could use the whole complex being the only guests and made use of the large pool. The food, cocktails and service has been fantastic. All room look great and we will came back with friends and family. Thank you for very hospitable V relaxing holiday. Stunning Villa, Lovely staff ! Terima Kasi.
Marcia & Steven, United Kingdom, 05-Mar-2020 - 13-Mar-2020
When we arrived we felt we had arrived in paradise. A perfect blend of privacy and caring service by the wonderful team at Dea Villas, a jungle paradise we will never forget. Thank you so much.
Jo C, Australia, 17-Feb-2020 - 22-Feb-2020
Thank you for so much for such an amazing experience. Everyone was just fantastic.
Nish L, Australia, 13-Feb-2020 - 16-Feb-2020
I had an absolutely amazing time here at Dea Villas. The garden, staff and accommodation were all superb. I hope to be back soon !
Vivienne H, Australia, 14-Jan-2020 - 19-Jan-2020
Exceptional service by all the staff. Nothing was a problem. They decorated Villa Sati for our birthday celebration beautifully making it an extremely memorable vacation for all. Highly recommend and perfect for families or a couple. Beautiful accommodation.
James M, United Kingdom, 29-Dec-2019 - 06-Jan-2020
What a beautiful place! Waking up to the birds was amazing. The privacy at Dea Villas is just what we needed! The plants and trees are my favourite. The staff are INCREDIBLE! No task was too big. We got everything we wanted, I will be back in 2 months!
Seb W, Singapore, 29-Nov-2019 - 02-Dec-2019
What an amazing place. Thank you so much for everything - for the food, the service and the villa so beautiful. We will be back for sure and we will recommend to all our family and my friends.
Julia & Debbi, South Africa, 15-Nov-2019 - 22-Nov-2019
Wow! Wow what an incredible time we had. Service was fantastic. Thank you for making our stay so special!
Kate & Kyle, Australia, 12-Nov-2019 - 14-Nov-2019
My husband and I stayed in Villa Radha for our honeymoon. Thank you for providing amazing service and such a beautiful place for us to stay. We enjoyed every second, I will recommend Dea Villas to our friends and family.
Molly F, Canada, 09-Nov-2019 - 11-Nov-2019
Thank you for the beautiful stay! Such a sanctuary with great friendly staff !!!
Erica & Leighton, United Arab Emirates, 21-Oct-2019 - 25-Oct-2019
Awesome place, unbelievable service like being on a fantasy Island. Thank you so much for looking after us all so well. Such a magical place to stay. Beautiful setting and relaxing.
Samone D, Australia, 13-Oct-2019 - 20-Oct-2019
Thank you for a wonderful stay at your villa. Staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. And thank you for help with our wedding. Very professional - great staff and thank you so much.
Sally C, Hong Kong, 09-Oct-2019 - 13-Oct-2019
Thank you so much a wonderful time here at Dea Villas specially at Villa Radha. A wonderful time all week, we will recommend you to our family and our friends.
Florent P, France, 10-Sep-2019 - 11-Sep-2019
Wonderful area, a little paradise. Thank you so much for your kindness.
Erin G, Australia, 15-Jul-2019 - 21-Jul-2019
Thank you so much for wonderful hospitality. Bali is Amazing and your staff are beautiful.
Tori W, United States, 25-May-2019 - 27-May-2019
Thank you so much for an amazing stay here. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Villa Radha is like a tropical paradise.
Bryan H, Australia, 17-May-2019 - 20-May-2019
We feel grateful for the constant high class service you have provided here at Villa Radha. The food and cleanliness is five star. Our massages were exceptional. Look forward to return trip.
Karen S, United States, 01-Apr-2019 - 10-Apr-2019
Thank so Much for an amazing stay here. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Villa Radha is like a tropical paradise.
Alison G, Australia, 26-Mar-2019 - 29-Mar-2019
Thank You for wonderful and peaceful stay at Villa Radha. We loved the villa and staff were amazing. We will absolutely will be back soon. Thank you Dea Villas.
Helmut S, Germany, 26-Feb-2019 - 10-Mar-2019
Thank you for the wonderful two weeks at our little Paradise, Villa Radha. Because of you, this holiday will be remembered and unforgettable. We were spoiled like kings. We wish you all the best for you and your families and are sure we will see you all again soon.
John K, Canada, 13-Jan-2019 - 17-Jan-2019
I enjoyed my stay in Villa Radha again very much. The private garden made my holiday like a tropical Paradise. The staff were outstanding.
Sydney H, Australia, 30-Dec-2018 - 02-Jan-2019
Thank you so much for making our first trip to Bali So memorable. All the staff were so friendly and attentive. Villa Radha is a very special place and we can not wait to return soon. Other items of note were both the amazing massages we had and the copious amounts of club sandwiches ordered to the pool.
Angela and Eddie, Indonesia, 25-Dec-2018 - 27-Dec-2018
Thank you for your attentive and caring hospitality our stay in Villa Radha. Nothing was ever too much trouble. The beautiful cake with the lovely sentiment for our 15 year wedding anniversary was precious.
Monica, Australia, 03-Dec-2018 - 14-Dec-2018
Excellent place to relax and great service. The staff are incredibly attentive and thoughtful. Great location - walking distance to the beach, cafes and shopping. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the serenity of a tropical paradise or an adventurous exploration of the local sights and activities.
Andrew L, China, 01-Dec-2018 - 03-Dec-2018
Villa Radha is a beautiful villa. Everything is very well appointed. The villa is all made out of teak wood and has a great feel to it. I slept fantastic! Staff is super friendly and very helpful and breakfast was always great. I can recommend this villa and I hope to be back soon.
Jacqueline S, United States, 23-Nov-2018 - 26-Nov-2018
We have chosen the best place we could in all of Bali. Radha Villa and you guys stolen our hearts. You helped us with everything we wished for and that made this trip unforgettable for us. The whole Bali mindset - kindness and culture are an inspiration for us. We will come back.
Yean L, Malaysia, 10-Nov-2018 - 13-Nov-2018
We have been blown away by the beautiful view of the garden surrounding the villas and good staff service. The spectacular and the beauty of Bali. We will most certainly be back.
Megan M, Australia, 04-Nov-2018 - 08-Nov-2018
Thank you so much for everything. We stay 4 nights at Radha Villa and it was really wonderful. We enjoyed it very much. The luxury villa is breathtakingly beautiful with a real jungle feeling. The staff very friendly and help you with everything. It was a special experience and perfect for taking pictures.
Andrew G, Australia, 01-Oct-2018 - 12-Oct-2018
Thank you for an amazing stay in beautiful Dea Villas Villa Radha. You looked after us so well and have been very kind to share this wonderful place with us.
Phillippa G, Australia, 14-Sep-2018 - 17-Sep-2018
We had an amazing time for our holiday and our wedding. All the staff always remember our names and were always helpful and gave us good recommendations.
Kristian H, Indonesia, 18-Aug-2018 - 24-Aug-2018
This our fist stay at Dea, but it will not be our last. The villa has special place in our hearts, not just due to the beauty of the accumulate grounds and the surrounding landscape and architecture. Most of all we enjoyed becouse of the love and care extended by the staff. The Staff were awesome with their attentiveness to our needs which was not only highly professional but friendly, caring and warm. Thank you again for helping me and my wife embrace the beauty and culture of the Balinese people.
Yoonne and Leigh, Indonesia, 18-Jul-2018 - 21-Jul-2018
Thank you all for most enjoyable venue for our wedding and a wonderful stay has been had all. The most relaxing and comfortable villas we have stayed.
Shannon andJames, Australia, 11-Jul-2018 - 17-Jul-2018
Thank you very much for having us at Villa Radha, we have just loved our holiday. Staff just wonderful - a magical and relaxing time. Especially love the district antique furniture.
Michael B, Canada, 27-Jun-2018 - 07-Jul-2018
We stay 10 days at Villa Radha and were simply blow away by the beauty of the place. Very luxurious villa and the staff were attentive from the beginning and help in very possible way. You can ask them anything. Were coming home relaxed and will be back next time.
Jenieka K, Australia, 04-Jun-2018 - 06-Jun-2018
Thank you for the amazing stay and service, was absolutely great!
Craig S, Australia, 11-May-2018 - 15-May-2018
Cok, Kadek and the team at Villa Dea Radha, our second amazing stay at your wonderful villa. Our little piece of paradise in Bali. Thank for everything, we will see you next time. Going Home Very Relaxed!
Kate W, Australia, 04-May-2018 - 11-May-2018
What a beautiful place to stay. We were simply blown a way by the beauty and the luxury of this lovely villa. Thank you to the staff who were all so friendly and welcoming and went out of their way to make our stay special. We hope to be able to return in the future. Thank you.
Nick L, United Kingdom, 13-Apr-2018 - 23-Apr-2018
From the moment we stepped foot on your property, we felt at home and in paradise. The warm greeting of your fabulous staff, the sound of nature all around and beautiful comfortable villas made no ahead on departure already. This last week has been exceptional on every level! We are so sad to leave but will be back soon. Thank you very much for everything. It was perfect.
Kassandra B, Australia, 30-Mar-2018 - 06-Apr-2018
Thank you for the privilege of staying here for the last week. This place and its people were beautiful beyond words. World class facilities, breath-taking scenery and decor, clean with every thought and detail provided. The staff here deliver an exceptional service. They made the difficult seem simple and made any plans smooth and seamless. Nothing too big or too small - other places could learn from this team. Thank you for the honeymoon dreams. Cannot wait to return.
Suellen T, Australia, 01-Feb-2018 - 10-Feb-2018
Our second wonderful holiday at Villa Radha! The atmosphere is a relaxing and the staff wonderful and attentive. This is a very special part of Bali, and traditional architecture and the landscape make it more special for our holiday. Thank you for all the staff make our holiday more memorable.
John K, Canada, 14-Jan-2018 - 19-Jan-2018
I enjoyed my 5 days visit to Dea Villa Radha very much. This was a very special experience in a wonderful luxury villa. With very attentive and friendly staff. The facilities with all excellent. Everything was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. It was a very enjoyable and memorable and I hope to repeat it.
Martin D, Australia, 24-Nov-2017 - 01-Dec-2017
Many thanks for your hospitality, kindness and sweetness. We've had nice time staying here and enjoying the pools, the spa, and the Canggu area. Our highlights were the birthday balloons and the cake. Thank you so much for organizing.
Prem L, India, 14-Oct-2017 - 21-Oct-2017
From the moment stepped foot on your property, we felt at home and in paradise. The warm greetings of your fabulous staff, the sound of nature all around the beautiful comfortable villa made us very sad to leave. This past week has been exceptional on every level. We will be back soon. Thank so much for everything. It was perfect.
Brand S, Australia, 11-Sep-2017 - 19-Sep-2017
Thank you for helping us enjoy a wonderful, relaxing stay. Villa Radha is wonderful place we will always remember. Radha is beautiful retreat. Thank you so much. A huge thank you to Kadek Listiawati, Santhi, Sudirman, and Mr. Chok.
Philippe G, Australia, 19-Aug-2017 - 22-Aug-2017
Many Time in Bali!!!! First Time at Villa Dea - Radha. For Sure , not the last. We love this place! We love Canggu ! We love Balinese People. And we adore Dea Villas - it is paradise. Thank you to the staff.
Colin F, Indonesia, 09-Aug-2017 - 11-Aug-2017
Thank you so much the wonderful stay and for accommodating all of our request, no matter how big or small. Can't wait to come back soon.
Addison M, Australia, 31-May-2017 - 04-Jun-2017
Thank you for your tremendous hospitality. We loved our stay at Dea Villas! Everything was wonderful but too short, so we will just have to come back!
Morgan C, Hong Kong, 27-May-2017 - 30-May-2017
Thank you for an amazing relaxing stay.
Alexandrea B, United States, 12-May-2017 - 19-May-2017
Thank you for unbeatable service in an unforgettable setting. We enjoyed everything from the food to the flower arrangements. We will definitely be back, hopefully for 30 days next trip. With much love and light, thank you.
Jean Michel F, France, 05-May-2017 - 07-May-2017
Thank you for these fantastic 3 days,.... It is Paradise!!! We love it. Thank you for your welcome - great staff! and very good food and breakfast. It was so short. We'd like to come back and with our children. Thank you for all. Suksma for hospitality.
Michael L, Germany, 03-Jan-2017 - 25-Jan-2017
It was so nice to be here. See you in two year. Thank you for all.
Abigail G, United States, 16-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016
Thank you for amazing service, my husband and I enjoyed our short stay here, we will definitely be back.
Alison G, Australia, 07-Nov-2016 - 09-Nov-2016
My partner and I stayed for 2 days in Villa Radha. It was absolutely peaceful, the perfect way to spend my birthday. The staff are so attentive and kind - we absolutely loved out stay and hope to be back again very soon. Terima Kasih. Ps - Thank you so much for my birthday cake !!! It was very special.
Adine L, Australia, 02-Oct-2016 - 07-Oct-2016
Our stay at Villa Radha, for 5 Nights, was absolutely awesome. The lush garden, ponds and jungle atmosphere - unbeatable. Love the pool. The house is so beautiful. We have stayed in many places in Bali and Villa Radha will be are our favourite. Will recommend to friends! Service "5 Star" and very friendly.
Alex S, United States, 27-Sep-2016 - 30-Sep-2016
Our stay in Villa Radha has been amazing! It has been a very relaxing and wonderful experience. the service has been phenomenal and the food delicious. We couldn't have imagined how perfect it would be, we are sad to leave but we leave but will hopefully be back!!! Thank you for taking such great care of us.
Martin B, Netherlands, 22-Sep-2016 - 25-Sep-2016
We stay in Radha Villa for 3 Nights. It was fantastic, the atmosphere of the house and garden... fantastic... also the pool. Paradise. Every one was very friendly and Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner always very tasteful. So we like to come back. Thank you !!!
Rohit M, India, 18-Sep-2016 - 20-Sep-2016
Very pleasant and relaxing stay. More than happy with the service quality.
Loic T, Singapore, 10-Sep-2016 - 12-Sep-2016
Beautiful place for holiday and good service and great staff.
James M, United States, 15-Aug-2016 - 20-Aug-2016
Thank you for an amazing experience. We celebrated our Wedding Honeymoon here and could not ask for anything more. We will be back again soon.
Harry B, United Kingdom, 11-Aug-2016 - 15-Aug-2016
Thank you for making our stay at Villa Radha so memorable. The service, food and overall experience was been absolutely impeccable and we had much a wonderful stay.
Matthew S, United States, 06-Jul-2016 - 12-Jul-2016
Thank you for all the staff to make our holiday very special. The villa was very wonderful, surrounded with natural garden. We will be back next time.
Fabian D, Switzerland, 17-Jun-2016 - 03-Jul-2016
Thank very much for the beautiful stay in this wonderful villa. The venue is incredible and it was an amazing experience to wake up with the sound the nature.
Mr. Mark W, Australia, 04-Jun-2016 - 06-Jun-2016
Thank you for making our 'honeymoon' so wonderful!!! We will be sure to come back if we ever have the real honeymoon.
Marcel D, Germany, 19-May-2016 - 02-Jun-2016
Thank you very much you have made out stay so enjoyable, there was always somebody to assist us, no matter the problem or inquiry, or the time of day. everything here was just perfect and it would not have been the same without all of you - so please accept our heartfelt " THANK YOU " you made this honeymoon special.
Paul M, United Kingdom, 09-Nov-2015 - 20-Nov-2015
A beautiful villa set in an enchanting tropical garden. A perfect place to relax and feel the pressures of the outside world disappear as you take in your tranquil surroundings. The staff are wonderful and always keen to ensure your stay is a happy and memorable one. I would thoroughly recommend this villa to anyone who seeks a little piece of paradise on the lovely island of Bali.
Stephan S, Australia, 31-Oct-2015 - 04-Nov-2015
This villa is an oasis and ideal for complete relaxation.The setting of a 200 year old Javanese house is completed by perfectly matching surroundings including most beautiful fishponds, a little stream through impressive vegetation and a really nice pool. The staff matched the setting in being always available and helpful, but never disturbing our peaceful time.
Suellen T, Australia, 12-Sep-2015 - 21-Sep-2015
Lovely charming villa with friendly, helpful staff
Konstantinos M, Belgium, 02-Aug-2015 - 11-Aug-2015
This is great villa with a lot of character and fabulous tropical surroundings.
Mariya J, Sri Lanka, 30-May-2015 - 01-Jun-2015
Awesome!! Everything is exceptional. The people, the ambiance, the value for money when it came to spa and food. Would def recommend it to friends and come back. Only request is that perhaps the Radha villa could have a more comfortable reading area and fan in the verandah attached to the villa.
Denys D, Indonesia, 20-May-2014 - 30-May-2014
We really enjoyed our stay in Dea villa (Rahda villa).. Beautiful place, lovely food, great services and unforgetable experience! We recommend this villa to all visitors, specially couples for enjoy wonderful holidays..
karen taylor, Australia, 01-Apr-2014 - 02-Apr-2014
I didn't want to stay in a standard villa as so many are in Bali, no soul, all the same, major complex, or so large it wasn't suitable for 1 person. This villa was perfect in every way. From the moment you drive into the driveway the staff are friendly, available but not intrusive. great sense of humour and happy to chat, as I was on my own, but also smart enough to know when to leave me alone. Incredibly helpful. The villa itself is hard to describe, the beautiful traditional Joglo is beautifully appointed, with the most amazing bathroom attached to the back. All the fittings, and decor is of the highest quality, obviously as the owner is an antique collector. The joglo itself is set in a large Koi pond, floating, with stepping stones and boardwalks taking you for a joyous adventure walking around the substantial garden for a 1 bedroom villa. Set on beautiful grounds of Koi ponds, trickling ponds, paths meandering between a little smaller Joglo used as a reading room, or for having dinners in, you can sit there and admire the stunning garden. Meandering further through the garden, over stepping stones in the pond, you are greeted by an oasis of a private swimming pool at the end of the most stunning garden, with beautiful flowers, butterflies and birds. It was a paradise to stay in for 4 days in every way. I cannot do this place justice. Even though there are villa's on either side, again they are tastefully done with meandering stepping stones over waterways, enchanted walkways between each villa, and a superb gym, all overlooking rice paddies. I was so content in this place I left for 2 small walks.. but simply did not want to leave.. there was no need.
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