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Justin B, United Kingdom, 13-Aug-2023 - 03-Sep-2023
To all the enjoying people at Bendega Villas. We feel so blessed to have stayed here, in this beautiful setting, surrounded by your kindness and generosity. Thank you for welcoming us with warm smiles (and cold towel). Thank you for anticipating an every need, for cleaning our room, for making us cocktails, for driving us (and keeping calm in the traffic) and a huge thank you to the chef for incredible food every need was delicious. We loved our stay and you were all so kind to every single one of us including 4 teenager - no mean feat! We are very sad to leave but so happy to have met you all. Thank you!
Samuel G, Australia, 05-Aug-2023 - 12-Aug-2023
Thank you so much to all the Bendega team for making our holiday so special. Love from The Pattisons.
Kelli S, United States, 12-Jul-2023 - 30-Jul-2023
We can't thank you enough for everything. you have made our stay so unbelievable! You all are kindest , most caring people and because of all of you our stay in Bali was so so special. All our love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. we love you all so much and you've made our stay perfect! Terimakasih!
Amelia M, Australia, 24-Jun-2023 - 29-Jun-2023
Thank you for the beautiful team at Bendega Nui for an amazing stay at this beautiful property. The service has welcoming. Compliments to Chef for most amazing food,our seafood BBQ Indonesian style was a highlight as well as the beautiful breakfast spread every day. And a huge thank you for making Darcy's 5th birthday celebration so special with decorations and cake. We will miss this place. Thank you!!!
Kathryn H, Australia, 20-May-2023 - 30-May-2023
Thank you very much Bendega Team, you are all so kind, caring, and beautiful. We have loved every minute of our stay. The service has been unbelievable. We will miss all of you and hopefully be back again one day. "Matur Suksma" xx.
Hoang Thanh V, France, 14-May-2023 - 20-May-2023
Thank you all for being so sweet with our family during our stay. You guys were awesome, kind, and patient with us. Thanks to you we were able to enjoy this trip, and this wouldn't be possible without you. Cheers. We have created such memories. we'll never forget the team. Do not change, keep it up.
Jane L, United Kingdom, 06-May-2023 - 13-May-2023
To all the staff, thank you for your kindness during our stay. amazing staff, beautiful place. thank you so much for the amazing hospitality and kindness you have shown us. This is truly a wonderful place to stay. Thank you everyone. So special. I will miss you all. Kiss. ''terimakasih''.
Jane L, United Kingdom, 27-Apr-2023 - 04-May-2023
To all the staff at Bendega Nui Villa, thank you everyone, you are all amazing kindness, warmth, smiles and being so welcoming. I loved your warm welcome each day and the way you took care of us all for making our stay super special and a magical one. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful, always smiling.
Land Pro Group Inc. / S, United States, 03-Apr-2023 - 14-Apr-2023
WOW. Every item of our stay was 5 star plus. The food, the quality of service, the attention to detail, the very friendly nature of staff, the care for every need, the continued smiles of the staff, the cleanliness, the individual attention of each and every staff memory. The Bendega team was here for us no matter our wish or desire them love and care was absolutely over the top. We could not have dreamed or asiced for a better place or staff to enjoy our 2 weeks in Bali. Bendega villas is truly a paradise in Bali. Their driving in the horrendous traffic was very best.
Nicholas D, Australia, 30-Mar-2023 - 02-Apr-2023
To the wonderful staff at Bendega, We have had the most incredible stay. The food, drinks and excellent service made it so special, especially for the 9 (11) kids with our group. This is the most beautiful place and we hopefully will be back for a reunion soon. Thanks for the memories,.
Tika S, Indonesia, 17-Mar-2023 - 19-Mar-2023
Thank you for your hospitality. The staff is caring, gracious, helpful, extremely friendly, attentive and they remember our name. We had a wonderful stay. We could not have asked for more!
Vipul A, Singapore, 10-Mar-2023 - 13-Mar-2023
Wonderful hospitality and great service! Our group throughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you for making our holiday special, will definitely come back again. Thank you!
Vishnu A, United States, 17-Dec-2022 - 26-Dec-2022
Harsana, Rai, Muliati, Surya, Devi and the rest of the Bendega team, Thank you! You all are truly what makes this place so special. Thank you for your warmth and hospitality, keeping us and our two children happy, healthy, well rested and will fed. We enjoyed every moment with you all here in Bali and are sad to go. Your smiles will not be soon forgotten. I look forward to seeing you again soon! With love.
Julia O, Australia, 20-Nov-2022 - 30-Nov-2022
Such a beautiful stay for our family. The place is amazing but the staff, they are such beautiful people who make the experience of a Bali dream come true.
Mary S, Australia, 15-Oct-2022 - 22-Oct-2022
Thank you Bendega Villa, your staff are excellent, your food is amazing,you have all been caring, respectful and attentive to our needs. What a magnificent experience we have had staying in this beautiful villa. Highly recommended to anyone who appreciates the best in Bali. We'll back.Thank you!
Briana M, Australia, 22-Sep-2022 - 01-Oct-2022
Bendega Villas, What a place! Service was incredible, food+drinks anazing and always so accomodating to any request we had during our 9 nights stay with friends celebrating a 30th. DJ party one day to relaxing by the pool the next - everyday the best day! Thank you for being amazing.
Rin S, Japan, 19-Sep-2022 - 22-Sep-2022
Good! Exotic! Enjoyable! great service! I have already recommended to relatives and friends.
Chantal C, United Kingdom, 31-Aug-2022 - 10-Sep-2022
Thank you everyone at Bendega Nui has contributed to a fabulous 10 days stay. lovely villa, friendly staff, amazing service, great recommendation and everyone willing to help out. Surya, you are simply brilliant. Thank you to chef (how do you do it) Devi, Rai, Muli and Harsana had truly been amazing and you made our day was so special. Thank you for all your smiles and wonderful hospitality! You are all so lovely and We are very sad to be leaving you all. Wish you all well. Hope we see you again.
Olivia K, Australia, 22-Aug-2022 - 28-Aug-2022
Thank you all for our beautiful holiday. The special care, you showed us was amazing. A special mention to Chef who is food was really a highlight delicious yum. Thank you for making our days so special and memorable. We have loved every minute of it.
Andrew L, British Virgin Islands, 09-Aug-2022 - 14-Aug-2022
Thank you for a most amazing stay. Everything was absolutely fabulous, We had such a great time. We look forward to coming again soon. Thank you for everything! The food was absolution delicious!
Sarah H, Australia, 02-Aug-2022 - 07-Aug-2022
Thank you for your beautiful service during our stay at bendega Nui. We are so lucky to of had you all her working, always with a smile or your face. Thank you so much for the best time! The service was above & beyond, and the daiquiris were 10/10. We can't wait to come back.
Chris E, Singapore, 27-Jul-2022 - 29-Jul-2022
Thank you Bendega Staff! Amazing villa, wonderfull staff. So relaxing and awesome. Will be back.
Craig W, New Zealand, 08-Jul-2022 - 18-Jul-2022
Wow ,what an amazing experience and time ,relaxing and laughing. enjoying this beautiful place. We feel refreshed ready to go home. My family had a really good time. The staff , the cleanliness of the place, the quietness, the interior, is just awesome and nice. All that you need to add is the wash basin for daily needs. It's so far the living room (area) and the location in the bedroom. We'll certainly will come back.
Glenn B, Australia, 03-Jul-2022 - 07-Jul-2022
Thank you so much for having us all. We have loved every minute. Both villas have been perfect for our group. Your attention to detail, cleanliness and most importantly the beautiful stay were so kind looking after us. Big thanks to gorgeous Muli!! We will miss being here. The wises from Bali Blast 2022.
Jackie G, Australia, 11-Jun-2022 - 18-Jun-2022
Thank you to all the staff at Bendega! We had a lovely family holiday. Great to see the world young back to normal after Covid. We will be back again.
Haryati S, Indonesia, 28-May-2022 - 31-May-2022
Thank you so much for making our stay at Bendega Nui and Bendega Rato so amazing. Everything exceeded our expectation. Your attention to details is awesome. The staff are so helpful, professional and attentive. Our big family reunion has been very memorable. We wish you good health and more success always. God bless!
Mark R, Indonesia, 30-Apr-2022 - 07-May-2022
Thanks for the wonderful experience. Everything exceeded our expectations. Hope we can be back in the future.
Sati R, Indonesia, 31-Mar-2022 - 07-Apr-2022
Thank you for a pristine first class service and being so attentive to each of us. The stay & service is so fabulous and perfect; and thanks for cooking us a delicious food!Hope to stay with you again soon!
Linda S, Indonesia, 31-Jan-2022 - 02-Feb-2022
Yes, we had a gorgeous enjoyable to stay here. Nice place & quite place. The staff are all friendly, helpful and ready to serve us. Our family is very grateful.
Evelyn O, Indonesia, 03-Dec-2021 - 12-Dec-2021
We had a wonderful time staying at Bendega Nui. Our kids doesn't even want to go back. Surely We will come back next time We visit Bali. Thank you all to the team! Happy holidays and happy New Year 2022!
Vaishali S, Indonesia, 01-Dec-2021 - 03-Dec-2021
I had my company leadership meeting for 3 days at Rato and Nui. It was a truly amazing experience. Great villas, awesome service and the attention to detail very well done, lovely rooms, and all the extra care is very apreciated
Bea T, Philippines, 16-Oct-2021 - 23-Oct-2021
Thank you very much to the staff at Bendega Nui for making our stay really comfortable! The villa is beautiful especially during the day, fresh air, luxurious garden and relaxing atmosphere! We also enjoyed the food cooked by Chef especially yummy apple crumble. We wish Pak Harsana and the team are very best! God bless!
Renta S, Indonesia, 01-Oct-2021 - 08-Oct-2021
We had such amazing time here at Bendega Nui. Everyone here is so warm and attentive. Definitely wouldn't mind coming back here in the future! Keep up the good work!
Franziska W, Indonesia, 22-Aug-2021 - 29-Aug-2021
We had a fantastic two-week stay at Bendega Nui and were pampered by the staff who meet all of our needs. It's hard to leave this beautiful place and we hope to return again soon. Wishing the management and the staff all the best - keep healthy and stay safe!
Aida I, Indonesia, 02-Jul-2021 - 18-Jul-2021
We spend a wonderful 2 weeks here and we're proud to call Bendega our home. The staff is amazing - they're always there when they're needed yet disappear to give you privacy. Bendega as you know is very homely and was a perfect fit for my family of 10. Thank you so much for making us feel welcome and making this our home away from home.
Pax Equity B, Indonesia, 31-May-2021 - 02-Jun-2021
We can't thank you all enough for everything! What a way to host a 6th and 54th birthday. Thank you so much. We will be back soon. "Matur Suksma". We are constantly amazed by the attention to details, the smiles, and the kindness from all of you.
Esther L, Indonesia, 07-Apr-2021 - 14-Apr-2021
We thank you for the pleasant and wonderful stay in Bendega Nui from 7-14 April 2021. The villa was well cared for, clean and the team was responsive to our needs during the stay. Food was always good. Be it Balinese, seafood BBQ or simple breakfast. Stay safe from corona + let's get Bali back to being alive and active again.
Kimberly I, United States, 17-Mar-2020 - 27-Mar-2020
We again had a wonderful stay at Bendega Nui and Bendega Rato. This is our second time at this villa and again it was such a wonderful experience! We are here during the Covid19 out break. It is not effected the people and hospitals yet, but many things were shut down. So we were well taken care of at Bendega Villas. The staff was very caring and protective of us. We were very comfortable and had a relaxing time in the villa. The food is excellent, the chef is amazing, the staff is warm, friendly, and professional. The drivers are prompt and pleasant, We loved our interaction with all of the staff! We brought children and a baby. Harsana recommended a nanny, Sri. She was amazing. We couldn't have enjoyed her company and expertise more! Overall a very memorable adventure in so many ways! We would love to stay again. Thank you so much to all the staff!
Marjoleine J, Netherlands, 14-Feb-2020 - 22-Feb-2020
Thank you for another holiday in this beautiful house. The hospitality was great as always and we enjoyed the food very much. It's relaxing to stay in the pool area, big swimming pool and the garden is beautiful. Again, thank you very much for this great holiday and we come back next year.
Tommy H, United Kingdom, 24-Dec-2019 - 03-Jan-2020
Thank you every one for wonderful Xmas and New year . We were all made to feel so special and the service was outstanding along with the weather and amazing food. We especially enjoy our relaxed breakfasts get together each day and the pool.
Jane L, United Kingdom, 27-Sep-2019 - 04-Oct-2019
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. The villa is beautiful and the team were amazing. I feel really blessed to have been able to stay some where so wonderful. I have fallen in love with Bali.
Lloyd T, United Kingdom, 24-Sep-2019 - 27-Sep-2019
Thank you for the most wonderful wedding villa. We could not have asked for more attentive, kind and fantastic staff. Our wedding day was perfect and I will highly recommend Bendega to any one that I speak with. As a family,we loved Bendega Rato and Nui, they are both so beautiful and have so much character. Thank you again for everything, we appreciate it so much. We would love to come back one day.
Chloe H, Australia, 20-Sep-2019 - 23-Sep-2019
We have had the most amazing couple of days staying at Bendega Nui and Bendega Rato. You have been so accommodating and welcoming and have made this stay a highlight of our trip. Thank you for hosting our wedding day - it was the perfect space to have all of our closest friends and family. Every one commented on how beautiful Bendega villas were.
Mark O, Singapore, 14-Sep-2019 - 19-Sep-2019
This week we celebrated a 70th, a 43rd,and a 31st as well as a 5th Birthday! What a perfect place for these special family times. Thank you for all the wonderful people here and making our holiday so memorable. The food has been amazing and you've been welcoming and kind to all of us.
Grace M, Indonesia, 07-Sep-2019 - 09-Sep-2019
Let me thank you for your kindness and generosity. We enjoyed the villa - the peace and everything that we needed. Again we appreciate everything that you did. I am sure we will be back.
Olivia L, Singapore, 29-Aug-2019 - 01-Sep-2019
The villa welcome drink was amazing. Fresh cold towels every night after we stepped out the car. Beautiful smiles from the team. The team was always at hand to serve us with proper napkins even if we ordered food from outside.We truly appreciate all that you did to make our company retreat in Bali so awesome.
Kyja W, United States, 10-Aug-2019 - 17-Aug-2019
Fantastic holiday and fantastic villa. A big thank you to all the staff who made it extremely welcoming. We would highly recommend this place.
Kemp and W, Australia, 03-Jul-2019 - 14-Jul-2019
This is our Bali home, we absolutely love all the staff and the villa is incredible. Thank for having us again and see you next year.
Rosemary R, Indonesia, 21-Jun-2019 - 30-Jun-2019
Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Bendega Nui. We have had a lovely relaxing time and a very special birthday week. The food has been delicious and service excellent.
Jane L, Australia, 10-May-2019 - 17-May-2019
Thank you so very much for your kindness, attention and care. It's been a truly lovely experience of love. I hope to return again someday.
Laury M, Australia, 29-Apr-2019 - 06-May-2019
This was a super special week for us and one that we have been waiting for a long time. Since I came 6 years ago for friends wedding, I quickly realized Bendega was not just a beautiful place full off surprises and luxury but also with the most honest, loving and caring staff that you could find any where. When my now my husband proposed I knew right way where I wanted us to get married and spend an incredible holidays with our families. Bendega Villa was the place! Every single one of us had an extraordinary stay and can't wait for the opportunity to stay here again in the future and meet the Bendega staff again. Lots of love, health and happiness to you all. Continue always going above and beyond for your guest and Bendega will continue to be success for many years to come.
Simon S, Hong Kong, 18-Apr-2019 - 28-Apr-2019
Bali 2019 has been in the planning for three years and not one of the Smith family has been disappointed. Why? The list is endless. First of all, all 18 of us being all together for 10 days , 4 families and granny. Next the amazing staff who have made us so welcome and looked after us so well - fabulous food, lots to drink and always smiling. Next, the villa is just magical and perfect for all ages. Lastly, Bali and the wonderful people - so much to do and lots to come back to see. Thank you very much.
Lisha P, Australia, 12-Apr-2019 - 15-Apr-2019
I would like to thank the staff at Bendega. This was the most memorable experience I have ever had The villa is beautiful and more than what I expected. The food was delicious. I felt like royalty. My stay along with my 12 guest had the best time ever. I have started planning to next stay next year.
Katrina C, Australia, 04-Apr-2019 - 11-Apr-2019
Thank you for making the week-long celebration of Geordie's 60th so remarkable and memorable. It is once in life time that all his family are together overseas and you have made it so special. The thought you put in to planning the incredible meal takes a huge strain off my shoulders. Everything ran as smooth as silk. Your choice of dances for the birthday was perfectly magical and the decorations and cake - all added and such a thoughtful personal touch. We are forever grateful.
Kathryn R, Australia, 29-Mar-2019 - 02-Apr-2019
The staff at Bendega go above and beyond to give the best service available. We stayed in the three villas with group of 14 guests to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and renew our wedding vows. All the staff went to a great effort to make sure our guest were looked after and enjoyed every minute of their holiday. On the night of our celebration dinner all the villa staff did an amazing job serving drinks and food. The villa complex is amazing, so tropical and beautifully set out. The gardens, koi ponds, green lawns and flowers all beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you've done.
Sky B, United States, 24-Mar-2019 - 29-Mar-2019
Thank you for this beautiful and magical place for people to feel free to play and explore, so so so beautiful. You are beautiful people. We have stayed in many villas for our retreats and this has been the best by far. Many of the villas have been beautiful and luxurious but no other villa has had staff that went above and beyond to make sure we had a incredible experience. The staff being so amazing has convinced us to use this villa again in the future for other retreats. We are so lucky to have found a place to continue our work.
Nicholas P, Indonesia, 14-Mar-2019 - 17-Mar-2019
A wonderful place and very nice people with a smile on their faces. Had a good time at this place, thank you.
Gareth P, Australia, 29-Jan-2019 - 02-Feb-2019
This has been fantastic, the most wonderful hospitality at all hours of the day and night. Work trip for the boys and realized the key to happiness is figuring out the bean bag floaties in the pool. Wishing the next occupants as much joy as us lot.
Sue B, Singapore, 18-Jan-2019 - 27-Jan-2019
Bali was never on my mind to visit but after our stay here at Bendega Villas, Bali is in my heart and my soul. Our stay here at the villa was filled with laughter, love, and joy. The staff here Harsana, Muli, Eka, Putu and others couldn't have been more kind and generous. The staff was active, friendly, professional with smiles and kindness 24 hours.
Rachael L, Canada, 22-Dec-2018 - 05-Jan-2019
We booked the villa on recommendation from our friend who had been here in March. They raved about how fabulous it was. We were blown away by how beautiful the place is and how lovely the staff were. They cannot do enough to make your stay memorable. We had great time. Now back to real life.
Daniel B, Australia, 01-Dec-2018 - 08-Dec-2018
The most relaxing holiday I've had, everything has been superb. Staff, food, setting is A++. Can't wait to come back.
Andrew F, Australia, 01-Nov-2018 - 06-Nov-2018
We were looked after extremely well by people who really cared. Thanks to all the staff and the owner for your care and consideration.
Sally F, Australia, 26-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-2018
All I can say is WOW. What a place and what amazing staff. I couldn't have chosen a more impressive villa and location to celebrate my 50th with all my nearest and dearest. You have all been fabulous. Thank you.
Diane B, Australia, 19-Sep-2018 - 24-Sep-2018
Thank you for making our first visit to Bali some thing to always remember. Your beautiful smiles and calm and patient ways are so appreciated by us. It certainly was special for my daughter to enjoy her birthday with you all. It will certainly not be the last time we will visit. Special thanks to Muliati - your smile brightens up the day. Best wishes and hugs to you all.
Stephen S, Australia, 01-Sep-2018 - 04-Sep-2018
Thank you for your amazing delicious food, we have had the absolute best time ever. Best wishes and blessings.
Zoe B, Indonesia, 22-Aug-2018 - 26-Aug-2018
I was a wedding guest at Wayne and Zoe's Wedding, nice place and enjoyed the very friendly staff.
Rebecca G, United States, 04-Aug-2018 - 11-Aug-2018
We host our fit and fly bird bali fitness retreat at Bendega Villas. it was wonderful. Not only were our guests blown away at the beautiful villas, the staff took wonderful care of us all week. We will be back.
Paul B, Singapore, 28-Jul-2018 - 04-Aug-2018
Celebrating our lovely family with a week spent together at Bendega Villas in Canggu. This luxurious place fulfilled all our wishes the beautiful surroundings, the fantastic food ( thanks Chef), the pool but most of all the attentive staff. We hope to be back.
Vicki K, New Zealand, 04-Jul-2018 - 20-Jul-2018
We have been to Bali many times, but this villa take the CARE. Outstanding service from all the staff has made this holiday so amazing and fabulous. We love this villa so much, we have booked all villas for next year. Thanks again for such an amazing holiday.
Philip J, Singapore, 15-Jun-2018 - 20-Jun-2018
Excellent stay as always! Thank you Harsana and team for the hospitality.
Kimberly I, Indonesia, 02-Jun-2018 - 09-Jun-2018
What a wonderful time we have had at Bendega Villa. The food is amazing, we were always full and satisfied. The staff is really what made our stay exceptional - they made it feel even nicer than home. What a wonderful way to celebrate family and friends. Thank you very much, we can't wait to come again.
Kyu Young S, South Korea, 10-May-2018 - 14-May-2018
Thank you so much for everything . I really enjoyed everything in here. All staff are very nice. Food is amazing. I will really miss this place. Thank you for giving me an amazing time.
John H, Indonesia, 28-Apr-2018 - 06-May-2018
Thank you for helping make this a great and memorable vacation for all of us. We will see you again.
Matthew L, Australia, 14-Apr-2018 - 24-Apr-2018
There are not enough thank you's to say how grateful we have been for the wonderful service from all the staff here. Our holiday has been perfect in every way just what we needed and can't wait to come back as soon as possible. Thank you so much.
Sharon M, Australia, 06-Feb-2018 - 13-Feb-2018
To all the wonderful staff at Bendega Villas, thank you so much for making an amazing holiday for us. All your attention to details and service was wonderful. Hopefully we can return again some day.
Rita W, Germany, 03-Feb-2018 - 06-Feb-2018
Thank you so much for everything looking forward to coming back in November.
Catherine K, Australia, 09-Jan-2018 - 13-Jan-2018
We have really loved staying at Bendega Nui. Our extended family have been looked after so well by the wonderful staff. All the food was delicious - especially the BBQ. The staff were always available whenever we needed. Their help meant our stay was relaxing and enjoyable.
Roxana P, Singapore, 23-Dec-2017 - 30-Dec-2017
What an amazing stay we had. Thank you so much, it was absolute perfection.
Jemma C, Australia, 06-Oct-2017 - 13-Oct-2017
Thank you to all the staff at Bendega for making our holiday so great. The venue was amazing and the staff were fantastic. You greet everything with smile and made our time with our families and friends very relaxed. We will definitely recommend this place to others and hope to be back one day.
Katie H, Australia, 13-Sep-2017 - 23-Sep-2017
Thank you so much for all that you did for us over the past 10 days. You were all so attentive and went out of your way to ensure we had an enjoyable holiday. The villa is beautiful and the meals were all delicious. We couldn't think of a better place to holiday with our friend and celebrate Chris's 40th birthday. You did well to accommodate such a large and unruly bunch of the people. We'd definitely recommend Bendega to any one traveling to Bali. Thanks again, we appreciate all of your hard work and attention.
Deepak N, Hong Kong, 07-Aug-2017 - 17-Aug-2017
Thank you so so much to Harsana and entire team at Bendega Nui. We have had the most wonderful time over the last 10 days. You have been so friendly, warm and accommodating. We will never forget our amazing stay here. Hopefully we will be back soon.
Jane R, Australia, 30-Jul-2017 - 06-Aug-2017
A wonderful week at a beautiful villa with excellent staff and service. The food was also excellent for every meal. Would highly recommend.
Lucy F, Australia, 14-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017
Many thanks to the team at Bendega Nui Villa for making this one of the best stays we've experienced in Bali. We all loved it, especially the kids!
Karinda C, Australia, 06-Jul-2017 - 14-Jul-2017
We have had the most amazing time in your beautiful villas. Nothing was ever too much trouble, the staff were always fabulous. We will be back. Thank you all for amazing time.
Emma L, Singapore, 18-Jun-2017 - 25-Jun-2017
Thank you so much for welcoming us all to your beautiful villa. After many years coming to Bali for family holidays, we can honestly say we have never had a more beautiful, well equipped and professional villa. A special mention to Yuni and Gagus for exceptional service but all the staff have been fabulous. Also the new Chef is amazing, sorry we didn't eat in more! We will be back soon.
Richard H, Australia, 11-Jun-2017 - 18-Jun-2017
On the day of Richard's 50th birthday we say goodbye to the stunning Bendega Villa. Its wonderful and attentive staff. We could not have ask for a more perfect setting to celebrate with family and friends from all over the world! Until next time.
Emma C, Australia, 07-Jun-2017 - 10-Jun-2017
Thanks so much for such an amazing start to our holiday! We have been spoilt and looked after beyond our wildest dreams. Gagus is absolutely amazing, always his pleasure to look after us! Amazing villa, amazing place. Love, Love, Love.
Philip J, Singapore, 31-May-2017 - 05-Jun-2017
Thank you, Harsana and team for the excellent sincere service. Would definitely recommend Bendega to friends. Can't wait to return again.
James & Fion, United Kingdom, 27-May-2017 - 30-May-2017
Thank you so much Harsana and team for giving us such a pleasant stay. All of us had enjoyed the stay thoroughly and our bridal shower and stag do have been AMAZING became of all of you.
Anne & Declan M, Indonesia, 21-May-2017 - 26-May-2017
We can not thank you enough for looking after us during our beautiful week here in paradise. It was so special to return here for Anne's 60th birthday. Hope it won't be long before we return again. Everything was spectacular and we can not thank you enough for the wonderful hospitality.
Patricia N, Canada, 14-May-2017 - 21-May-2017
Amazing property, amazing food and most of all amazing staff. Thank you for taking care of us and making this a wonderful holiday.
Jessica A, Hong Kong, 16-Oct-2016 - 18-Oct-2016
Overall our stay in Bendega Villa was awesome, all the staff were very friendly and helpful and the kitchen staff and the chef Dewa handled the food really well The food they have cooked during our stay were so delicious. The rooms and living area are always tidy and clean. I would recommend your villa to my friends and families.
Mrs. B, Italy, 08-Jul-2016 - 14-Jul-2016
Overall an excellent stay, thanks for making this unforgettable memory.
Steven K, Australia, 02-Jul-2016 - 07-Jul-2016
Everything was perfect, Harsana and his team were there waiting for every single thing we need. Always with smile, nothing is too much problem. Thank you, we can't wait to return.
Adrian M, Australia, 27-May-2016 - 05-Jun-2016
As a group of families it was a perfect set-up over an expansive villa set up and surrounding grounds. Very close to surf beaches and the now many great local cafe, shops and restaurants of Canggu beach side. Staff were absolutely amazing, you really don't have to lift a finger while staying there and they were particularly attentive and careful with children running around. A pleasure to stay with some many nice local people. Our food was consistently fantastic, we had long breakfasts, amazing seafood every day and long dinners with cocktails and wine. Big thanks to all the lovely ladies and gents who looked after us, the kids won't know what to do when they get home and have only their parents to look after them!
Loretta De Dood And J, Australia, 24-May-2016 - 27-May-2016
We had amazing stay, thank you very much...
Nick M, Australia, 19-May-2016 - 24-May-2016
Thanks for the lovely stay, very relaxing.
Marie C, Australia, 23-Apr-2016 - 29-Apr-2016
To all the staff at Bendega Villa, Thank you so much for your fantastic hospitality we loved every minute of our stay. Looking forward to returning.
Michael And Marie W, Indonesia, 16-Apr-2016 - 23-Apr-2016
This is a short note to say thank you to you and all your staff for making our stay such a wonderful experience. Everyone was so kind, helpful and made it clear that nothing was too much trouble which made our stay a total pleasure. You should be proud of the whole team.
Sofia W, Hong Kong, 24-Mar-2016 - 04-Apr-2016
The house was perfect for families with children. The pool was at the centre of the action. All activities - yoga on the lawn, swimming in the pool, lounging or eating meals - were all in stone's throw of each other. That created a wonderful feeling in the villa. The staff were very professional. The food was delicious. I would highly recommend this villa and the staff!!
Moray S, Singapore, 26-Dec-2015 - 02-Jan-2016
Great villa for large parties and two or three families. Efficient friendly, helpful staff. Had a fab time there and would go back
Tara C, Singapore, 23-Sep-2015 - 27-Sep-2015
The staff are friendly and helpful. Facilities are wonderful. Would recommend and return. Will miss being pampered and looked after by fabulous villa staff.
Alan Alpass, Australia, 11-Sep-2015 - 19-Sep-2015
The best for a very large family.
Ms. Leah, 09-Jun-2015 - 12-Jun-2015
We are so glad that we chose Bendega Nui for our wedding. It is so beautiful and everything was perfect. The staff were very friendly and professional. The manager Nyoman was very professional, helpful and gave me his number in case I needed anything. One of our friends who was staying with us left her wedding rings which were worth thousands on the bed in their room when we went out, but she didn't need to worry as the staff had left them on the bed after coming in to make the room. Would definitely stay here again!
Karen Wong Yi Theng, Singapore, 20-Aug-2014 - 25-Aug-2014
As a large group of friends, we have been holidaying in Bali every year, for the last 10 years. Every year we look forward to discovering new, large luxury villas. Bendega is the first we are open to and willing to stay in again. The property and its staff has been unparalleled. So clean, the staff not just helpful, but exceedingly proactive without any degree of prodding. So fabulous, please say hi to all of them, koi fishes included! :)
Shaun and E, Australia, 17-Jun-2014 - 27-Jun-2014
What a fabulous time we had at Bendega Nui. The staff are what make this place truly an unbelievable experience. The property is beautiful, the rooms are lovely and cleaned well. Many days were spent lounging around the pool in the villa. We had our two year old with us and what a fantastic time she had. Feeding the fish was definitely the highlight of the day. The only negative was that time flew too fast! More sun beds would be beneficial however. We had a wonderful time and will be returning again soon.
Maite S, United States, 08-Jun-2014 - 13-Jun-2014
The house was amazing and the staff was wonderful. We really enjoyed our stay.
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