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Zoe Y, Australia, 17-Sep-2023 - 20-Sep-2023
Bayu Gita Team, thank you it was an absolute pleasure, we look forward to seeing you all again, hopefully god willing next year, Jhon and Sharon.
Rafia S, United States, 19-Aug-2023 - 23-Aug-2023
Professional services will recommend strongly to anyone, the staff was extremely helpful and took care of all our needs.
Celine W, Singapore, 08-Aug-2023 - 13-Aug-2023
To all the staff at Bayu Gita, our family of 4, had fantastic time at the villa, thank you for taking care of us, paying attention to our needs and feeding us very well. Ben was particularly thrilled and grateful for the last minute fishing trip arrangement, it was always his dream to ride and fish in a local fishing boat. What amazing and relaxing holiday, we love it. Thank you once again.
Brian L, Australia, 03-Aug-2023 - 07-Aug-2023
What an amazing place and a wonderful experience, the staff here are exceptional always willing to help in any way possible always with smile on their face. Absolutely love it can't not wait to return one day. Terima kasih
Aaron W, United Kingdom, 05-Jun-2023 - 19-Jun-2023
Thank you to all the staff for a fantastic holidays, always there for us with smile, the villa is beautiful and has everything you need. Nothing was too much trouble especially taking us out for day trips etc. We are all very sad to leave and will miss this wonderful place. Thank you so much.
Stuart S, Australia, 02-Jun-2023 - 05-Jun-2023
Beautiful, comfortable, relaxing with the lovely people
Stephani Yosevine R, Indonesia, 27-Apr-2023 - 01-May-2023
We had a great time in BayuGita, the staffs services were the best I have experienced so far in Bali (comparing it with 5-star hotels and other elite villas). I would like to mentioned Ayun, Dewa and Gede willingness to serve and friendliness. They would accommodate our needs and make sure we are comfortable. They communicate with kindness and care from the heart. I stayed with my family and a 2-yr old son. The staffs really make sure that my son had a great time by playing with him, distracting him while he was upset. The food was also tasty and it always served on time. I would recommend Bayu Gita for long and short family stay.
Yevgen V, France, 12-Apr-2023 - 18-Apr-2023
Nice and peaceful villa, we enjoy so much, with the friendly staff and delicious food. We will comeback someday. Thank You!
Anne S, Singapore, 24-Dec-2022 - 25-Dec-2022
Thank you very much for relaxing stay at villa bayu gita, it was our first trip to Bali and it was wonderful, we love the coffees
Jeff Y, China, 23-Nov-2022 - 08-Dec-2022
Its hard to say good bye, we saw moon, Sun, tide and rain, lovely to be here with friends, the villa and food, we will be back soon, thank you yo ayun and all staff.
Jeff Y, China, 04-Nov-2022 - 16-Nov-2022
Thank you so much for amazing stay your hospitality made the trip very enjoyable, we have wonderful time here thank you for the hospitality and great stay.
Adip A, India, 31-Oct-2022 - 03-Nov-2022
Everything is perfect, we enjoyed very friendly staff service is good.
Lisa S, Japan, 06-Oct-2022 - 10-Oct-2022
Thank you so much for an amazing stay. You're hospitality made the trip very enjoyable. We had wonderful time here. Thank you for the hospitality and great stay.
Lisa S, United Kingdom, 21-Aug-2022 - 27-Aug-2022
Thank you for an amazing time at Bayugita. Lovely staff and amazing villa. Thank you.
Jeel G, India, 13-Aug-2022 - 17-Aug-2022
Nice villa great food and friendly staff, thank you
Mark C, United Kingdom, 25-Jul-2022 - 08-Aug-2022
Our stay was fantastic, the villa was amazing, we are a family with kids ranging from 6 to 14, all had great time. The facility are great, and we spend most days at the villa. Staff here make the difference and turn a great holiday in to the best holiday. The driver happy to take us around and give us a guided tour of the area, we went to Sanur, Ubud and etc. The food was heavenly and the chef was happy to take custom orders to cater for the picky eater in our family. We will back soon.
Kath J, Australia, 07-May-2022 - 17-May-2022
We stayed for 10 days with children. Excellent holiday, staff no 1. Chef Budi excellent no 1. Thanks to all staff. We wish you very good health, happiness for you, and your family.
Thura K, Myanmar (Burma), 16-Apr-2022 - 20-Apr-2022
It was an amazing trip and for our first holiday in over 2 years, it was a perfect experience. They were also great with our baby boy, first trip and first swim.
Saad A, United Arab Emirates, 28-Sep-2020 - 03-Oct-2020
It was our pleasure to have wonderful vacation in your villa, excellent villa and super staff. Best vacation I had with my family in my life.
Farina & Jonathan, Indonesia, 29-Dec-2019 - 03-Jan-2020
We had the best, most amazing time in Bali at Bayu Gita, the staff was so great, very helpful. I would definitely come back, our family loved it here. Thank You.
Grant B, Australia, 15-Oct-2019 - 18-Oct-2019
Thank you for friendly service, all the staff were amazing. The food was fantastic, specially the seafood BBQ. The villa is beautiful and an amazing place for a relaxed holiday. We hope to comeback one day.
Marc V, Hong Kong, 14-Oct-2019 - 15-Oct-2019
Thank you for all good care to us. We had a wonderful time, great food, great staff and great villa made for a very relaxing stay. We will definitely recommend to others.
Marc V, Hong Kong, 27-Sep-2019 - 14-Oct-2019
Thank you for all good care to us. We had a wonderful time, great food, great staff and great villa made for a very relaxing stay. We will definitely recommend to others.
Angie F, Australia, 07-Jul-2019 - 20-Jul-2019
Thank you for looking after us so well at Bayu Gita. We had very relaxing time. The staff were all very friendly, the service was very good, the food was great. The villa is very well design. Thank you again, we will definitely recommend to our friends.
Nikkita K, Australia, 19-Jun-2019 - 23-Jun-2019
We came to stay to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We had the most memorable experience of our life. The staff are incredible, we will be back for sure.
Dilys D, Malaysia, 12-May-2019 - 16-May-2019
Thank you for an amazing experience in your beautiful villa. We were very well looked after by you. Friendly staff who are an asset to your company. What a perfect place for 18 of us to get together.
Brandon W, Indonesia, 10-May-2019 - 12-May-2019
Thank you to the Bayu Gita villa staff. Amazing experience here, can't wait to see everyone next time.
Katerina S, Czech Republic, 28-Feb-2019 - 09-Mar-2019
We would like to thank all the amazing staff. We will miss their kind care and discreet presence.
Xiaojuan C, China, 03-Feb-2019 - 08-Feb-2019
Everyone here is amazing, we had the best time. Looking forward to coming back.
Neville B, South Africa, 24-Dec-2018 - 03-Jan-2019
Great experience, staff were excellent, went above and beyond. Would highly recommend, would not hesitate to return in the future.
Christine S, Indonesia, 21-Oct-2018 - 23-Oct-2018
A big thank you to all the staff that made our stay at Bayu Gita a pleasant one. The villa is not only luxurious but also accommodating and comfortable.
Christine S, Indonesia, 16-Oct-2018 - 21-Oct-2018
A big thank you to all the staff that made our stay at Bayu Gita a pleasant one. The villa is not only luxurious, but also accommodating and comfortable.
Amber B, Australia, 05-Oct-2018 - 12-Oct-2018
Thank you for another wonderful stay at Bayu Gita. We have had such a great time. We will be back for the 3rd visit.
Sutiawati H, United States, 14-Aug-2018 - 19-Aug-2018
To all staff at Bayu Gita Residence, thank you so much for making our stay in Bali a wonderful and relaxing one. Everyone is friendly and helpful with anything. We felt at home and had a great time. We hope to be back soon.
Benedicte M, France, 01-Aug-2018 - 14-Aug-2018
The gift of life, you have given me a part of your culture and your way of life. Don't change anything.
Dominic P, Australia, 09-Jul-2018 - 14-Jul-2018
To all the staff here at Villa Bayu Gita, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have all made our wedding week amazing. You have made us all feel at home, everyone was made welcome and the meals and service was out of this world.
Fergus B, Singapore, 21-Jun-2018 - 30-Jun-2018
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay in your villa. We had the most fantastic food and loved the margaritas too. We hope to be back soon.
Joan G, Australia, 21-May-2018 - 31-May-2018
A beautiful holiday in this little sanctuary. Rooms are gorgeous, pool is perfect, we loved the privacy and quiet. The staff are helpful and attentive, we hope to come back.
Wilma T, Australia, 17-May-2018 - 21-May-2018
What a wonderful place to stay. This place is so tranquil, peace and quiet with privacy. We will return.
Susan and Michael N, Singapore, 30-Mar-2018 - 07-Apr-2018
The perfect holiday. We very much enjoyed our time by the pool and just relaxing. See you again soon!
Esther L, South Korea, 09-Mar-2018 - 12-Mar-2018
Thank you everyone for your hospitality. We had a great time here.
Lloyd M, South Africa, 07-Dec-2017 - 11-Dec-2017
Lovely, lovely staff. Awesome accommodation. Thank you.
Ketut S, Indonesia, 08-Jul-2017 - 15-Jul-2017
Fantastic, wonderful staff - no request was a problem at all. The staff and Chef made staying at the very easy. Their kindness, patience and understanding is the best one could ever hope for. The surprise birthday party was exceptional with all the work put into decorating the villa. I would recommend Bayu Gita to everyone wanting to holiday in Bali.
Ms L, Indonesia, 30-Jun-2017 - 02-Jul-2017
Staff sangat ramah dan membantu, anak - anak sangat senang dan ingin kembali lagi, kami sangat menikmati suasana yang private dan tenang, tempatnya sejuk dan makanannya enak.
Mark H, Australia, 15-Apr-2017 - 25-Apr-2017
What a wonderful experience at Villa Bayu Gita. A heartfelt thank you to the wonderful staff. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful, there was nothing that was too big of an ask. Ayun, Arta and Wayan made our stay unforgettable.
Michael & Linda, Singapore, 07-Apr-2017 - 10-Apr-2017
I'm here in Bali this time for my beautiful friend’s wedding. It has such a wonderful wedding, and everyone had lots of great memory created by the lovely staff and services from the villa.
Deb K, Australia, 14-Jan-2017 - 19-Jan-2017
Terima kasih. Villa bagus sekali. Makanan enak sekali. Pegawai baik - baik. Kolam renang indah sekali. Sempurna!!
Jason M, New Zealand, 22-Sep-2016 - 28-Sep-2016
Thanks to the excellent team at Villa Bayu Gita. We have had an excellent stay here. Your level of service and kitchen notes extremely well. Well done around the excellent ambience you create here. A special thanks to Wayan, you are the best. The kids have appreciated your kindness.
Karen Shun Ka L, Hong Kong, 12-Sep-2016 - 15-Sep-2016
We have a wonderful time at this residence. The server are very polite and warm, welcoming that make me feel like a king. The Chef here is so wonderful. The food he prepare is beyond my expectation. They ever make a surprise party for my wife. The atmosphere in this residence is so peaceful and relaxing. Thanks to all the server for their incredible service that make my holiday unforgettable.
TP, Australia, 09-Sep-2016 - 11-Sep-2016
We have a wonderful time at this Residence. The server are very polite and warm welcoming that make me feel like a king. The chef here is so wonderful, the food he prepare is beyond my expectation. They even make a surprise birthday party for my wife. Thank to all server for this incredible service.
Mr. L, Canada, 08-Aug-2016 - 13-Aug-2016
The professional staff and beautifully villa was an oasis. With our children and other friends staying at the villa - we experience the excitement of the ocean and sunrises as a big group. It was lovely to return back to the residence with the inviting outdoor space. The people who work here are patient and attentive. Every wish for "Enjoy your day" reminded me how important a good attitude and gracious thought really can influence my day. Our vacation here was outstanding and grateful for the exceptional hospitality.
Yukuan P, Taiwan, 02-Aug-2016 - 06-Aug-2016
Thank you for giving us such a wonderful 5-days vacation. We feel like we've been treated as king and queens for a week in this palace-like villa. I've not had this super relaxed schedule sleeping up to nine hours a night with an extra three hours of nap each day. And it is because of the peaceful atmosphere that this villa gives me, that I get to spend time with my family in the ways that I don't always have. Thank you all again for the incredible service, and thank you for giving us such an unforgettably awesome vacation.
Orla G, United Kingdom, 09-Jul-2016 - 16-Jul-2016
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay at Bayu Gita. From the moment we arrived - we had lovely friends for a week. The staff were amazing, so polite and so willing to do every thing for you. Each morning you were greeted with a smile and laugh. You have given us so many happy memories of Bali. Our children also can't wait until our next visit. The highlight of the week was the lovely candlelit BBQ - what a fantastic chef. Even our names spell out in flowers on the grass and the beautiful little dancer.
Mr/Ms. E, Netherlands, 09-May-2016 - 23-May-2016
We have been for 2 weeks at your villa. We have never had such a nice vacation as we had in Bali with all you guys. We have learned such many things about your culture and we like that a lot. We really like to come back to met all of you guys again. Lots of love for all the people who have made our vacation so special.
Rydwan A, United Kingdom, 17-Mar-2016 - 20-Mar-2016
Thank you for the amazing hospitality, such a beautiful villa with really warm friendly staff. Thank you and best wishes to everyone at Bayu Gita Residence.
Yao Chin H, Taiwan, 12-Feb-2016 - 16-Feb-2016
We had a wonderful time here. Thank you so much to the kind, friendly and attentive staff. We look forward to stay with you again.
Ujwalaa G, Singapore, 11-Dec-2015 - 13-Dec-2015
Bali is as it is beautiful but having a Residence to stay in which is as beautiful. Excellent staff are the most hospitable people we have come across. Very modest and polite as well. Excellent service “Keep it up”!! The food was lovely. Thank you very much, looking forward for another visit
Cedrick P, United Kingdom, 19-Nov-2015 - 27-Nov-2015
Thank you for a lovely stay at Bayu Gita. Our stay in Bali would not have been the best without the hospitality of the villa crew. You made us felt at home and have been the best nanny to Lili Grace who loved spending time with you.
Anthony D, United Kingdom, 10-Nov-2015 - 13-Nov-2015
We have wonderful stay here with 4 young children. The highlight was the magnificent helpful diligent and kind staff at the Residence. The food prepared for us was also fantastic. We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time here.
Ian P, Australia, 22-Oct-2015 - 25-Oct-2015
Gede is the best of the best, together with his helpers have made our holiday. Everyone has been so kind and friendly.
Nicole and C, Indonesia, 17-Oct-2015 - 21-Oct-2015
Amazing villa, great staff, we had our wedding here. Best backdrop ever. The staff were very helpful and service was wonderful. Amazing location and food was delicious.
Andy O, Malaysia, 09-Oct-2015 - 11-Oct-2015
Thank you for an amazing stay, Villa Bayu Gita is a beautiful venue for our wedding and family get-together. My family, guest and I were amazed and had a lot of fun, using the pool, cinema room and games room. The staff were incredibly polite, considerate and helpful. We will definitely be back soon for another family vacation.
Adam Johnson ., Australia, 20-Sep-2015 - 01-Oct-2015
Thank you! We have the most wonderful time here. Ayun, Wayan, Gede, aris have looked after us brilliantly. Our driver Gede was so helpful – guiding us throught markets and giving us great tips. Thank you so much for all, this has been a wonderful holiday.
Fiona H, Singapore, 08-Sep-2015 - 14-Sep-2015
We have a lovely time, thanks so much to the kind and attentive staff, who were so lovely and who keep the premises in such wonderful condition.
Maya E, Denmark, 12-Jul-2015 - 26-Jul-2015
Thank you for a wonderful vacation here at Bayu Gita. The facilities (Room, pool etc) are everything one could ever have asked for. We loved the peace of returning “Home” after a busy day out and about. The staff here are the most friendly, child-loving, happy & experienced we’ve ever met. Aris, Wayan, Gede, Ayun, Ratni & Rinanti just to name a few and Mr. Made have been exceptional at taking care of us. A big thanks to Budi, our amazing chef & his assistant.
Josephine C, United Kingdom, 19-Jun-2015 - 24-Jun-2015
A great holiday, thanks to all at Bayu Gita.
Eden B, Australia, 19-May-2015 - 23-May-2015
Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Bayu Gita Villa for taking such good care of us. We had a most relaxing and rejuvenating time. The villa is beautiful and provided us with everything we needed. Thank you again for making some great memories with us.
Warren M, Indonesia, 13-May-2015 - 16-May-2015
Where do we start, what an absolutely amazing stay we had here at Bayu Gita Villa. not only is the villa itself spectacular, the staff can never do enough for us. Gede & Ayun were beyond amazing, learning 24 names in a period of 24 hours, helping out with everything, playing with the children and constantly on their feet to make our stay as relaxing as possible.
Mark C, Australia, 02-May-2015 - 07-May-2015
Our heartfelt and deep appreciation to the staff at Bayu Gita Villa who made us feel so welcome and cared for on our first trip to Bali. We had marvelous holiday on your beautiful island and the villa was a wonderful haven to come home to relax in each day. Thanks from our children too, who were entertained and cared for us so well by everyone here. Thank you so much to the whole team! Great job!
Warren M, Australia, 11-Apr-2015 - 15-Apr-2015
Thank you a wonderful stay you guys were great.
Yuxin F, China, 15-Feb-2015 - 22-Feb-2015
Very nice team and villa, made me feel in home. The staff is very easy to communicate. I like to see the smiling on their face. Happy staff, happy guest. I’ll visit Bali again.
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