Pandawa Cliff Estate - Villa Markisa
Nydia Ekasumara And M, United States, 06-Oct-2023 - 09-Oct-2023
All the way from LA to Bali and was blown away by the estate & services provided by the employees. I want to especially thank Bli Bayu & Bli Chandra for all their help during our stay here. Highly recommend this place for all our friends & family. Thank you Pandawa Cliff Estate!
Kirsten L, Australia, 29-Sep-2023 - 02-Oct-2023
Thank you so much for hosting us for our wedding at Pandawa Cliff Estate. We had a wonderful and unforgettable time. Thank you for being so attentive to our needs. It truly was a great 3 days!
Brody Green S, Australia, 18-Sep-2023 - 22-Sep-2023
Were had the most magical stay at Pandawa with all of our family and friends for our wedding. Thank you so much for taking care of us and making us feel so special and loved!
Nicholas Editha Sutanto And P, Indonesia, 15-Sep-2023 - 17-Sep-2023
This was our first time at Pandawa Cliff Estate (Villa Markisa) it was a fantastic place to stay, so thank you for your wonderful service, accommodation, specially for staff very friendly & cheerful made we stay very enjoyable here. Thank you very much for all service make our family very happy here. Keep up the good work teams!
Bianca P, Australia, 12-Sep-2023 - 15-Sep-2023
Hello, Thank you for a wonderful stay. Monkeys (love) Pools (love) View (love) Appreciate the kindness Harna, Alex + Sienna
Sebastian K, Australia, 05-Sep-2023 - 08-Sep-2023
This was our first time at Pandawa Cliff Estate and it was a fantastic place to stay and celebrate a wedding. Not only is the villa breath taking, the staff are also terrific. Special shout out to Chandra for making our time in the villa a fantastic one. Can't wait to come back. Venesha + Liam.
Clara S, Singapore, 02-Sep-2023 - 04-Sep-2023
We had a fantastic time yet again in Pandawa. Adi, Chandra & Moko + all the butlers & the staff made everything so simple and comfortable for us during the last 3 days. We hope to be back here again some day. Isaac, Alethea & Ethan.
Stephanie And T, Australia, 28-Aug-2023 - 31-Aug-2023
The stay here has been absolutely fantastic. The villas are beautiful, and so the scenery is beautiful. Each and every staff member is highly professional with possessing sound knowledge, showing interest, and highly keep on providing prompt service always with on smiling happy face. Kind Regard, Lidia & Ennio Prosdo. P.S. Thank you for the beautiful set up for the wedding.
Mathiu L, Indonesia, 19-Aug-2023 - 23-Aug-2023
23rd August 2023, We had a special 5 days at Villa Markisa. Traveling with 5 small kids was daunting but the staff here made it easy by entertains them and through thoughtful service. We especially enjoyed dinner under the star with the amazing outdoor table set up. The kids danced and we made unforgettable memories. Special thank to Pak Adi for being so accommodating with the kids.
Mr S, Indonesia, 03-Aug-2023 - 07-Aug-2023
Thank you for the amazing hospitality! The staff were fabulous! the views are amazing and rooms incredibly comfortable! We had the best time celebrating our wedding and the staff went above and beyond for us and all our guests.
Dan & C, Indonesia, 30-Jul-2023 - 01-Aug-2023
Very friendly & cheerful staff, made the stay very enjoyable. Excellent service from the butlers, Moko, Adi, Sugi & Bayu! My family is very very happy with the service provided. My second time here & sure to have a third time! Keep up the good work team!
JESSIE C, Australia, 05-Jul-2023 - 08-Jul-2023
Thank You ! All the staff delivered beautiful service that helped us, our friends and family celebrate our wedding! The location of the villa was breathtaking and the friendly nature of the staff made us all feel truly welcome, couldn't have asked for a better 3 nights, thanks again. Jessie + JZ
Ang Qi Xin Patricia And W, Singapore, 28-Jun-2023 - 01-Jul-2023
To the wonderful staff and backend employees, We had a really enjoyable stay here for 3 nights (28 June 2023 to 1 July 2023). The view and common area are very well maintained and clean. You guys were also very accommodating to our needs as we were traveling with 3 young kids, (ie suggesting pancake for breakfast although it was not on the regular menu, adjusting the height of the cots so that they can sleep better eta). Adi was exceptionally warm and welcoming and made our stay very pleasant and enjoyable throughout. Hope we will get a chance to stay at this wonderful villa with gorgeous views again. Vivian & Raphael from Singapore!
Denise and V, Nepal, 18-Jun-2023 - 21-Jun-2023
To the lovely staff, We can't thank you enough for a beautiful stay, each and every staff member has been so friendly, helpful and went out of their way to accommodate our needs, even being two steps ahead already knowing what we could need before knowing so ourselves. The villas are amazing with stunning views but it was the staff who made our stay, not just for us, for all our friend and family, unforgettable. Please look after them . Our wedding day was amazing here as well, highly recommend this stunning location! Pandawa Cliff Estate will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We hopefully will have the privilege to stay here again in the future. Much Love, Denise & Vincent.
Blayne U, Australia, 08-Jun-2023 - 12-Jun-2023
Thank you so much for our time here. We have loved every minute. It has been beautiful. The staff are amazing & take care at everyone. The views here are the best in the world. Our wedding will never be forgotten, it was so special. Thank you Pandawa Cliff Estate.
Sneha Raghunath And S, United States, 05-Jun-2023 - 08-Jun-2023
We enjoyed our stay at Markisa. It's a beautiful property. My special mention for Tina - who supported us throughout the stay, especially with the last minute request we had. Thank you Tina. Also the butler service was very good. Thank you Yosua & Mr. Chef.
Bec And K, Australia, 02-Jun-2023 - 05-Jun-2023
Absolutely spectacular stay at Markisa Villa. The staff especially Adi looked after us so well and made us feel at home during our stay. The food was scrumptious and the views from the villa was beautiful. We want to thank the whole staff and we will be returning again for future travels.
Julian E, Indonesia, 27-May-2023 - 29-May-2023
Terima kasih atas servicenya. Makanannya so good. Villanya cozy. Venue nya luas dan nyaman.
Nathan And R, Indonesia, 22-May-2023 - 24-May-2023
Thank you very much for hasting us & taking care of our daily needs. Thank you for your hospitality & graciousness. Your service is warming & we are truly grateful to have you.
Callum F, Singapore, 16-May-2023 - 19-May-2023
Thank you so much for all of your amazing help & hospitality during our stay! It was so special to be able to relax with our family & friends & not worry about a thing while we celebrated together. The property is absolutely stunning & it made the wedding so incredibly special. We can't wait to come & visit again soon! Thank you Adi & Chandra you have made our stay really relaxing. You have both been really helpful and always happy.
Frysca And S, Indonesia, 24-Mar-2023 - 26-Mar-2023
To Pandawa Cliff Estate Team, Thank you so much for your hospitality, we had a super great wedding at your property! Thankful for Bu Tina and team, very helpful and fast response. One of the best decisions to have our special day at Pandawa Cliff Estate. Pak Candra, Pak Moko Pak Putu and all staff members are so fine and have a big smile. Can't wait to be back here again.
Calvin T, Indonesia, 23-Jan-2023 - 27-Jan-2023
The service and hospitality was amazing!! We really enjoyed our stay in Villa Markisa and Marie. The Villa was also clean and has a excellent view. Highly recommended!!
Megan V, Australia, 09-Jan-2023 - 13-Jan-2023
Been here for 4 nights and the service has been amazing. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!!
Charlotte P, South Korea, 25-Dec-2022 - 02-Jan-2023
Great service, clean & beautiful place. Hope to come back in the future.
Donna M, Singapore, 21-Nov-2022 - 23-Nov-2022
We stayed at Pandawa Cliff Estate for 2 nights & the minute we arrived to when we left the staff were so hospitable & helpful. From the manager to the butler & cleaning staff they were all amazing. The accommodation was luxurious & the stay was like being in paradise. I would highly recommend this beautiful place to people & hope one day I get the opportunity to come again with my family from Australia. Thank you for making our holiday so special.
David S, Indonesia, 10-Nov-2022 - 17-Nov-2022
We stayed at the Pandawa Cliff Estate for several days and received nothing but the best that hospitality has to offer. I highly recommend anyone looking to stay in Bali to extend their visit here.
Shang Li And I, United States, 04-Nov-2022 - 07-Nov-2022
Very nice stay, great breakfast, friendly staff. Had a good time here! We stayed here for a weekend and it was the most fanciest and well organized place had been to for a couple of years. Thank you for the nice stay and we hope to come here very soon.
Vidur S, India, 21-Oct-2022 - 24-Oct-2022
It has been a great stay at Pandawa Cliff Estate. The staff have been very attentive and the event we had ran so well. Thank god it didn't rain, we surely want to came back. All the best see you all soon. Our favorite butler is Mas Agus . Food has been good keep it up.
Villa Finder M, Singapore, 09-Oct-2022 - 19-Oct-2022
Thank you for this amazing trip and stay. Its paradise on earth. What a nice and amazing experience for this yoga ritual in the Villa Markisa. Thank you to the all team a specially our butler Moko, Agus, Putu for thr service and attention Thank you as well for all people we didn't see and made this stay so smooth and on believable. Thank you to all the staff for this amazing trip and stay felt like at home. we will come back
Marco H, Indonesia, 04-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022
Thank you very much for the fantastic service and hospitality to the crews of Pandawa Cliff Estate through out our team's off site event. The Villas are very well maintained, clean, and the service crews were ever so helpful. We will come back!
Sasya and A, Indonesia, 30-Sep-2022 - 02-Oct-2022
Dear Pandawa Team, Terima kasih buat pelayanan di Pandawa Cliff Estate. Villa bersih & staff sangat friendly, view sangat bagus. Sangat berkesan stay disini. Next time akan datang lagi.
Trimelia And J, Singapore, 28-Sep-2022 - 30-Sep-2022
Thank you so much for a beautiful Villa, the view and the staff. We have our wedding here, it has amazing. Staff are very friendly and helpful. We couldn't have our beautiful wedding without you guys.
Jun And K, Indonesia, 16-Sep-2022 - 19-Sep-2022
It was an amazing experience to have lived in Pandawa Cliff Estate with my family of four including two little children. We have thoroughly enjoy the beautiful views, excellent facilities and the warmth of the greet service staff. We will definitely consider returning for another holiday here.
Fransisca And A, United States, 13-Sep-2022 - 16-Sep-2022
Thank you for your service and hospitality. we all had an incredible stay at this beautiful estate. We loved the food recommendations. All the staff were very helpful and made thing very easy to organize. We would definitely come back again.
Josephine Tinsley And L, Singapore, 03-Sep-2022 - 08-Sep-2022
Visited for a wedding sept 2022. It was a fantastic experience, wonderful place & extremely hospitable. Thank you so much for all that you do to make peoples stay unforgettable. What a wonderful place, Pandawa Cliff Estate. Villa Markisa . such a special location to celebrate a wedding. The accommodation, views, food, & service were all first rate . I will love to visit again in the future.
Gayle J, Indonesia, 26-Aug-2022 - 31-Aug-2022
I can't thank you enough for providing the most magical holiday. We've been planning this trip for 1 year and it exceeded all expectations. Moko,Candra & everyone else who took care of us, thank you for putting up with all 11 of us. our music, drink of course and never ending food request. Thank you for beautiful celebration dinner at villa rose and thank you for doing everything with the happiest energy it made the week. Can't wait to came back again will start planning now.
Anisha And G, United Arab Emirates, 19-Aug-2022 - 22-Aug-2022
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent Service! A big thank you to the entire Pandawa Cliff Estate team for making our experience truly a memorable and unforgettable one! It was much appreciated. " Moko, went the extra mile to rescue a lost bag situation in Nusa Dua for us. Can not thank him enough for his support". "Chandra, thank you for taking extra special care of us and the kids at all times. I'm sure you're glad we are leaving! No more chicken nugget orders and ice requests! Thank you!
Ibu G, Indonesia, 14-Aug-2022 - 19-Aug-2022
I had a wonderful experience here at Pandawa Cliff Esatate ! Big thanks to the whole team for this unforgettable experience !
Dhika And C, Indonesia, 12-Aug-2022 - 14-Aug-2022
Bli & Mbok have the best hospitality. They are very thoughtful & generous, even when they are not asked. ****** (six star) service. Thank you bli & mbok! The estate is very clean, situated nicely above the sea. Amazing view, stunning!!! The space is spacious and cozy for enjoying and relaxing with family & friends. Superb stay !!!
Jeff S, United States, 05-Aug-2022 - 09-Aug-2022
Dear Moko, Chandra & team Thank you for your great service & patience in serving such a big group . We enjoyed our meals and the facilities. May God bless all of you & this place.
Andrea Cheah And J, Australia, 29-Jul-2022 - 01-Aug-2022
Had a wonderful experience here for the past 3 days in Pandawa Cliff . The service staff are friendly. The particularly during our breakfast session, the staff accommodating in our request make us feel relaxed. Would will hesitate to come back.
Henry K, Singapore, 18-Jul-2022 - 21-Jul-2022
Thank you all.
Jessy C, Malaysia, 13-Jul-2022 - 17-Jul-2022
An exceptional place with an exceptional service. A great thank you to all the staff of Pandawa for their warm hospitality and making my stay a pleasurable and memorable one. Will definitely return for another visit in the near future.
Daniel Y, Indonesia, 08-Jul-2022 - 12-Jul-2022
Thank you very much to all of the staff. Our family had a great time staying here. The service is way beyond our expectations. See you all next time.
Villa Finder L, Singapore, 27-Jun-2022 - 05-Jul-2022
Our stay at Pandawa Cliff Estate was overall phenomenal. The meals specially breakfast were amazing, the service was incredible and Moko and Chandra were always happy to help. There two individuals and the staff made the stay 10x better. We loved and enjoyed every moment, and are forever grateful for our stay at Pandawa Cliff Estate. Everything was perfect.
Frances L, United States, 21-Jun-2022 - 24-Jun-2022
Our stay at the Pandawa Cliff Estate has been one of the most magical experiences of our lives. It was a beautiful setting to host our wedding festivities.We can't wait to return for another visit. Thanks so much for all the fantastic service and being so accommodating to all our requests and desired. We couldn't have imagined a better wedding & stay in Bali.
Alessandro Adikara A, Indonesia, 27-May-2022 - 30-May-2022
One of the best days of our life. Celebrate a wedding with friends and family with remarkable view. Shout out to all staff in Pandawa Cliff Estate to assist us during our stay and looking forward to comeback here again as soon as possible.
Tiffany L, Singapore, 13-May-2022 - 16-May-2022
To Moko, Chandra, Agus, Wira, Ratna and other staff of Markisa, thank you so much for your service to our family the past 3 days. We are so impressed with all of you and the beautiful views here at Pandawa - Markisa. This is the perfect place and we are so lucky to have our wedding here. All the best to you and we hope to be back and see you soon.
Elina J, Indonesia, 30-Apr-2022 - 06-May-2022
We are having a great time in here. Villa Markisa - Great experiences, service and view!! This is our 2nd time staying in Pandawa Cliff Estate - Markisa & Rose are the best villas. Definitely would like to try The Pala. Thank you for the excellent service.
Dea D, Indonesia, 18-Feb-2022 - 23-Feb-2022
Thank you Pandawa Cliff Estate for such an awesome service & hospitality. The staff were really kind and helpful. The room was also very comfortable. The view is very amazing. We had a very wonderful time. You made us feel at home and we will miss you very much. Thank you so much!! We will back again!! See you soon PANDAWA CLIFF ESTATE and all the staff. Stay healthy guys. Semoga semakin berjaya.
Nabila C, Indonesia, 01-Feb-2022 - 03-Feb-2022
Friendly & helpful staff Smooth booking process We really enjoyed our stay in Villa Markisa The view from our Villa is so stunning Overall, we have a pleasant stay here and would love to come back soon! Stay healthy to all of Pandawa Cliff Estate staff member. It is one of my best decision to hold a wedding here.
Ibu A, Indonesia, 27-Dec-2021 - 30-Dec-2021
Kudos untuk semua staff Pandawa Cliff Estate! You guys are amazing! Semuanya baik, ramah dan profesional! Liburan disini sangat nyaman dan menyenangkan. Semua bersih, indah, mengagumkan. Terima kasih teramat sangat untuk 2 butler kami yg super sigap dan baik hati, Pak Moko dan Pak Chandra, mudah-mudahan kalian naik gaji terus hahaha... We are leaving for now, hoping to come back again.
Elina J, Indonesia, 22-Dec-2021 - 27-Dec-2021
We have a pleasant stay in Villa Markisa. Spacious Villa, lawn and excellent services. Best view & luxury. As well as health protocol. Definitely we will be back here. Thank you for all the hospitality, nice staffs and dedication.
PTB J, Indonesia, 16-Dec-2021 - 19-Dec-2021
I am very impressed with the service and all staff's hospitality was beyond excellent!! The view and villas ambience were so magical!! We enjoyed our stay in villas together with all families and colleagues, especially in Markisa (915 & 916). The pool and backyard was so great. Thank you for your service. Hope we'll be back here soon!
Ferry S, Indonesia, 28-Nov-2021 - 30-Nov-2021
Recommended untuk inap di Pandawa Cliff Estate. We will be back soon!!! We are from Medan.
Mr J, Indonesia, 29-Oct-2021 - 01-Nov-2021
Service nya bagus Tempatnya nyaman Breakfastnya enak Love it We will back soon
Aditya K, Indonesia, 02-Oct-2021 - 04-Oct-2021
Excellent two-day stay. Beautiful view. Great breakfast. Very helpful and friendly staff. Excellent service. I highly recommended. Hope Covid-19 will be over soon and Pandawa Cliff Estate prospers.
Reni R, Indonesia, 11-Aug-2021 - 12-Aug-2021
To the kindest and most caring staff of Pandawa Cliff Estate. Thank you for the most perfect setting for my mother's birthday. It was magical.
Erni S, Indonesia, 11-May-2021 - 14-May-2021
Everything deserves a 5-star rating. Very good service. Love it
Rosellaa P, Indonesia, 30-Dec-2020 - 02-Jan-2021
Dear Pandawa Cliff Estate, It was an amazing experience! Excellent service, helpful & friendly staff. I will definitely stay again in this villa. Such a warm and cosy place to be. Superb cliff view. I am more than satisfied!
FX S, Indonesia, 14-Dec-2020 - 17-Dec-2020
Superb service, great view, clean place. So much fun for a large family retreat. Thank you to all staff members who provided excellent service.
Lucia L, Indonesia, 26-Feb-2020 - 29-Feb-2020
It's a great experience staying here, thank you very much.
Paskal & Vivin, Indonesia, 21-Feb-2020 - 24-Feb-2020
It's been an awesome and heartwarming stay for us and families in Markisa and Rose Villa. The staff were awesome and incredibly helpful too. Keep up the good work! Thank you!
Wennie I, Indonesia, 07-Feb-2020 - 10-Feb-2020
Thank you for accommodating our stay it is a lovely villa, awesome service and friendly, attentive staff.
Delia K, United States, 08-Sep-2019 - 15-Sep-2019
Pandawa Cliff Estate what a tropical dream! The staff went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything we needed everyday. From food, to transportation and suggestions of fun things to do. Your staff had all the information. The cooking class with Chef Wayan and the extra special party was the highlight of my stay. Especially the Karaoke, big thanks to Agung and your staff to arrange for us! Thank you for the amazing and excellent service.
Young & Valerie, Australia, 02-Sep-2019 - 05-Sep-2019
Thanks for your hospitality and making us feel so comfortable and welcomed here. Pandawa is our favourite villa in Bali. Your service is always excellent and the whole team is so lovely. We will definitely recommend Pandawa to all our friends. Big Thanks.
Krissy & Murph, Australia, 27-Aug-2019 - 30-Aug-2019
We have appreciated everything you have done for us over our stay. Everything was always clean and welcoming. Nothing was ever a hassle and we couldn't rate you higher if we tried. Thank you for our coffees, food, transport, smiles, cheeky jokes and for putting up with us. We love you.
Jamie, Australia, 16-Aug-2019 - 19-Aug-2019
Thank you so much for an incredible and unforgettable stay! The venue was perfect, the staff amazing and we couldn't have imagined a better place to get married. It's with a heavy heart that we have to leave but hopefully we can come back soon! Thank you.
Koon Juan H, Singapore, 07-Aug-2019 - 12-Aug-2019
Have been to celebrate great 50th birthday party for my best friend. Perfect place for stay and hold an event. We will miss this place so much!!!
Natalie and Jonathan, Indonesia, 19-Jul-2019 - 22-Jul-2019
Thank you for the amazing hospitality. You've been so kind and accommodating to our guest. This has the best venue for the wedding and we hope to come back soon. You have such beautiful views and we absolutely love all the monkeys as well - super cute. Please continue the good work and I know you guys will be successful.
Edd and Cheryl, Australia, 07-Jun-2019 - 10-Jun-2019
Many thanks for all your kind hospitality, you've made our stay very enjoyable and we will definitely come back again.
Kylee and Brendan, Australia, 31-May-2019 - 03-Jun-2019
Thank you for welcoming us into your slice of paradise. Your dedication and friendliness was amazing. Such a wonderful place to stay and relax and enjoy an amazing wedding.
Sarah and Hank, Singapore, 24-May-2019 - 27-May-2019
Thank you Chandra, Tina, Ratna, Agung and all the wonderful staff at Pandawa Cliff Estate. The villa is amazing and the Estate is stunning and such a jewel in this exclusive area. We had an awesome wedding event over 3 areas of the villa and every one of the venues was perfect because of your staffs professionalism, attention to detail, friendly and welcoming smiles. Many times they went out of their way to accommodate our last minute requests. Special mention to Stephan who was assigned to help parents of the groom - Ian. It was an amazing experience that we will remember and will definitely come back to PCE to relive our moments here. A big thank you to all the staff and management.
Carlos and Amanda, Australia, 20-May-2019 - 23-May-2019
Thank you for everything. The service, the food and all the staff were excellent. Perfect location to spend a few days to help celebrate a wedding.
Cara and Joe, United Kingdom, 16-May-2019 - 19-May-2019
Thank you to all of the friendly staff at villa Markisa. You have made our wedding and holiday the best experience. We are very grateful for all of your helpfulness and kindness during our stay. We have had the best time. Thank you so much.
Anna and Nick, Australia, 10-May-2019 - 13-May-2019
Thank you Tina for looking after us so beautifully. Your calmness and kindness were a pleasure to behold. Everyday you treated us like royalty. You were always here to help us with anything we needed. Thank you very much for all of this.
Dide and Jelmer , Netherlands, 03-May-2019 - 06-May-2019
Thank you so much. Pandawa was absolutely amazing. The service is better than I have ever experienced. Thank you for making this an unforgettable time.
Tianyi R, China, 29-Apr-2019 - 02-May-2019
Great view and service. I enjoyed our stay at Pandawa Cliff Estate. We will come back again.
Cheryl S, Singapore, 26-Apr-2019 - 29-Apr-2019
Thank you for our lovely stay. The hospitality was fantastic and we really enjoyed the breakfast. The wedding was beautiful and the staff were really incredible, the warmth and the friendliness of the staff is an asset to the country. Thank you to all for a beautiful weekend.
Nathalie and Jonathan, Australia, 23-Apr-2019 - 26-Apr-2019
Thank you for the amazing hospitality. You've been so kind and accommodating to our guest. This has the been the best venue for the wedding and we hope to come back soon. You have such a beautiful view and we absolutely love all the monkeys as well (super cute). Please continue the good work and I know you guys will be successful all the time.
Marlies S, Indonesia, 18-Mar-2019 - 22-Mar-2019
We couldn't ask for a more perfect stay than here at Pandawa Cliff Estate. The staff were so friendly and everything we asked for was taken care of immediately. The property is stunning and I am leaving with the spirit of Bali in my heart.
Michael W, Singapore, 12-Mar-2019 - 15-Mar-2019
This is an absolutely gorgeous place. The room was beautifully furnish and the bed was so comfortable. I love the pool and the view from the room. The staff were so friendly and helpful and the food was amazing.
Amreetha K, Philippines, 08-Mar-2019 - 11-Mar-2019
Thank you for a wonderful stay. All the staff have been so professional, friendly and welcoming. We've all enjoyed our time here and would recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing and luxurious place in Bali.
Ella A, Australia, 01-Mar-2019 - 04-Mar-2019
Wow, what an amazing place. The staff are so nice and have looked after us very well. The villa/villas are the best in Bali. Thanks so much for having us, we can't thank you enough.
Agustine and Kelly, Singapore, 13-Dec-2018 - 16-Dec-2018
Amazing place here! Excellent service from all the staff (special mention to Indra) and we had a lot of fun. Definitely will come back again.
Amanda R, Australia, 01-Nov-2018 - 04-Nov-2018
Fantastic stay here at Pandawa Cliff Estate. Every one is very friendly and accommodating. Pandawa Cliff Estate is a magical place and hope we can visit again. Thank you for the wonderful service and we will highly recommend staying here to all of our friends and family. Our children love the pool and the food and they want to say thanks as well. See you all soon.
Aileen and Daniel, Australia, 25-Oct-2018 - 28-Oct-2018
It was absolutely an amazing place to stay. Beautiful view with awesome staff. I'm more than happy that I chose to have my wedding here. The decoration was stunning, all my guest had such a great time here. Thank you so much for your service abs this place is just perfect.
Dean and Ashlee, Australia, 22-Oct-2018 - 25-Oct-2018
Words cannot express how grateful we are for everything you have done for us to make our stay perfect. We have had the most incredible wedding, these memories will stay with us forever. The service we have received was well and truly above 5 star. There is nothing we could fault about our stay as you always went above and beyond. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you
Edwina and Jonathan, Singapore, 14-Oct-2018 - 17-Oct-2018
I would like to thank you guys so much. The villas were amazing but more importantly the service was absolutely amazing, top notch service! Special thanks to Adi!
Jeselle and Randy, Indonesia, 11-Oct-2018 - 14-Oct-2018
Words can't even begin to describe what an amazing and memorable experience we all had here. The place is wonderful. Its the undivided care and attention given to us that really made the most impact. You have given me the best wedding/birthday present ever. Terima Kasih Banyak! We love you so much.
Sophie and Jack, Australia, 05-Oct-2018 - 08-Oct-2018
Thank you for taking care of us and making our dream a reality. Before arriving we had only seen photos and videos of the grounds and views. They don't do this place justice, the view is AMAZING! The people were beautiful. The villa was beautiful. This place will always have a special place in our hearts.
Catu and Kav, Hong Kong, 27-Sep-2018 - 30-Sep-2018
Thank you for such a wonderful time and giving us a place in Bali that feels like home. Adi and the team are awesome! We can't wait toe spread the word about Pandawa Cliff Estate to all our friends and family.
Melissa H, Australia, 24-Sep-2018 - 27-Sep-2018
Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. It was an absoulute dream to stay here and the Pandawa team went above and beyond to create a magical experience for us and our family.
Hay C, Hong Kong, 03-Sep-2018 - 06-Sep-2018
The staff at the estate were amazing. They provide exceptional service when we needed it and went above and beyond in every area. 100% recommend this estate and will return in the future.
Brice Z, Australia, 31-Aug-2018 - 03-Sep-2018
We are happy with the service and for everything.
Weiju C, Taiwan, 27-Aug-2018 - 31-Aug-2018
Nice place to stay with friends, family and everyone. Staff here in Pandawa Cliff Estate are really nice. They will help you to arrange everything. Thank you for everyones hospitality. We would like to come back again.
Eldia R, Australia, 24-Aug-2018 - 27-Aug-2018
Thank you to all the Pandawa Staff, our stay has been so perfect because of you. Our wedding was the most incredible day, the venue and the staff were the best. I cannot express enough. Im so grateful and thankful to be here.
Jay and Val, Australia, 17-Aug-2018 - 20-Aug-2018
Thanks to everyone at Pandawa for you wonderful hospitality. Thanks for making our wedding weekend so amazing and we enjoyed every moment of it. It was an unforgettable weekend at Pandawa and it will always have a special place in our hearts.
Moselle, Australia, 09-Aug-2018 - 12-Aug-2018
Thank you to all the staff at Pandawa. The care and attention given to my friends and family in the past 3 days was exceptional. Every day we awoke to fresh grounds, fresh coffee and thoughtful care from villa team. I hope to be able to return someday.
Sarahand Moselle, Australia, 27-Jul-2018 - 30-Jul-2018
Thank you to all the staff at Pandawa. The care and attention given to my friends and family in the past 3 days was exceptional. Every day we awoke to fresh grounds, fresh coffee and thoughtful care from villa team. I hope to be able to return someday.
Adi W, Indonesia, 20-Jul-2018 - 23-Jul-2018
We had our wedding here and stay here for 3 nights. The staff and service is awesome. Diego is very helpful. We will definitely recommend Pandawa Cliff Estate to our friends and family. Everything is well organized here. Thanks Pandawa Cliff Estate.
Sam and Abby, Australia, 13-Jul-2018 - 16-Jul-2018
To all the staff at Pandawa Cliff Estate, particularly Adi, thank you for taking such a great care of us. We loved our time here and you made us feel at home. You exceeded all of our expectations and we truly had a magnificent time. I hope one day that we will come back and visit this beautiful location again.
Araya H, Indonesia, 06-Jul-2018 - 08-Jul-2018
Very private and great service. We came here to join the wedding and enjoy the hideaway in Bali. Truly a wonderful and perfect venue for a romantic event. Great Estate.
Melissa P, Australia, 08-Jun-2018 - 11-Jun-2018
On behalf of Mel and I, we would like to say huge thank you to the staff of Pandawa Cliff Estate. You all went above and beyond with your service and our wedding, it was absolutely amazing. Sugi was an incredible butler and his service and smile was awesome. We will not forget our stay here. Will definitely recommend to others.
Amelia S, Singapore, 04-Jun-2018 - 07-Jun-2018
Thank you for your incredible service. Because of the work and dedication to exceed, we were able to relax and have a wonderful time and vacation with our family. Please know how pleased we are. This was a 5 star experience.
Jack and Katya, Australia, 29-May-2018 - 01-Jun-2018
Thank you for the best three days - our stay will forever remain in our memories. All of our guest and families have been blown away by the care and attention shown to everyone. Special thanks to Moko, Agung and Putu for putting up with all the chaos with huge amount of patience and kindness. Our dream is now to come back to see you again and re-live the memories!
Nivin S, South Africa, 20-May-2018 - 25-May-2018
Amazing estate, amazing people. We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding week so memorable and perfect. The level of service was outstanding. Special thank you to Moko, Putu and Candra for going above and beyond and thank you to Diego for organizing everything and making it all possible. Hope to see you again.
Justin and Angela, United States, 08-May-2018 - 11-May-2018
This has been the best experience of our lives. Your entire crew here has been outstanding. We will remember this for the rest of our lives. Thanks for the memories.
Jen and Ardo, Australia, 25-Apr-2018 - 28-Apr-2018
Thank you for outstanding hospitality and service. Our family truly enjoy staying and having an event in this facility.
Jasmine & Jack, Australia, 17-Apr-2018 - 20-Apr-2018
Thank you so much for three days in paradise. The staff were fantastic, the grounds are so well kept. Nothing was too much for the staff to help with. Thank you for making our special day perfect.
Sean & Nariza, Brunei, 13-Apr-2018 - 16-Apr-2018
Thank you for making our stay here at Pandawa Cliff Estate such an amazing one. The service, food and hospitality was nothing short of amazing. My wedding was perfect. I am beyond happy and it was the best time we had in Bali. The villas are perfect and beautiful.
Jessica and Jerram, Australia, 06-Apr-2018 - 09-Apr-2018
Thank you for the most amazing three days and memorable enjoyable wedding. Everything was perfect and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Special mention to Diego and to all the staff - your service was second to none. Thank you for all of the great memories as we start this next chapter of our lives together. All of our guests send their thank you for the service and wonderful villas.
Dione & Daniel, Australia, 03-Apr-2018 - 06-Apr-2018
To the Pandawa staff, specially Moko and Agung. Thank you for everything leading up to the wedding and the post wedding recovery party. A special thanks to Moko for all of your help when Dee fell ill from dinner.
Ibu M, Indonesia, 06-Mar-2018 - 18-Mar-2018
We all want to thank you for the fabulous vacation here at Pandawa Cliff Estate. Our villa was elegantly and comfortably appointed and with our large group of 8 we all had a lot of privacy. Everything here is so well thought out. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and the houseman. Diego is knowledgeable and super friendly and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure our stay was fun exciting and smooth. I would like also to say that the food was delicious and we ate ourselves silly.
Imelda Engeline N, Indonesia, 01-Mar-2018 - 04-Mar-2018
Thank you so much for your hospitality, sincerity, extra mile and great responses in delivering your nice services during, even before our stay in this villa. Our wedding becomes the topic of the whole weekend - weekdays after among every one of our guest because of everything. Not only the splendid venue but the whole rundown of our Holy matrimony, reception, cocktail, dinner and party, all went perfect. All of the guest were so happy to be the part of our happiest day and you and the team are the men behind the scene who also made it happen. Keep improving to get closer to perfection. Diego, this venue will be a different experience without you. Muchisimas gracias.
Christhoper & Catherine, Indonesia, 23-Feb-2018 - 25-Feb-2018
Thank you to all Pandawa team, staff and drivers for your superb hospitality and service. We are super satisfied with our stay and wedding. The villa is very comfortable and spotless. The breakfast is very good. Thumbs up to all butlers and housekeeping who are always ready to serve us. We will definitely recommend Pandawa Cliff Estate to our friends.
Raissa & Daniel, Indonesia, 27-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2018
Thank you for an amazing experience before, during and after the wedding. Pak Moko and Pak Agung and the butler team are the best, our appreciation to their services and attitude. We are so happy and grateful to chose Pandawa Cliff Estate as our wedding venue and place to gather 2 families together. The best thing of this villa is not only their staffs, but also to its high level of maintenance, cleanliness and facilities. The view is spectacular from up here. Again, thank you for being one of the best part of our wedding.
Sara & Ali, Australia, 20-Jan-2018 - 23-Jan-2018
Just had one of a lifetime experiences with my family and close friend and we celebrated our wedding at the estate. The venue, management, staff, breathtaking views, facilities, food were just some of the amazing things this place had to offer. We couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate this occasion. This has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much, love you guys and wish you all the best.
Joelle E, Hong Kong, 27-Dec-2017 - 02-Jan-2018
Thank you for making our stay so magical. Can't fault in anyway, paradise with the best food, service ever. Thank you, thank you, unforgettable.
Sean D, Singapore, 24-Nov-2017 - 26-Nov-2017
Thank you for an amazing wedding weekend. Your team took great care of us and made this weekend an unforgettable one.
Joy & Nickolas, New Zealand, 07-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017
Beautiful villas, helpful accommodating staff. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you so much.
Ibu M, Indonesia, 02-Nov-2017 - 05-Nov-2017
Thank you for hosting our wedding and service with great services. The view is spectacular and filled with love. Would recommend this stay for my other friends and family to visit here.
Hayley S, Australia, 24-Oct-2017 - 27-Oct-2017
Thank you for making the last 3 days the most enjoyable time of our lives. Amazing staff, amazing location and best place for our wedding. Could not have wished for anything else.
Mary & Dion, Australia, 19-Oct-2017 - 23-Oct-2017
Your are all truly beautiful people. You are all so accommodating and quick to answer our every need and want. Even with me changing my mind every 2 seconds. I wish you all the best and hope you are always treated with respect by all your guest. I hope you always remember us as we will never forget you. You made our wedding journey so special and so perfect. You are the best.
Eve & Yuichi, Indonesia, 12-Oct-2017 - 16-Oct-2017
Thank you for going above and beyond to accommodate our needs these few days. When we first arrived we were amazed by how stunning this place was and we were started to feel like this was home. Nobody wants to leave. Our wedding day was a magical and a day we won't forget. The professionalism of the staff made us fell like we were in great hands and we were able to enjoy the day. Special thanks goes to Agung and his friendly demeanor and helpful attitude made feel us extra welcome always.
Adinata & Enjella, Indonesia, 06-Oct-2017 - 09-Oct-2017
Nice service and beautiful villa. The view is so fantastic.
Paula & Ben, Australia, 03-Oct-2017 - 06-Oct-2017
Diego, Putu and all of the amazing villa staff, we love you. Your staff and villa have made our special day extra magical and we cannot thank you enough. First class service and we cannot wait to come back.
Jenna D, Australia, 13-Sep-2017 - 16-Sep-2017
Thank you to the Pandawa team, we had a fantastic time over this past 3 days. The staff were incredible and provided us with impeccable service. Our wedding was the best day of our lives and it was made so by the staff and beautiful estate. Wishing the Pandawa team all the best in the future.
Ashleigh & James, Australia, 09-Sep-2017 - 12-Sep-2017
You are one of the most professional and kind teams that I have ever experienced. You have made us feel so welcome here and your smiles throughout the days staying here have given a great joy. A facility can only be so beautiful and the Pandawa tops the list, but at the end of the day it is people around you that make the experience what it is and our experience has been second to none. I wish all the best to the Pandawa and its staff. Sorry for all the loud music and constant partying.
Justin Y, Indonesia, 01-Sep-2017 - 06-Sep-2017
Our group of 45 people just spend the last 5 days in here at the Pandawa. I think to say it was the best week we ever had. The staff come above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of. The made this the most amazing place for vacations and become husband and wife. Everything was perfect.
Jessica N, Hong Kong, 26-Aug-2017 - 29-Aug-2017
Please accept our heartfelt thanks,for all that you are done for the past 3 nights. All residents were amazed by the service and our guest were extremely impressed by the helpfulness and level of service your entire crew had provided. You guys truly made us feel like kings and princesses and most importantly you have helped give us the most memorable wedding ever.
Bianca & Nina, Australia, 02-Aug-2017 - 05-Aug-2017
Thank you to all the staff at Pandawa for looking after us so well. You have exceed our expectations and this trip is unforgettable. The grounds were immaculate and the rooms just perfect. Thank you for our surprise on the wedding night the rooms were gorgeous. The food was on point and delicious. We are very sad to leave. We would love to come back and experience this beautiful place again. The view was to die for.
Sophie E, Indonesia, 13-Jul-2017 - 16-Jul-2017
Thank you yet again for making our stay so very memorable. You really helped make the wedding the success it was. Everyone is so friendly and happy and nothing is ever too hard or difficult. You went above and beyond to make everything run smoothly and I cannot thank you enough for that. We are look forward to our next visit.
Russell D, Hong Kong, 10-Jul-2017 - 13-Jul-2017
What a marvelous location to get friends and family together for a birthday celebration, stunning views, great facility, excellent service to meet all needs. Thank you Diego, Moko and the whole team for making this a memorable event for me.
Linda M, Indonesia, 25-Jun-2017 - 27-Jun-2017
Really enjoyed our stay here. Great place, great views. First time we went for a different route and rented a villa and we really loved the privacy and space. Most of all, the service was excellent, very hospitable, would definitely recommend to a friends and family.
Pruedence C, Australia, 16-Jun-2017 - 19-Jun-2017
There are absolutely not words to describe how amazing our whole wedding weekend has been. The estate is beautiful and we how perfect it is. All the staff have been so amazing and friendly. They have truly bought smiles to everyone faces. We cannot wait to return, as we will never stop remembering on this special time.
Karina & Ryan, Australia, 04-Jun-2017 - 07-Jun-2017
Our stay has been beyond perfect, we can never thank you enough, so friendly staff, so helpful, made us feel so special. The food was perfect and the coffee! So clean, we can't complain about a single thing. Our wedding was perfect, this venue has been a dream come true. We hope we can come back. We love you all most beautiful people.
Steven & Anh, Indonesia, 26-May-2017 - 29-May-2017
We are having a blast here, amazing service, beautiful villas. We are looking forward to spending another trip here in the future.
Cara M, Australia, 22-May-2017 - 25-May-2017
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not only is Pandawa Cliff Estate an incredible venue, but the staff and management are so incredibly accommodating and welcoming. We had a fabulous stay thanks to you. We can't wait to return again and enjoy your hospitality. Special thanks to Diego for guiding us along the way and Tia from Bali Exclusive wedding. Our stay was so well planned thanks to you both.
Cheryl Y, United States, 08-May-2017 - 11-May-2017
We wanted a unique, memorable clifftop wedding for all of our international guests and we go it. The venue was spectacular and all the staff were so friendly and accommodating. Everyone is saying its the best wedding ever so thank you for being part of it.
Bradley I, Indonesia, 21-Apr-2017 - 26-Apr-2017
Absolutely amazing! Staff were world class, location is the best. Will definitely be coming back. Thanks again.
Domini R, Indonesia, 13-Apr-2017 - 16-Apr-2017
I like the villa, its awesome, best villa in Bali.
Aini A, Malaysia, 18-Mar-2017 - 22-Mar-2017
A perfect villa for the perfect getaway! The staff and service level at Pandawa made it even more special! We look forward to another trip to Pandawa Cliff Estate. All the best.
Teresa L, Singapore, 19-Feb-2017 - 24-Feb-2017
Had the best time at these beautiful villas for my 50th birthday with my lovely family. The staff here are amazing and so gracious and attentive. We did not want to leave this hidden gem! We really enjoyed the pool at villa Rose. Thanks you so much for that, the views are also spectacular. Thank you so much for making it so special.
Yvonne T, Singapore, 10-Feb-2017 - 13-Feb-2017
Spectacular views with attentive staff. A gem hidden in Pandawa. Our every needs are taken care of. A Sanctuary away from the city. An unforgettable experience...
Tianhua Z, China, 24-Jan-2017 - 29-Jan-2017
Very beautiful villa and very kind helpful staff. We all have a good time here. Hope we could come back again some day. Thank you.
Zhenyi L, China, 12-Jan-2017 - 16-Jan-2017
I love this villa, very beautiful. The stewards are very kind and helpful. I will tell my friend about the villa. We have a good Chinese New Year in the villa. Thank you so much.
Ivana, Indonesia, 09-Nov-2016 - 12-Nov-2016
Thank you very much for your hospitality, specially Pak Agung, the Pala's butler. It has been a great experience for us having you guys taking care of me and my family. Having a wedding here is such a wonderful memory. All the sunsets and the nice villa make the wedding perfect. Thanks again.
Eddy Z, China, 07-Nov-2016 - 09-Nov-2016
Very, Very satisfied. I will come again. To all of Pandawa teams - Thank for you.
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