Jivana Beach Villas - Villa Shanti
Sara C, United Arab Emirates, 15-Feb-2024 - 20-Feb-2024
We are checking out today and I wanted to thank you all for the beautiful stay we had. The villa was a dream and the staff was so amazing we can’t thank them enough.
Idzham H, Malaysia, 10-Feb-2024 - 14-Feb-2024
Dear Villa Shanti team, thank you for the great hospitality. My family and I had a very good time. We have no complaints at all! Hope to see you all soon. All the best!
Orhan Veli O, United Kingdom, 11-Jan-2024 - 08-Feb-2024
It was wonderful to come back here and to find everything just as we left it last year. We, Bora and I stayed here for 15 days and the rest of the family for 30 days after our wonderful time here last year. The time we spent here was magical, all thanks to your amazing hospitality and kindness. I love how you always try to make everything wonderful each day. I saw your smiling faces. Kop Khun Kha. We hope to see you again.
Orhan Veli O, Hong Kong, 13-Aug-2023 - 14-Aug-2023
It was wonderful to come back here and to find everything just as we left it last year. We, Bora and I stayed here for 15 days and the rest of the family for 30 days after our wonderful time here last year. The time we spent here was magical, all thanks to your amazing hospitality and kindness. I love how you always try to make everything wonderful each day. I saw your smiling faces. Kop Khun Kha. We hope to see you again.
Pathar (K. Pailin) R, Thailand, 20-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-2020
Villa Shanti is by far our favorite beach front villa. We live in Thailand and have traveled all across southern Thailand and no other villa beats this one. The pool is always the perfect temperature even on raining days. The garden and landscaping perfectly manicured. The food served up by P' Toon is authentic tasting. The service by staff members is on par of a 5-star resort and not to mention the most epic sunset everyday! We will be back again very soon. Khun Dang is a dream Villa Manager! Attentive, professional and just a delight. She even baked up cookies and delicious banana bread up for my children daily.
David I, Thailand, 11-Jul-2020 - 18-Jul-2020
Dear Shanti Villa team, Thank you very much for a wonderful time! You guys are amazing, very helpful, work efficiently, very kind! We all had a wonderful time here and for sure it will be the place for us to come back Food is amazing - Thank you K. Toon and the team. K. Deang, you are the best! Hope we will see you again soon. Lots of love
Nicolas V, Singapore, 03-Mar-2020 - 07-Mar-2020
Dear Villa Shanti, Perfect place, perfect service, perfect food, perfect weather, perfect rooms. The best. Amazing holiday and we will come back for sure.
Poonam & V, Philippines, 30-Jan-2020 - 04-Feb-2020
Dear Shanti Villa team, Thank you so very much for taking such a good care of us! You made us feel like movie stars and the food here was exceptional. Many thanks and we can not wait to be back again! See you soon and all the best!
Xuedong L, China, 22-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2020
We had very nice holiday at villa shanti, thanks for all villa staffs' quality service. We love the sea view, beach, sunset here. Perfect!
Alexey D, Russia, 20-Dec-2019 - 04-Jan-2020
What a wonderful stay! The Best holidays ever! Thank you the team! 5-star hotel service! We definitely come back again!
Charlotte H, Singapore, 15-Nov-2019 - 18-Nov-2019
Thank you for the great hospitality given and accommodating our requests at all time. Love the sun, pool and the beach! Thanks Chef for teaching us how to make the deserts and shrimp paste sauce.
Kate L, Singapore, 25-Oct-2019 - 28-Oct-2019
We loved the pool, beach and food. The toddles had the time of their lives.
Huang Lingqiao, China, 28-Sep-2019 - 03-Oct-2019
Villa and service Thank you Shanti team and amazing time
Eliza L, China, 13-Sep-2019 - 17-Sep-2019
Dear Shanti Villa, especially Dang and the team, Thank you for being such lovely hosts! We had a splendid week here. The food was delicious . Thank you for creating to our taste and introducing so many new dishes. On a separate note, I had a great birthday here and it would not have been the same without all of you! We can not wait to be back! Thank you Shanti Villa for a wonderful time! You have all been fantastic! We have had an amazing time. Dear Shanti Villa, We have had a wonderful time here! Thank you very much for your hospitality! All the best!
Cheng Y, China, 17-Jul-2019 - 20-Jul-2019
Dear Shanti Villa especially Dang and her team, We have enjoyed a very good time here, with your warmest service. We are sure we will visit you again. Best, Jenny
Beth B, Hong Kong, 11-Jul-2019 - 15-Jul-2019
Shanti Villa, We had an amazing week of relaxation, lovely food, beautiful sunsets and massage. We especially enjoyed all of our swims in the pool, Banana fritters and beach. The staff are the best. They know what we needed before we did. We will definitely be back. Thank you for everything, Evan and Debbie
Ocean And A, Hong Kong, 21-Mar-2019 - 24-Mar-2019
We had a lovely stay in the villa! Our wedding is beautiful in Villa Shanti. Thank you very much for your hospitality. It is an unforgettable trip in my life! Thank you all very much for giving us an unforgettable experience! Very helpful and professional team that even take care everyday for us. Dang is very professional and with integrity!
Ruth F, Australia, 06-Mar-2019 - 09-Mar-2019
Thank you for a splendid experience in the villa for our wedding. We will hold these memories forever in our hearts.
Tingting W, China, 17-Feb-2019 - 22-Feb-2019
This is a perfect trip ever. This villa is huge and has the quiet environment and excellent view! The sunset is what we called "wonderful". My two little girls love this villa so much, especially the lovely team. You guys are nice, kind and taking care of us so carefully. We are very lucky to spend those days with you. We do not need to think about any thing (like what toe eat, go out for something interesting). Just wake up, have breakfast, play/stay in the sofa to read books, have lunch, massage, swimming, sunset on the beach, dinner, another lay in the sofa and go to bed. We have a total relaxation vacation. Hope we will arrange another trip here. We love the food so so much!!!
Brian A, Singapore, 02-Feb-2019 - 09-Feb-2019
Thank you so much for all your kindness and hospitality during our stay here at Shanti Villa. Can not wait to come back again to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!
Juho S, Finland, 22-Jan-2019 - 02-Feb-2019
Thank you! We really enjoyed our stay!
Sarah M, Australia, 16-Jan-2019 - 21-Jan-2019
Thank you for the most AMAZING Week. You have taken such good care of us and made our wedding day so special. We cannot wait to come back.
Mei Yun C, Singapore, 23-Nov-2018 - 26-Nov-2018
Thank you for wonderful and thoughtful service. Special thanks to Dang and her team for taking care of us and help to facilitate all of our requests properly. The property is clean and lovely. All our guests enjoyed our wedding.
Candy P, China, 27-Oct-2018 - 30-Oct-2018
Thank you so much for the wonderful smile every time I see the team. They arranged everything perfectly, and I had a wonderful wedding at this wonderful villa. I will definitely come back again for holiday with family.
Paulo C, Malaysia, 19-Oct-2018 - 22-Oct-2018
Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and great service. You have made our stay and our wedding so memorable to us and all of our guests. We love how you were always one step ahead of our needs, making everything so easy for us and you wanted us to enjoy and relax. Thank you very much again and hope to get to stay here at Shanti with you guys again.
Andrinanda H, United States, 03-Sep-2018 - 07-Sep-2018
Thank you for the memorable stay! All of us had an amazing experience due to the attentive service that you guys provided. From the top notch meals to the staff friendliness. We will never forget out time here in Phuket. We are so relaxed and well fed, we wish we could stay longer.
Sara A, Qatar, 09-Aug-2018 - 24-Aug-2018
Thank you for an outstanding experience. All our family members enjoyed the stay. Thank you to the lovely team for the wonderful hospitality.
Gaurav L, Antarctica, 02-Aug-2018 - 05-Aug-2018
Thank you all for an excellent stay. Great hospitality by Dang and your team.
Rob Z, Australia, 26-Jul-2018 - 28-Jul-2018
Thank you for providing such a wonderful, relaxing environment during our stay. For many in our group it is our first time in Thailand and we have truly enjoyed our experience. Take care and best wishes to all.
Nick M, Australia, 10-Jul-2018 - 16-Jul-2018
Thanks for the wonderful memories that you have helped create for the crew of Aussies escaping the Australian winter. The food has been awesome every single meal. The service has been awesome every singe day. The hospitality has been awesome every single minute. We ate, we slept, we read, we swim and then we did it all again and again. Thanks for the memories.
Ying and Gan, China, 04-Jul-2018 - 07-Jul-2018
Thank you for your hospitality and thank you for all the staff. Beautiful view, delicious food and very cozy stay. Best wishes to all the staff here.
Brian A, Singapore, 18-Jun-2018 - 23-Jun-2018
What a lovely visit. Despite a few days of rain, our stay here has been nothing short of fantastic. Dang and team are perfection! Delicious food every meal. We are going home full and 5 lbs heavier - haha. We will definitely be back again. Thank you for the hospitality.
Ken S, Philippines, 15-Jun-2018 - 18-Jun-2018
This has been an amazing home-away from home! The staff... well exceptional.
Gavin S, Indonesia, 19-Apr-2018 - 24-Apr-2018
I just wanted to thank you and your team for making our stay in Phuket amazing. The service that we received pre arriving to Thailand from Maya was amazing. Any request that was sent was answered quickly and thoroughly. This service from Maya has continued to be first class since we arrived, from the welcome at the airport and then continuous questions she has answered for us thereafter. In addition to the villa the team that look after the villa managed by Dang are just amazing. No request is too much trouble and are very attentive to the individual needs of the other 3 guests that I invited to share the Claudia's (my wife) 40th Birthday celebrations. The quality of food and service is second to none and I cannot thank Dang and the team enough. Thank you all for an amazing job done - we will be back.
Zhao Q, China, 17-Feb-2018 - 22-Feb-2018
Thank you for everything in the villa and it's perfect facilities and services. Nice sea view, wonderful food and beverages provided. It's an unforgettable holiday in Villa Shanti. Hope to have a chance to come back again.
Wim L, Thailand, 19-Jan-2018 - 27-Jan-2018
Beautiful place, perfect service, warm and friendly staff. We had a wonderful holiday that we will never forget. Thank you so much it has been a dream. Thank you to the wonderful team that did everything to make our holiday perfect. Hopefully we meet again.
Thomas F, Thailand, 06-Jan-2018 - 13-Jan-2018
This has been a trip and stay that we will fondly remember for life, we are sad to leave. We feel friendship and love for all the staff. Nothing compares to this place and we absolutely loved our stay again and look forward coming back here. Thank you for all the warm and friendly service, incomparable! You really took care of us and our kids.
Jemma F, Thailand, 21-Dec-2017 - 28-Dec-2017
We all had a wonderful Christmas. The house was as beautiful as we remembered. The views, staff and pool all perfect. Thank you everyone and we hope to see ya soon, lots of thanks.
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