Bali is a tropical Indonesian island located just below the equator. Although the island boasts great weather all year round, it does have its seasons. If you’re wondering when to go to Bali, here are our suggestions for the best times to be in Bali:

May to October

May through to October is Bali’s dry season. July and August are Bali’s busiest months as they reflect the summer holidays in Europe and USA. This is also the time when international schools in Australia, Singapore and many other countries go on holiday. So, you can expect to see a lot of family crowds during this period. But, the biggest advantage is that the weather is guaranteed to be great.

October to March

October through to March is considered the wet season in Bali. But we love Bali during this period. Yes, rain showers are more frequent than in the dry season. However, it should not worry you too much — they always pass quickly. It’s a lot quieter during these months, which means accommodation rates are at their most affordable and the island is more tranquil (with the exceptions of Christmas, New Years and Easter holidays). Book your villas way in advance for these special occasions.

March, April and September

March, April and September are excellent months to come to Bali despite their ‘low season’ label. The weather is still great (expect the occasional shower), prices are low and there’s more accommodation availability.

No matter when you decide to visit Bali for your vacation, Elite Havens will have the perfect selection of magnificent villas for you.