Koh Samui has an array of dining options for you to venture to, combining the local ingredients and traditions of authentic Thai cuisine with contemporary culinary techniques and some of the island’s most scenic locations. If you want to try fresh local seafood or you are a steak lover, or even if you are making sure you live a fresh organic life there is something for everyone on Thailand’s third biggest island, Koh Samui. Here’s our pick of the best Koh Samui restaurants to bookmark for your next trip. 

1. Sa Being Lae
Thai and Seafood  

Sa Being Lae Restaurant is one of the most well known and established restaurants in Koh Samui that serves mostly Thai seafood dishes. They offer traditional fresh seafood in a classic Thai style.

The family-run restaurant has been open since 1990 with strong family connections to the local fishermen. Everything that is sold here is fresh off the boat each day, with absolutely nothing being kept to sell-on again tomorrow.

The range of fish to choose from is extensive and the southern Thai cuisine is characterised by the number and variety of curried dishes on the menu. If you have a sweet tooth, the kluay buad shi (bananas in sweet coconut milk) can’t be missed. Unlike many other seafood restaurants in Samui, Sa Being Lae is affordable.

2. Coco Tam’s x Peppina
Italian Cuisine in Fisherman’s Village

The ground floor dining room of Coco Tam’s, located in the heart of Fisherman’s Village, is where you can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine and fine wines. Continue upstairs to their open-air roof terrace. Find one of the finest views in Samui, overlooking Bohput Beach and Koh Phangan in the distance. On this floor, they serve cocktails, wine, local/international beers and bar snacks.

Discover their fully air-conditioned games room where you can enjoy your beverage and take your pick from an extensive games selection. They have a wide range of games available, from beer pong to monopoly, cards against humanity to trivial pursuit. 

3. Krua Bophut
Thai restaurant on the beach 

Krua Bophut is an authentic Thai restaurant located in the beautiful Fisherman’s Village on Bophut Beach. It is surprisingly one of the few Samui restaurants that specialises in traditional local cuisine, served in a lovely traditional Thai-style setting. Koh Samui’s cuisine is very different from that of other parts of Thailand. If you want a taste of it, Krua Bophut is where you should go.

The restaurant is decorated with wood carvings and feels like an antique Thai house. Its amazing location right on the beach allows you to enjoy Southern Thai cuisine while you sit under the stars with your feet in the sand. This also makes Krua Bophut one of the most romantic restaurants in Koh Samui.

As with many of the Thai restaurants in Koh Samui, there is a range of seafood on offer. But, they also offer meat and non-meat traditional Thai food. The menu is limited but very well prepared.  

4. The Shack
Best steakhouse in Fisherman’s Village

Established in 2003, The Shack is the longest-standing steakhouse in Koh Samui. It sits right in the middle of the quaint and famous Fisherman’s Village in Bophut, a must-visit on your Samui trip.

With its unique open charcoal grill and ‘Rhythm n Blues’ theme, The Shack offers a relaxed environment. They only import the highest grade of Australian and Japanese beef from award-winning farms. And offer various cuts of steak, ‘cut to size’, prepared and grilled to your liking by expert grillardins.

5. Dining on the rocks
Fine dining under the stars 

Located at the Six Senses Resort, Dining on the Rocks has a reputation for serving some of the best food on Koh Samui. The fusion cuisine encompasses both regional and international dishes. An emphasis on sustainable and organic produce is seen in the menu, of which some comes from their own garden.

The ideal time to visit Dining on the Rocks is just before sunset, where you will be able to really appreciate the restaurant’s atmosphere. This restaurant takes pride in its stunning 270-degree view of Samrong Bay and features an intricate work of platforms and terraces, all linked together by luxurious walkways.

You will find familiar Asian favourites on the menu that have been tweaked and given a new twist to give food lovers an original yet exciting taste. The wine list is exhaustive and their cocktails are very well prepared. Dining on the Rocks is a fascinating restaurant where guests can experience a new way of dining under the stars.

Take your dining experience to the next level in Koh Samui. Experience the sumptuous taste of Koh Samui, and retreat into a tranquil getaway in one of our Koh Samui villas.