To some, 25 may seem like an ordinary number. But to Elite Havens, it’s an exceptional one. For a quarter of a century, we have played a significant role in the lives of discerning travellers. Somewhere in that number, we’ve made somebody’s holiday a tad more special. And in our passion for crafting extraordinary moments for our elite guests, we have reached this milestone as if it were just part of our destiny.

In our 25th year, apart from throwing a big celebration, we wanted to do something a little bit different. And what better way to achieve this than by offering everyone a glimpse into the Elite Experience? Over four days, we gathered a diverse group of influencers, all poised to undergo the same experiences our guests enjoy in an elite haven.

Luxurious Retreats

We had the pleasure of seeing content creators and travel influencers bask in the lap of luxury across three of Bali’s finest accommodations. Rachel Truax, Ally Fiset, Ebony Jepson, Alex Miller, and Sean Ingram chose the cosmopolitan charm of Seminyak at Villa Lilibel. There, they soaked up the sun by the pool, sipped on sunset cocktails, and casually explored some of Bali’s top-notch eateries.

Over at Villa Asta, Natalie Frankenberger, Lukas Frankenberger, Marina Honyak, Angie, Alexsandra Gontsarava and Fabi found themselves in a luxurious sanctuary. Nestled conveniently near Batubelig Beach on Bali’s south-west coast, it offered them a leisurely stroll to the ocean’s edge.

Christina Voge, Yuneida Gutierrez, Astrid Stoermann, Christina Varkentin, and Gracia Julia Frans indulged in the epitome of comfort and style at Villa Lulito. This elegant colonial retreat, located at the pulsing heart of chic Seminyak, undoubtedly etched memories that would make their vacation truly unforgettable.

The Elite Experience: Living the Bali Dream

Our essence lies in crafting extraordinary experiences for our guests, and this ethos took centre stage in our meticulously planned four-day event brimming with special activities.

The journey kicked off with a welcome dinner at the enchanting Villa Lilibel. It was a meeting ground for influencers who, amidst the aroma of barbecue, satay, steak, and more, forged connections as they met each other for the first time. The ambiance was set, and the anticipation for the adventure ahead lingered in the air.

In a culinary escapade at Villa Iman, Alexandra Gontsarova, Natalie Frankenberger, Christina Voge, Yuneida Gutierrez, and Astrid Stoermann embarked on a cooking class. Aprons adorned, they dove into the delightful mess, creating culinary magic under the guidance of an in-villa chef. From the secrets of Beef Rendang to the art of crafting Chicken Satay in Lemon Grass Sticks and Urab Sayur (mixed veggies), it was a feast for the senses.

The event took a serene turn with sunset yoga at the Arsana Estate. Against Bali’s golden hour backdrop, female influencers found their zen, seamlessly connecting with the island’s inherent serenity. It was a moment of tranquillity, a pause in the festivities that spoke volumes.

Everybody loved the Spa Day at Noku Beach House – pure pampering and bliss. All guests relaxed with a 20-minute back massage while being offered refreshing drinks and tasty canapés. The rest of the day was at leisure with influencers snapping pics and creating content against Bali’s breathtaking backdrop. Just a perfect mix of relaxation and creativity.

“From sunset yoga in a private estate to mastering the secrets of traditional Balinese cuisine all leading up to the grand celebration of Elite Havens’ 25th Anniversary. Thank you, Elite Havens, for this unforgettable experience!”, summed Aleksandra Gontsarova.

Seseh Sunset Soiree: A Night to Remember

And there it was, the moment we had all been eagerly anticipating—the Cocktail Party at Seseh Beach Villas. As we stepped into Seseh that night, it was like being pulled by an irresistible force. Key travel partners, Bali’s best event organisers, and even the local media were all in on the fun, converging on this stunning spot where Bali’s vibrant scene awaited.

It was truly a sight to behold, seeing everyone dressed in stylish white outfits against the backdrop of beautiful Seseh Beach.

As travel influencer Sean Ingram exclaimed, “It just kept getting better.”

The evening kicked off with a traditional Balinese blessing, setting the stage for the enchantment that was about to unfold. Drinks flowed freely from Tipsy Tap and coconut stalls, initiating the celebration with a refreshing burst of flavours. The soft tunes of Rindik music added to the serene ambiance, creating a backdrop that felt almost surreal.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the energy shifted to the front villa, where Thirsty Monkey’s creative espresso martini tower took centre stage. The bars served up an array of pretty handcrafted cocktails and mocktails you won’t often see. Against the canvas of the breathtaking sunset, a mesmerising Kecak Dance began, captivating everyone with its rhythmic beauty.


A fiery fire dance that showcased incredible talent followed. Lumbung Catering impressed with delectable canapés, and Ixora Cakes contributed sweet treats that were nothing short of delightful.

With music, dancing, and singing filling the air, the night unfolded into an unforgettable experience. The chic furniture by the Isle Co Bali added an aesthetic touch, turning the entire celebration into a visual feast—a memory to be cherished.


It wasn’t just a party; it was a kaleidoscope of moments, a celebration that etched itself into the fabric of our experience, leaving us with memories that would last a lifetime.


Cheers to 25 Years of Elite Havens Difference

There was laughter mixing with the clink of glasses, lively talks filling the air and connections being made, both new and old. With Bali’s breathtaking views in the background, ideas sparked, partnerships bloomed, and the celebration hit its peak.

As the sun said its goodbyes on the last day, it wasn’t just the end of an event; it felt like the beginning of something new. Cheers to 25 years of doing things differently, Elite Havens.

That four-day event was a milestone celebration, of course. But it was also a declaration echoing through Bali’s palm-lined streets: “The adventure is just starting. Here’s to the memories, the connections, and all the amazing possibilities ahead!”