Hankering for a cup of coffee this afternoon? Or perhaps you’re looking for some delectable tapas to fulfil a craving? Prefer something more sensual and relaxed, like a French pastry? Look no further than our list of Bali’s top casual tea and coffee venues. These are the perfect places to head to when you aren’t quite ready for a heavy meal.


Bali might seem like an unlikely place to find great French pastries, but Rafi Papazian and Gregory Guerguerian profess that it was the creativity and passion they found in Bali that charmed them to stay and share their dream. It’s been 7 years since they decided to leave Paris and set up Monsieur Spoon on the Island of the Gods and they haven’t looked back since.


High tea and tarot card readings feature in this inspired 150-year old teak joglo that is part bookseller, part tea salon and part antique dealer. Biku has an incredible array of teas on offer along with old-school style classic dishes like scones with jam and cream and club sandwiches. Its the perfect spot for a cuppa and a slice of cake. Reservations recommended both for tables and tarot readings.



Folie claims to be ‘a love child between two grand food cultures, neither West nor East, but an attempt to discover something in between’. Chef Stephane Simond, who has experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, believes that a good chef must be obsessed with food. A gorgeous high tea setting with seriously good pastries.


Milk & Madu offers perfectly poached eggs for breakfast which can be paired with smoothies, freshly made juices or fantastic house-blended coffee, as well as juicy beef burgers, wraps, salads and healthy breakfast bowls packed with fruits, bee pollen and other delicious goodies. It’s mellow and oh-so-smooth.


Attention, macaron lovers. This pâtisserie satisfies your sweet tooth with macarons, croissants and all things French. Searching for baguettes? Look no further. Poule de Luxe has all that your heart desires. Everything is freshly baked each morning.


A favourite of many, it’s difficult to walk past Kim Soo and not be lured inside by the abundance of gorgeous homeware items on display. Pop into their onsite café for a hot brew and tap away on your laptop, or sit back for some people-watching. A perfect day’s plan.


Copenhagen Canggu is a Nordic café serving up Scandinavian-inspired food. There is a wide variety of tapas and open-faced sandwiches on offer, and you can choose to go sweet or savoury at a moment’s notice. There’s plenty to go around.

Book a stay at one of our elite havens on the island and tick each one of these off your list. We promise, it’s a taste of heaven!