“What you see before you, my friend is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.”– Katharine Hepburn

Thailand is world-renowned for its amazing street food, exotic tropical fruits, and delicious sweet desserts. But for those visiting Thailand who needs their chocolate fix, there is one artisan chef in Phuket who is the go-to guy when it comes to anything dark, milky or white.

Thailand does not have a rich history of chocolate unlike some of its Southeast Asian neighbours such as Indonesia, which grew almost no cocoa before the early 1980s when production took off like a rocket. Now, Indonesia is the world’s third-leading producer of cocoa beans. Cocoa production in Thailand fell out of favour decades ago for rubber, but lately, there has been a resurgence with a small number of growers and producers emerging in northern and western Thailand.

Thai cocoa is finally getting the recognition it deserves, with two Thai chocolate producers placed high in the 2018 International Chocolate Awards show.

Paradai brand took silver for their Belize dark milk 63% bar in the ‘dark milk chocolate’ category and Kad Kokoa won bronze in the ‘plain dark chocolate bar’ category for their Chiang Mai single-origin bar. They also opened Bangkok’s first bean-to-bar café in Sathorn, offering all things chocolatey, from desserts and hot chocolate to cocoa butter soap.

Elite Havens Chocolates

With Easter around the corner, getting your chocolate fix at one of Elite Havens villas can be as easy as placing a request with one of our superb in-house chefs, many of whom have trained at internationally renowned restaurants.

These are a selection of desserts made by the Villa Chef at Villa Waimarie in Samui.

If you are staying in one of our Phuket villas, our Villa Managers can also arrange Easter eggs, chocolate boxes or chocolate cakes, all which can ‘come to life’ with unique designs from a local shop in Phuket.


Looking for some fun things to do during your Easter stay at Elite Havens? Why not ask our in-Villa Managers about arranging an Easter Egg hunt. They will be more than happy to arrange an Easter egg hunt for your little ones or any chocolate-loving adults too.

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Cover image: Paradai