“Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.” – Audrey Hepburn

There are some restaurants in this list that are farm to table, there are others that just have a great choice of food with some healthy options, and most also make sure they don’t use products that use pesticides and preservatives. The bottom line here is that it’s up to the individual to choose what they need to have a balanced and thus healthy diet.

Stay healthy in Phuket 


PRU is located at the five-star Trisara resort close to Naithon beach and is a place where the wild forest meets the sea. PRU’s meals tell a story, drawing out subtle and bold flavours from the herbs, flowers, plants, and roots that grow wild in their own garden. They say their culinary style is founded on Western tradition and influenced by the exotic, and local regional cuisine. PRU at Trisara is pursuing their own culinary ambition – to elevate farm-to-table cooking to a new level. They use nature’s gifts from their own farm and do their part to give back, ensuring that life’s cycle continues to blossom.

Aged duck roasted – Aged duck roasted over the open fire with sweet tamarind, red onion marmalade and a duck sauce infused with pickled Thai cherries. The duck is from Petchabun and slowly roasted above the open fire for 2 days.

Aged duck roasted – Credit@prurestaurant

Divine restaurant

Divine restaurant is located in Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort on the east of Phuket and tucked into the side of a mountain, DiVine is an all-day dining restaurant, with freshly baked bread, free-range eggs and organic fruits and vegetables. The menu has been designed mindfully to include elements of local Thai favourites, raw plant-based, vegan, western, European and Asian specialities. They are strong believers in sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers. They were one of the first restaurants to offer raw plant-based dining in Phuket, and even have a separate part of the kitchen for raw meal preparation.

Raw Food Wrap – With carrot, beetroot, broccoli, chickpea, lime juice, Himalayan salt, avocado, cucumber, capsicum, kale, beetroot sheet, carrot sheet, mango, cherry tomato, pomegranate, rocket salad. Sauce – Coconut curry yoghurt


Raw Food Wrap

Project Artisan

Project Artisan is tucked away in Cherntalay. The concept (at the time of writing they have only completed phase 1 of 2) is to create a place that embraces the culture of Thailand. A place where you can find inspiration, eat, shop, work, learn something new, meet friends or relax on your own and enjoy life. At Project Artisan, you can enjoy a wide range of tasty and healthy cuisine inspired by the street food you will find in every marketplace. Add salads and artisan bread to the tasty barbecued treats, and enjoy them all in a very cool garden setting.

Artisan Smoothie Bowl – Pour mango and passion fruit smoothie over 2 spoons of oats in a bowl. Homemade granola with nuts & raisins, fresh mango & berries, sunflower seeds, coconut shaves and sprinkle with flax seeds.

Artisan Smoothie Bowl


Keemala has been winning awards for its amazing resort design, but their kitchen is also starting to hit the headlines. Located in Kamala, Phuket, the gastronomy team believes in offering a feast for the senses using wholesome cooking techniques. When dining you can choose the Healthy Living Cuisine version of the menu where dishes are prepared with raw, macrobiotic foods. Healthy Living Cuisine is available as vegetarian and pescetarian and incorporates various super-foods. It can also be prepared gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free.

Spring Spinach Salad – Fresh baby spinach, fresh strawberries, avocado, smoked coconut meat, edible flowers, pink peppercorn, sea salt and Sicilian lemon oil.  For the dressing, organic cashew nuts, fresh lemon juice, chopped boiled garlic, chopped chives, fine Himalayan salt, and smoked coconut water. 

Spring Spinach Salad

The Santosa Vegan Restaurant

The Santosa Vegan Restaurant located on Kata beach and serves modern vegan and raw food. It is the crowning glory of the Santosa detox & wellness centre. With stunning views of the Andaman Sea and a wonderful sunset vantage point, it has the perfect backdrop for a stunning dining experience. Almost all their ingredients are sourced from local providers and they offer organic produce whenever possible. Chef Yvano creates a weekly vegan buffet at a fantastic value. If you are looking for a raw and vegan meal while in Kata then this is definitely the place to go.

Courgette cannelloni – Pasta filled with raw Pomodoro and cultured cashew herb cheese on a bed of fresh tomato salsa with basil oil topped with yellow pepper sauce.

Courgette cannelloni – credit@veganphuket


Add some vitamin sea and a pinch of Koh Samui

If you are visiting the beautiful island of Koh Samui then here are a few healthy restaurant choices for you:

Jun’s art café

The menu at Jun’s art cafe features healthy, raw and vegan versions of Thai classics as well as Western options including wraps, pasta and salads.

Spaghetti Pesto with Broccoli – credit@Art Cafe by June

Vikasa Life Café

They believe food is part of a cycle that begins with honest origins. Being conscious of bodies and planet means caring about where food comes from and how it was made. Visaka organic garden project is still in its infancy stage but we are striving to grow more of our own organic vegetables to use in our amazing salads and other dishes.

 Red Sushi Roll – The roll has sticky beetroot quinoa, avocado, ginger marinated mushrooms and veggies wrapped in nori with probiotic wasabi mayo and tahini miso dip. 

Red Sushi Roll – credit@visakalifecafe


Dining on the Rocks at Six Senses

Dining on the Rock at Six Senses Samui resort has the reputation for serving some of the best food on Koh Samui. They focus on creating imaginative, yet sensible cuisine stemming from organic and sustainable ingredients, sourced locally and from abroad. They use classic and modern culinary techniques to preserve and enhance the purity of the original flavours and nutritional goodness.

Smoked Egg – Smoked egg white jelly, crispy yolk, dehydrated chicken skin served with ginger chicken consommé.

Smoked Egg-credit@sixsensessamui

Sweet Sisters

Bright, airy, inviting, charming, and cosy with an enticing interior, this roadside cafe down in the quiet south of Koh Samui welcomes all diners in search of healthy and tasty fare at Sweet Sisters. Chef Noi only uses the best fresh, seasonal, local and organic items and even grows some of the produce herself. There is a variety of Thai and Thai fusion dishes available on the menu, with many of the items being vegetarian or vegan. 

Burma bowl– tea leaf salad, turmeric rice, steamed local veg and roast duck. 

Burma Bowl – credit@sweetsisterscafe

Your own private chef

There are many smaller healthy restaurants in Phuket offering vegan and raw food or juices, far too many to mention, and many other fantastic restaurants that offer a well-balanced menu where you can make your own healthy choices.

All Elite Havens villas come with a private chef, one of the best options to keep a balanced and healthy diet while staying in Phuket or Samui. The chefs are more than happy to take you along to the local farmer’s market where you can meet the producers and select the product that you want. There is always a huge choice of local fruits and vegetables available, some you may know and some you may not, but the highly trained chef will be on hand to explain what they are and what they can be used for. The vibrant colours and happy faces at the markets are truly an experience not to be missed.


Once back at the villa let your private chef take care of the rest. Fresh, local, sustainable, raw, vegan, vegetarian, healthy and of course, the most important thing when it comes to food, tasty.