Sometimes, it’s just easier to say yes to that extra snack or dessert, because frankly, it is exhausting to keep saying no.

– Michelle Obama

If you have a sweet tooth, then Thailand is the place to visit. Most Thai desserts are a sweet filling snack rather than a light and airy Western-style dessert. There is a vast array of sweet desserts in Thailand and it can be rather overwhelming to know which ones to treat yourself to. Here are some of the most common Thai desserts that you must try. Discover them at our private villas or out and about, where local street vendors and market sellers are everywhere.

We need to warn you though: some of them are very sweet. Many authentic Thai desserts are made from healthy whole foods like rice, coconut and fruits, but the sugar content can be very high. It’s also worth mentioning there can of course be artificial flavours and other unseen ingredients, too. Condensed milk is everywhere, from convenience stores to street coffee makers who load up your coffee with so much cream and sugar that you wouldn’t even realize you are drinking any coffee.


This is the most common dessert served at Thai wedding ceremonies. The texture of kalamare is sweet and sticky which symbolises a sweet marriage in which the lovers stick together as one. The process of preparing kalamare takes time and you need to be patient. For this sweet dish, sticky rice, shredded fresh coconut and sugar are stirred until all the ingredients are blended very well together. The end result is really chewy and perfect with afternoon tea or coffee.

Mung Bean Candy

These candies are almost too pretty to eat. Mung bean paste is sweetened and smashed into perfection before being glazed and formed to look like small pieces of fruit.


Photo credit: VieTravel

Coconut Ice Cream

Ice cream is a favourite dessert to chow down in Thailand’s tropical heat and here it’s made with dairy as well as coconut milk. Most vendors have a wide variety of toppings to choose from, including peanuts, sweet corn, yes sweet corn, and sweet syrups to drizzle on top. Oftentimes, coconut ice cream is served in your own personal coconut husk that has been scraped out to become a bowl.

Mango and Sticky Rice

Without argument, mango sticky rice is the most popular Thai dessert out there. If you only get to try one Thai dessert then this is the one to go for. You are missing out if you don’t try it. Fresh local mango fruit, which most Thais grow in their garden, is chilled and then expertly peeled and sliced and laid on top of warm sticky rice. The dish is served covered in thick coconut milk.

Photo credit: Dennis Wong, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Durian and Sticky Rice

Swap the mango in Thailand’s most popular dessert for famous Asian durian fruit instead. Durian is often called the “king of fruits” as it is very distinctive – large, thorned and notoriously odorous. Durian sticky rice is prepared the same way as the mango sticky rice.

Sticky Rice in Bamboo

Sticky rice in bamboo is one unique way to eat Thai sticky rice. It is mixed with red beans, coconut cream and sugar before being put into hollow bamboo cylinders. These are then cooked until all of the ingredients are melted together.

Banana Leaf and Sticky Rice

Yes, another dish with sticky rice and pretty much the same as sticky rice in bamboo but just with a banana. Sweet coconut milk, sugar, black beans and sticky rice are all shoved into a banana leaf, making for one tasty dessert. The banana leaf wrapper makes it a great dessert to eat on the move.

Coconut Rice Dumplings

This dessert is both delicious and delightful. Coconut and rice flour dumplings are cooked to perfection on hot grills and served warm. These are usually topped with sweet corn and green onions or are served plain. You can find these throughout Thailand with a plethora of street vendors serving up this tiny dish.

Thai Roti

Rotis are a signature dessert in Thailand and another great on-the-go snack. It’s basically a sweet Thai pancake. You can find vendors grilling the sweet dough on almost every corner, especially in the areas of Thailand that have many tourists. This dough is slathered thick with butter before being slapped on the grill. You can add both toppings and fillings including Nutella, bananas, chocolate and more.

Photo credit: Takeaway, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Sweet Thai Crepe

Great finger foods, you can get sweet Thai crepes fresh off the grill on almost every soi (that’s Thai for a street). These are usually filled with meringue, a thick cream made of egg whites and sugar, and then topped with foy thong (shredded egg yolk).

Thai desserts at Villa Shanti in Natai Beach

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So, which Thai desserts are you dreaming of? For a sweet taste of Thailand, book a private villa now and we’ll be happy to provide you only with the best Thailand has to offer.