Shopping is an integral part of any holiday experience. Elite Havens guests will be thrilled by the various shopping opportunities in Phuket. While it is a well known fact that the island is host to a variety of large shopping malls with chain retail stores and worldwide brands, for those seeking a more conscious shopping experience, Phuket truly delivers.

If you are searching for sustainable materials or unique artisanal goods, we definitely recommend visiting some of Phuket’s more boutique markets such as the Wansao Market at Blue Tree Phuket, the Indy Market in Phuket Town or the Sunday Walking Street on Thalang Road in the heart of Old Town.

Eco friendly shopping in Phuket is a steady growing concept on the island. Below we’ve highlighted three of our favourite stores which cater to those looking for organic products, zero waste shopping and ethically produced clothing and accessories.

Steps Zero Waste Phuket

Located at Blue Tree Village, the shopping & retail area of Blue Tree Phuket, Steps Zero Waste Phuket is a small refill station which also sells a number of eco friendly products including organic home cleaning products, natural body washes and shower gels, bamboo cutlery, toothpaste tablets, bamboo straws and much more.

Steps Zero Waste Phuket also holds regular tea tastings with organic teas from the shop, and also sells second hand books. Sustainability workshops are also held here for those looking to live an eco friendlier way of life.

Photo credit: Steps Zero Waste Phuket

Steps Zero Waste Phuket is open Monday until Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. More information can be found by visiting their social media page and website.

Natural Efe, Organic & Macrobiotic World

Natural Efe, Organic & Macrobiotic World is a quaint shop located in southern Phuket, on the way to the popular Nai Harn Beach. The shop has an extensive retail space that sells a variety of organic products including natural foods, herbs, supplements and superfoods. Personal care products and home & lifestyle products are also available.

In addition to the retail shop, Natural Efe, Organic & Macrobiotic World also has a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, offers 4 types of cooking classes and often holds workshops which are full of information for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Photo credit: Natural Efe, Organic & Macrobiotic World

Natural Efe, Organic & Macrobiotic World is open on Sunday and Monday from 9:00am to 7:30pm and Tuesday until Saturday from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Learn more by visiting their social media page or website.

Endless Summer Phuket

Endless Summer is a concept store and coffee shop located on the fringes of Phuket Old Town. The renovated Chinese-style colonial mansion is hard to miss and is truly delightful once you wander inside. Endless Summer sells a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind artisanal jewellery pieces made from sustainable materials as well as ethically produced clothing items.

Endless Summer excels at promoting up and coming artists & designers from across Asia. The concept store is extremely aesthetically pleasing and well worth visiting when on holiday in Phuket. For those looking for upscale, unique clothing items or accessories, Endless Summer is sure to tick all the boxes.

Photo credit: Endless Summer Phuket

Endless Summer Phuket is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00am until 7:00pm. Visit the concept store and coffee shop’s social media page or website to learn more.

Stay at one of our Elite Havens villas in Phuket, and explore all of the shopping opportunities that the island has to offer.