Who said shopping in Bali was just for the ladies? Gentlemen, drop everything and discover sartorial pleasures on the island. It may not be Milan, but trust us—there’s a lot of style on the island.

Here’s our concierge-curated list featuring the best of the best when it comes to shopping for men.


Bali-born menswear brand Tropikal is putting its own unique stamp on style-savvy, travel-friendly beach-casual dressing. They got started in the most practical manner, when its founder couldn’t find high-quality and eco-friendly shirts that lasted more than a few washes. Moreover, they were uncomfortable and grated the skin. The idea of using premium organic bamboo fabric surfaced, and the brand hasn’t looked back since. Naturally eco-friendly, wonderful to wear, resilient, superbly soft and healthy for even the most sensitive skin. “Tropikal is fully committed to being environmentally friendly and support ethical fashion production. We are passionate about our environment and the people who live in it. That’s why we feel our customers deserve to know where their clothes come from, how they’re made and who is making them.” says the founder. “Our products are expertly designed for hot summer & tropical weather – with more comfort, heat regulation and breathability than anything else on the market.”

Signature prints, sustainable natural materials, and clever craftsmanship are the calling cards of this newcomer label. Transparency is key for the brand, which brings together Balinese artists and screen printers to make its Balinese-icon-inspired designs. Tropikal can be found in selected boutiques in Bali and Lombok.


Mr. Ripley

Influenced by the Italian Riviera where its namesake film was set, Mr. Ripley launched this year with a 30-piece collection and a wide colour palette including white, navy, bottle green, melon, jade green and denim. The cut aims to transition from Bali to Rome via NYC, without missing a beat.


From Clothing Store

Find a neat collection of quality cotton T-shirts by the label Atlas. The limited colour range works with everything from shorts or jeans, and even chinos. Think black and white, stone grey, steel blue and a few different types of stripes.


By The Sea 

The famed Balinese fashion house By the Sea has a strong nautical theme for its resort-wear range created by owner/designer Renato Vianna. These are timeless classics that include loose white linen shirts, sublime with navy shorts. They also have a women’s and kids’ collection.


Bali Boat Shed 

Located in the heart of Seminyak’s main street, Bali Boat Shed is an iconic shopping destination for locals and tourists in the know. Its men’s section features easy resort wear, bold and colourful prints and flattering shapes. Super Normal Collective, their our unisex label, provides a wardrobe of smart casual dressing.



BIASA was founded by Italian-born designer and art enthusiast Susanna Perini in 1994 as a boutique and label inspired by the Indonesian lifestyle and the Italian design ethos. More than twenty years on, BIASA has grown to become an award-winning and internationally recognized label, art space and lifestyle brand. The clothing line for men is particularly called ‘fab’ by those in the know.



Gingersnap was born twelve years ago from the fortuitous encounter of Jam and Jay, whose inspirations come from the street. Both are avid travellers and return from journeys with indigenous accessories and clothing. The Gingersnap man is a dandy adventurer, a laid-back traveller and a charmer.       


Momo Batik 

Cool cotton pants, fun floral shirts and colourful oxfords define the Momo Batik man. A store for men and women that doesn’t skimp on style for men, Momo Batik is one of the most popular ones on the island. Testimonials praise their staff and service.



International clothing brand Animale was  launched in the early seventies in Saint-Tropez. It mixes fabrics and layers pieces to make a relaxed silhouette. Animale is a smart and affordable mens clothing option on the island.                               

Go on a shopping spree and stay in one of our beautiful Bali villas. There’s also plenty of other activities to do while on the island.